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What did you think of the Hungarian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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104 comments on “Rate the race: Hungary”

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  1. Jez Playense
    1st August 2010, 15:15

    Barricello overtaking old shumi was fantastic. Otherwise mostly a “yawn” but we all knew that before the start!

  2. Frustrating. As always impossible to overtake.

    A few incidents but rather dull. 6/10

  3. Epic Mark Webber… what he did today was just stunning!

    i was thinking while the SC was deployed: “oh my god, he’s really out of this”…

    but no! amaizingly, he builds a 22 secs gap to the 2nd, pits and comes out first 6 secs ahead! :D

    Astonishing… as a Mark Webber fan, im amaized :D!

    1. One of the best drives of the season from Webber. OK, so the RB was a second faster than anything else but just look at his consistency in that pre-pit session, on worn tires indeed on worn ‘soft’ tires!

      A champions drive…

      And to think I didn’t think much of Webber before 2010. He’s still a plagued by errors or bad luck but a bit less than Vettel.

  4. 7/10, good race. Webber was masterful, Vettel is still immature, hard luck for Lewis.

  5. Vettel needs to stop acting like a baby and grow up. All that pouting that he did does nothing but make him incredibly unlikeable.

    Schuey, where is your head? Shame man, shame!

    Overall, race was a 7 for me.

  6. Great to see Rubens get one on Schumacher in those circumstances.

  7. Great race!!! a few more like this one and Macca is out of business. Gutted for Kubica, though. And who would have expected that Webber’s option tyres would last 44 laps? I bet he could have finished on them, had the rules allaowed it.

  8. I LOVE that Williams is showing a lot of pace I think that team is a class act and I miss the JP Montoya days.

    Disappointed with McLaren’s performance as I always wish them well tho Button made up a few spots.

    Always like seeing Seb unhappy as he is RedBull’s number 2 number 1 driver

  9. What caused the safety car to come out?

    1. I would love to know that too :D
      All I know is from 1 milliseconds footage on tv showing some piece of wing maybe lieing on the track – but who, when, why? Dont know.

    2. Half a front wing middle turn 11 i think

  10. finally mclaren’s luck is over

  11. Schumacher should get a race ban for that move.

  12. I really enjoyed that race, not much passing, but there was still a lot of competition, it wasn’t just a follow the leader event.

    Schumacher, As much as I love him, did wrong, that could have been dangerous.
    But did you hear DC? The hypocrisy! Here is the man who defended Alonso and Ferrari, and now talked about the history from the Schumacher Rubens…
    Something tells me Schumacher wasn’t watching the road.

    The safety car caused absolute chaos didn’t it?!? brilliant, Ferrari, did well, it pains me to say it but They impressed me then.

    I feel sorry for Vettel, his penalty was right, he broke a rule, it was tough but fair.
    But so help me Zeus is Ferrari doesn’t have it’s bit cut off for the effort at Germany…

    I really enjoyed that race, looks so much better when it’s green.

  13. William Wilgus
    1st August 2010, 15:23

    Now an EX-Schumi fan.

  14. As an impartial race fan, perhaps 7 – it was processional before the SC. As an avid Webber fan, however…10. Calm, cool-headed driving behind Alonso, and then a blistering stint on worn softs to create the gap. Brilliant!

  15. I agree with newnhamlea1, pitting during the safety car needs to be banned.

    Schumachers defensive move on Barr, well yes pretty hard and unfair, but Barrichello drove himself into danger and he should have expected a defensive move of some kind! It is obvious there is a lot of hate going on between these two.

  16. finally mclaren’s luck is over.
    hopefully for good

  17. Four, interesting but not exciting. Safety car was a deliberate manipulation like they do in Nascar but I won’t complain as without it race would have been a real snoozer.

  18. 9 for me. Seb sleeping, safety car inducing all sorts of mayhem in the pits and of course the talking point at the end with Schumi & Rubens.

    Was fully expecting a procession and it wasn’t like that at all.

  19. Safety car for a bit of wing on the track? …Too bad Vettel didn’t stay out with Webber…it would have been Red Bull 1,2

  20. Christopher Vissing
    1st August 2010, 16:07

    Actually, Schumi didn’t do anything “wrong” looking at the rules.. He shifted line one time and that’s that.. It was a little bit intense, but u guys are overreacting..

    Great race! 9! Great to see a bad result for Button and a DNF for Lewis, as the championship now is even tighter! Bring it on!

    1. Christopher Vissing
      1st August 2010, 16:08

      * It was a little bit tooo intense

      Too fast on the buttons..

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