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104 comments on Rate the race: Hungary

  1. newnhamlea1 (@newnhamlea1) said on 1st August 2010, 15:07

    there was nothing safe about that safety car period, somebody could have been killed in the pitlane. time to ban pit stops during safety car periods.

  2. saab said on 1st August 2010, 15:07

    Wow… Vettels explanation in the press conference abpout the restart is one of the most pathetic explanations from an F1 driver I ever heard…

    • Robert said on 1st August 2010, 15:18

      Really?! Made perfect sense to me..

    • frank said on 2nd August 2010, 1:28

      I know it’s difficult to spot, but that’s what we call honesty. At least he didn’t spin a whole stack of the usual BS we get after some transgression has occurred.

      He missed it, he fell asleep, he didn’t know what was going on… he _may_ have lost his radio but I guess we’ll never know.

      What might be a bit iffy is how just before the SC went in, Brundle pointed out that Seb holding back the rest of the pack would be a good team strategy for RBR, but I think that might have been Brundle seeing things that weren’t there.

  3. Enigma (@enigma) said on 1st August 2010, 15:08

    I’ve never seen a race with so many random events. Safety car out of nowhere, Kubica-Sutil collision in the pits, Rosberg losing his tyre, Schumacher almost killing Rubens, Vettel getting a drive-through, and so on.

    Voted it 8.

    • HounslowBusGarage (@hounslowbusgarage) said on 1st August 2010, 15:20

      I agree. Several quite bizarre unconnected events kept this one alive for me.
      But an excellent piece of lead-building by Webber to ensure he returned to the track in front of Alonso.
      Congrats to WEB.
      “What are you playing at?” to SCHU.
      “Read the rules and grow up” to VET.

  4. Omegaz3ro said on 1st August 2010, 15:09

    Masterpiece by Webber

    Very naive Vettel

    Plain luck nothing got hurt in the pit mess

    Bad move by Schumacher, great and meaningful pass by Rubens

    Boring track to watch

    That sums it all for me

  5. Robert said on 1st August 2010, 15:14

    My bet is that Webber knew about Vettels communication problems and used it to his full advantage. Why else would he have NOT been trying to hold the pack up as a leader just before the safety car came in?! Dirty tactics..

    • HounslowBusGarage (@hounslowbusgarage) said on 1st August 2010, 15:22

      But VET was able to hear his radio when told he had a drive-through wasn’t he?
      Was this was a ‘diplomatic’ problem, then?

    • Maybe, but Vettel also knew that he had communication problems, so wouldn’t it have been prudent of him to make sure he sat on Webber’s gearbox?

    • Brett M said on 1st August 2010, 15:26

      ‘Dirty tactics’??
      who, what, where??

    • Yeah I don’t really see how it was dirty tactics. Webber’s job was to try and build as much of a lead over the over the other drivers, which he did by sticking like glue to the back of the safety car. Vettel’s job was to stick like glue to Webber, and he didn’t. There’s no one to blame except for Vettel himself.

      If Vettel had of stuck himself right up behind Webber’s gearbox, he wouldn’t have got the penalty and both Red Bull drivers would have driven off into the sunset leaving Alonso for dead, building a 20 second lead, at which point Webber would have stopped for tyres and come back out in second place, and Vettel would have won the race.

  6. Jez Playense said on 1st August 2010, 15:15

    Barricello overtaking old shumi was fantastic. Otherwise mostly a “yawn” but we all knew that before the start!

  7. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 1st August 2010, 15:15

    Frustrating. As always impossible to overtake.

    A few incidents but rather dull. 6/10

  8. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 1st August 2010, 15:16

    Epic Mark Webber… what he did today was just stunning!

    i was thinking while the SC was deployed: “oh my god, he’s really out of this”…

    but no! amaizingly, he builds a 22 secs gap to the 2nd, pits and comes out first 6 secs ahead! :D

    Astonishing… as a Mark Webber fan, im amaized :D!

    • pSynrg said on 1st August 2010, 15:54

      One of the best drives of the season from Webber. OK, so the RB was a second faster than anything else but just look at his consistency in that pre-pit session, on worn tires indeed on worn ‘soft’ tires!

      A champions drive…

      And to think I didn’t think much of Webber before 2010. He’s still a plagued by errors or bad luck but a bit less than Vettel.

  9. 7/10, good race. Webber was masterful, Vettel is still immature, hard luck for Lewis.

  10. Luca said on 1st August 2010, 15:18

    Vettel needs to stop acting like a baby and grow up. All that pouting that he did does nothing but make him incredibly unlikeable.

    Schuey, where is your head? Shame man, shame!

    Overall, race was a 7 for me.

  11. Great to see Rubens get one on Schumacher in those circumstances.

  12. monsol said on 1st August 2010, 15:20

    Great race!!! a few more like this one and Macca is out of business. Gutted for Kubica, though. And who would have expected that Webber’s option tyres would last 44 laps? I bet he could have finished on them, had the rules allaowed it.

  13. Slim said on 1st August 2010, 15:20

    I LOVE that Williams is showing a lot of pace I think that team is a class act and I miss the JP Montoya days.

    Disappointed with McLaren’s performance as I always wish them well tho Button made up a few spots.

    Always like seeing Seb unhappy as he is RedBull’s number 2 number 1 driver

  14. What caused the safety car to come out?

    • chaostheory said on 1st August 2010, 15:38

      I would love to know that too :D
      All I know is from 1 milliseconds footage on tv showing some piece of wing maybe lieing on the track – but who, when, why? Dont know.

    • Brett M said on 1st August 2010, 15:47

      Half a front wing middle turn 11 i think

  15. almanac said on 1st August 2010, 15:21

    finally mclaren’s luck is over

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