Schumacher given ten-place grid drop for his swerve at Barrichello (Updated)

The Hungarian Grand Prix stewards are investigating Michael Schumacher for his attempt to keep Rubens Barrichello behind late in the race.

Barrichello took Schumacher for tenth late in the race but the Mercedes driver pushed him towards the pit wall and off the track on the run towards turn one.

Update: The stewards handed Schumacher a ten-place grid penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix for the incident.

Afterwards Barrichello said:

He made a mistake on the last corner.

You know we’ve been there and what we want from racing is to be fair and have battle, especially on a track that is so difficult to overtake on. You should choose a line and that’s it. But he just closed, closed, closed and luckily the wall ran out.

There’s not a rule for that but between ourselves we should just take a line, stick to a line and that’s it.
Rubens Barrichello

Schumacher was unrepentant:

There’s not much to say other than he obviously had fresher tyres and my job was to get last corner spot on. I had a line of about five centimetres that I had to hit and on that lap I ran a little wide and started sliding so my exit speed was compromised.

I knew he was coming so I was moving over to the inside to make it clear to him to go on the other side. He didn’t choose to so it was a bit tight.

But we know certain drivers have certain views and then there’s Rubens.
Michael Schumacher

Barrichello urged fans to share their thoughts on the incident saying:

It was the most dangerous thing that I’ve ever been through.

His view is that I’m always a big crier. I’d like to see the public vote. Let me know on Twitter!
Rubens Barrichello

The verdict of the stewards was as follows:

Fact: Illegitimately impeded Car 9 during an overtaking manoeuvre.
Offence: Involved in an incident as defined by Article 16.1 of the 2010 FIA Formula One Regulations
Penalty: Drop of 10 grid positions at the drivers next event.

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

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302 comments on Schumacher given ten-place grid drop for his swerve at Barrichello (Updated)

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  1. mateuss said on 1st August 2010, 15:29
    That was bloody terrifying, and also something Schumacher has done forever in Spa with Hakkinen for example. Grid penalty for sure!

    • mateuss said on 1st August 2010, 15:33

      It’s funny his excuse was that Barichello should have gone on the outside, would be interesting if anybody ever managed it while being side by side :D

      • Henry said on 1st August 2010, 15:44

        The only way to get to the other side would have been through schumacher…then again, it wouldn’t be unlike schumacher to drive through someone to further his aims!

      • Henrik said on 2nd August 2010, 0:50

        I must admit I dont see anything wrong with Schumi here.

        I have been watching the footage over and over.

        You can clearly see that Schumi takes one line and one line only, he does not move at all.
        You can clearly see before RB tries to over take that MS’s line will mean less space o the inside. MS does not move into RB, simply keeps his line

        • Joey-Poey said on 2nd August 2010, 1:58

          Except that Rubens was already inside him when he was still moving over. If the wall was just a bit longer, they would have wrecked. Either Ruby into the wall or Michael into Ruby or possibly both. Imagine if a car was leaving the pit when all this was going on. He pushed him all the way over the other side of the wall, there could have been a serious accident. He ran him dangerously far to the right when Ruby already had his spot along side him, plain and simple.

          • Henrik said on 2nd August 2010, 7:31


            Schumi picked his line, when RB was behind Schumi, Schumi did not at any point in time change that line.
            So RB already knew schumis line, but still went ahead and went inside.
            He could surely see, that it would be close.
            RB should have taken the outside path.
            Had Schumi swerved, or just changed path the slightest, then I could have seen an issue.
            But schumi didnt, he simply stayed on his path

        • Jonathan said on 2nd August 2010, 11:59

          There are no detailed rules about this sort of thing.

          But there is an an unwritten rule that says “don’t endanger other drivers”.

          Schumacher broke that rule.

        • mateuss said on 2nd August 2010, 20:04

          Well you could say that Schumacher took one line only, problem is that line was sharp diagonal across the road, also while Rubens was already beside him.
          But that is not considered going straight(or keeping one line), you chose your line and then you go straight, and its similar to horse riding that I can relate to – when my trainer says Go straight! – He doesn’t mean don’t turn, he means go parallel to the side, which in this instance would be the racing line!

    • Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 1st August 2010, 16:41

      We’re talking milimeters here. As in, just 1 or 2mm more and there would’ve been an almighty shunt. We all got lucky this time.

    • SoLiDG (@solidg) said on 1st August 2010, 16:43

      just wow. should get a harsh punish

    • pSynrg said on 1st August 2010, 20:09

      I still don’t see how this was any different to what Vettel did to Alonso last week.

      • difference in speed, vettel and alonso were doing around 60-70 mph from the start, while schumi and rubens were doing around triple that.

        • pSynrg said on 1st August 2010, 23:55

          Maybe double and a bit. Surely speed of an incident (with the exception of the pits) should have no bearing on a judgement – in F1.

    • RobertJ3 said on 2nd August 2010, 12:41

      That manoeuvre epitomises his career and his super licence should be withdrawn and he shoild be thrown out of the sport.

    • pradeesh said on 2nd August 2010, 13:29

      Schumacher should be banned in next race. he does not set an example for young drivers. I think since barrichelo is a sensible driver the crash didnt happen. Imagine some1 like ALG or KOB for rubens.. the crash wud have happened for sure.

    • Im unsure of this. It seems theres a bit of a Schumi witch-hunt at present. Senna was notorious for endangering other drivers lives (ask Brundel and Prost) but there is little said of this. Hamilton also changed racing lines twice last year to impede (I cant remember who), but nothing came of it.

      Perhaps Schumi was wrong, but I think there is a lack of consistancy in how drivers are judged. And Rubens is a cry baby. Lets face it.

      • David BR said on 2nd August 2010, 17:30

        No DV, it’s a question of using a degree of common sense to differentiate between weaving to get rid of a tow (and effectively let someone past) and squeezing them into a concrete wall at high speed. Can you manage that? If so you’ll realize what you’re calling a ‘lack of consistency’ is simply different judgments for different situations.

  2. Well, another Schumacher move by Schumacher… wouldn’t expect anything less from him

  3. David BR said on 1st August 2010, 15:30

    3 race ban would be about right. A couple of meters and he could have killed his friend. Nice.

    • 5 or 10 place grid penalty at the next race is what i’m expecting

      • David BR said on 1st August 2010, 15:53

        Me too, but that’s too lenient. FIA have a responsibility to show Formula 1 doesn’t condone insane, boy racer, semi-pyscho driving.

      • GillesJeanKimi said on 1st August 2010, 16:10

        Come on, that move was outrageous – 2-race ban, at least. I’ve watched F1 for 30 years, and that was truly the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen (even by Schumacher and Senna standards). Two races on the sidelines would give him, and Ross Brawn hopefully, the chance to decide whether he should pack it in for good.

        • nelly said on 1st August 2010, 16:41

          On the piece of paper that shows the stewards are investigating the incident, it says they are considering a 10 place grid penalty for the next race as a punishment. They could give something different though, we’ll have to wait and see.

          • SeanG said on 1st August 2010, 16:43

            What will 10 places do to that loser Schumacher? The man does confirms his foolishness with each passing race.

    • Dean said on 1st August 2010, 16:36

      Totally agree, if he can`t beat em fair then he`ll cheat same as always. At least 3 race ban.

    • Irvine got a 3 race ban for less in 1994.

      Michael gets a much less severe penalty purely because there was no big accident.

    • hismajesty said on 1st August 2010, 20:45

      I don’t think they’re friends!! They don’t talk too kindly of each other after Rubens left ferrari.

  4. Webber fan said on 1st August 2010, 15:31

    For those people with short memories

    • Leftie said on 1st August 2010, 15:36

      Back then it was bloody good racing. Now it’s a worst thing a driver can do…

      • Daniel K said on 1st August 2010, 15:46

        However, this was a fight for first place and both of them were fighting for the championship. This was a battle for 10th and Schumacher isn’t fighting for anything in the championship. This was non-sense.

        • Austin said on 1st August 2010, 16:05

          In the last race of the 1997 season, he practically did the same thing to Jacques Villeneuve and was thrown out of the entire season giving Villeneuve the championship. Maybe its an instinct to him to do that even if he wasnt fighting for anything. A bad habit and a dangerous one.

          • Joey-Poey said on 2nd August 2010, 2:03

            He has a curious problem with blocking when he knows he’s been beat…

        • It doesn’t matter which position it’s for, it’s still wrong.

          Prost was rightly furious at Senna.

          • Monad said on 1st August 2010, 20:00

            Prost should shut up because Senna left him more than three times the space Schumi left to Rubens today. And thank you “Webber fan” for showing us that Ayrton was a fair driver that knew where the limit is instead of Schumi who doesn’t.

        • BasCB (@bascb) said on 2nd August 2010, 10:35

          Especially as Senna backed of and moved over a lot earlier than Schumacher did yesterday.

      • MouseNightshirt said on 1st August 2010, 15:59

        That event was not even remotely similar.

        • Monad said on 1st August 2010, 20:02

          The event was kind of similar with the exception that the guy defending knew how to be fair and stop before risking killing someone. Thank God Senna had more brain than Schumi.

    • Arhn said on 1st August 2010, 15:40

      Not the same thing… The McLaren gave each other enough room : it was just racing…
      Here, Barrichello was less than about 20cm from the wall : “that” is dangerous… Plus, it happened just before the pitlane exit… What if a car was getting out of the pit lane ?

      Michael is just a … for doing that move and faking to ignore the consequences it could have lead to.

      • Roger said on 1st August 2010, 20:44

        I was never a Schumacher fan because of his bad atitutes. Sure he was a good driver, most because he had a superb car in his ferrari’s days and the team worked for him and him alone. What we saw today was for me and as I can see, many other F1 fans, a reckless driver, like he was fighting for a title and not a seven times WDC. It’s a shame he’s “driving” his carrer down to toilet like that. Give it up Schumi. You’re history now. Accept that and retire once for all.

    • SkaterStan said on 1st August 2010, 15:41

      That was nowhere near as tight as today’s though.

    • Clearly not the same.. .much more room in case of mclarens

    • bobo said on 1st August 2010, 15:43

      Looked nowhere near as close, though I could be wrong.

    • Patrickl said on 1st August 2010, 15:45

      You have got to be kidding. Do you honestly think that’s comparable?

    • David BR said on 1st August 2010, 15:48

      No real comparison. Prost still had track space and Senna backed out fairly quickly when he realized Prost was intending to pass. Schumacher kept on pushing to the minimum possible. He was toying with Barrichello’s life. Sorry, I just think the guy’s a real idiot – to use a self-moderated word.

    • Maciek said on 1st August 2010, 15:48

      What’s your point? How is this relevant?

    • Henry said on 1st August 2010, 15:52

      that was nowhere near as close. Sorry. If you look at the pictures of this incident, you’ll see he was basically in the wall. not a metre or two away from it. For those with poor sight.

    • Patrickl said on 1st August 2010, 16:02

      That incident between Senna and Prost looks exactly like what Vettel did to Alonso in Hockenheim.

      But it’s nothing like what Schumacher pulled today.

    • sumedh said on 1st August 2010, 16:04

      I agree.

      Schumi gave him one car-width + around 20-25cm to play with. Even lesser space was given by Kimi to Michael at the 2006 Brazilian GP.

      Michael should receive a penalty only if Barrichello actually hit the wall. He didn’t. It was hard, bordering on the rules, but fair.
      And Schumacher has already received one unfair penalty this year, at Monaco. One more will be very unjust, especially when drivers like Hamilton get a spate of ‘warnings’ and other drivers like Vettel get penalised at the drop of a hat (like today. Where was the customary ‘warning’ about this ten-car-gap rule Mr.Stewards!!).

      • Patrickl said on 1st August 2010, 16:17

        Vettel did it before already. He dropped too far behind Webber in China too. I was wondering why he didn’t get a penalty there, but maybe they gave him a final warning.

        • TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 1st August 2010, 16:31

          That was Button’s fault in China. He was ridiculous on the restart bunching the pack up dangerously.

          • Patrickl said on 1st August 2010, 17:53

            I’m talking about the gap he pulled before he went into the pitlane. That was a gap of several seconds. let alone car lengths

      • Sean said on 1st August 2010, 16:23

        Monaco has nothing to do with it. You’re saying they should be lenient on Schumacher’s homicidal aggression here because he was hard done by (in your opinion) on a previous occasion? Get real. By that reasoning, he’d have a penalty almost every race because of the litany of things he got away with in the past.

        You’re also saying that only actual crashes are actionable offenses, since Rubens didn’t actually hit the wall? What dross. So, an unsafe pit exit can only attract a penalty if some team workers actually get run over?

        This was an absolutely disgusting piece of homicidal aggression, and they should sit him out for Spa.

      • Thanks for summing it up so eloquantly Sumedh.

        On second thought, why don’t we nail Schumacher to a cross and burn him at the stake while we are at it… Will fix the problem for once and for all…

        It is a fact that Senna has driven off more people in a season than many others did in their entire careers. Yet, we see no one flailing him for what he did and ever so unrepentantly.

        There’s a reason why Schumacher holds Hakkinen in much regard and i guess the same can be said about Hakkinen in how he views Schumacher… “hard as a nail, but fair.” They both raced each other hard… never gave each other a corner or whinged about how the other was doing whatever the other was doing. Then there’s Barrichello… Well, i do hold him in much regard for what he did at TG track (go faster than a stig he did)… but there’s a lot that Schumacher has done better than him here in F1… Like winning 7 world driver’s championships… 5 of them back to back. Do i think Rubens still resents Austria 2001? Yes, he does and he has a right to… but whinging doesn’t make it go away.

        • Xanathos said on 1st August 2010, 16:43

          good to know that there are some people here who don’t want to ban Schumacher for every little fart…

          The move was definetely borderline, I won’t call it fair, but those guys are great racers in great cars and obviously Rubens was able to use the remaining space. I’m also tired of drivers and fans playing the “you could have killed me” card – we all know how safe these cars are and if Barrichello would have hit the wall at that angle there wouldn’t have been any more than some suspension damage.
          There doesn’t have to be a penalty, but it wouldn’t be totally wrong. Maybe a grid penalty for Spa.

          The real dangerous stuff happened in the pitlane today. We all know what loose wheels can do, this was totally unacceptable.

          • Ilanin said on 1st August 2010, 18:29

            No. On the other hand, if Barrichello had hit one of Schumacher’s wheels his car would have been flung up in the air, and, quite possibly, landed back down on the pitlane fencing (which isn’t remotely high enough) and killed ten people.

          • Mike said on 1st August 2010, 19:45

            Yes Ilanin because if we took that view, no one would be racing at all…..

          • Gareth said on 1st August 2010, 19:46

            I remember Schumacher going into the Mclaren garage & accusing David Coulthard of trying to kill him when HE ran into the back of Coulthards car in Spa 1998, funny how it’s never his fault.

          • Dianna said on 1st August 2010, 22:19

            The problem on this forum is that a high percentage of comments are from younger fans who never saw the “beefy” days of Prost and Senna,or the races of Hill and Schumacher and Hakkinen.
            Hill and Schumacher came to blows in nearly every race, but they didn’t cry in those days,they fought hard,wheel to wheel,and Senna pushed many people off the track,walls near or no.He was a great driver,always on the edge.
            Webber would have suited then as he is a tough cookie.
            Races now are not the same,no characters in them.Why do you think that Murray Walker,who loved Hill with a passion,always said that the best driver ever was Schumacher.
            No one wants anyone killed,but F1 “was” (not “is” anymore) always an edge of the seat sport.Now I go to sleep in most of them as they are so boring and processional.The excitement is gone sadly.

      • This situation is not comparable at all. That was racing and there was enough room left. In todays example Schumacher kept pushing Barrichello towards the wall even when they were side by side.

        • Rubens had no business to put himself there in a risky situation. Michael was closing the door and one could see it… He had options of:
          -Going on the outside &
          -braking too.
          Yet, he went on the inside… It’s like having a laxative and complaining about your diarrhoea. I know, it is a bit off an example… but best explains the complaint from Rubens :D

          What a whinger… just when i was starting to like him even more for being faster than the Stig, he has to go whinge :P

          • Sorry? No business attempting a pass? It is motor racing after all and passing is a key element! That pass was built up over two laps and Rubens capitalised on a mistake. Michael is the one who should have chose to show some sportsmanship for a change, not increase the risk in a stupid manner as he clearly saw him coming and attempted to cut him off very late. Rubens showed who has the bigger balls on the day.

          • @ mos

            Kindly read what i had said before… “No business to put himself in a risky situation.” It doesn’t mean he should not have had tried to overtake. They are two different things…

            Here’s a video of the exact moment…

            Schumacher swerved to left and kept to the inside line… Ruben went there too… It was a racing incident… Since Rubens was behind, the logical thing to conclude, unless one hates Schumacher really, is Rubens could have simply chose to brake… Or, could have started the overtaking move on the outside/ racing line. The fact that he didn’t and pressed on means he did put himself in a risky position, just as i mentioned. Or do you still think that Schumacher should have had bent over and let Rubens pass, cause it was getting uncomfortable. Even though, Schumacher had little in placing Ruben’s car where it was. I suppose Schumacher didn’t control Ruben’s car by RC and put it there on grass for effect, as he hasn’t been hated and derided by the media and public in a while :D

      • Right u r Sumedh!
        It was a legit move by my guess.
        wat about when Lewis did the same to Petrov(same? a lot more i guess)?
        he got away with it and Lewis fans cheering, but when schumi does it……

    • emiil said on 1st August 2010, 18:03

      this is not even close to what happen today

    • vince said on 1st August 2010, 19:15

      This is not the same, different championship situation. One clean move was made over and then once he realised that the other car was fully there he moved back over.

      Today Schumacher moved over slowly at first then in a last attempt moved over more and didn’t back off until Rubins was on the grass after missing the wall by an inch. All this for 1 point and Schuie is not in any championship hunt, it was a stupid move and he deservers a race ban at least

      Schuie just go home! Mercedes should put Heidfeld in his seat he would do a better job!

      • Wow Vince… So what you’re saying is, if you kill someone for championship it is ok? Stick with something… either it is right, or its wrong… What you’re talking about is not right and wrong… but rather what is convenient.

    • Burtie said on 1st August 2010, 21:20

      Sorry mate cant compare Wot schumacher done was crazy you just shouldn’t be trying to put a fellow driver in the wall wheres the respect??? Ruby was quicker thats that.

      Good drive by webber

    • Regis said on 2nd August 2010, 0:25

      thats no where near as bad

    • Jonathan said on 2nd August 2010, 12:03

      This is an example of a dangerous move that was still not half as dangerous as Schumacher’s move yesterday.

  5. Sush Meerkat said on 1st August 2010, 15:32

    You disgust me Michael, its an outstanding display of the worst in human traits, and I’m not talking about the move, but your attitude.

    Congrats mate, congrats.

  6. Maksutov said on 1st August 2010, 15:34

    “His view is that I’m always a big crier.”

    Well, you ARE a big crier.

    But Schumachers defensive move was unfair, but Barrichello drove himself into danger and sorry to say, but he should have expected a defensive move of some kind. As stated previously it is obvious there is a lot of hate going on between these two.

    • Joking wright?? Defensive move and trying to kill someone isnt the same thing as far as i see it… but you obvioulsy have a diffrent view :?

      • Maksutov said on 1st August 2010, 15:51

        So what you are saying is that Schumachers objective today was to kill Barrichello?

        • mateuss said on 1st August 2010, 15:54

          Yes, because that would mean a lot of bad stories about Shumacher dead! :D

        • David BR said on 1st August 2010, 15:55

          Objective, no. But he deliberately drove in a way that put his life at risk.

          • David BR said on 1st August 2010, 15:59

            Though it should be pointed out Barrichello wasn’t adverse to steering Hamilton high-speed towards the pit wall at Interlagos in 2009. Though he was the one who picked up the damage.

  7. Nick said on 1st August 2010, 15:36

    Quite astonishing that a racer (MSC) of his caliber had to really go that far and endanger a fellow racers life – Rubens you are a very very lucky ‘family’ man. Awful display of arrogance on Schumi’s part

    • It’s not exactly the first time Schumacher has gone this far. Didn’t make it right then, and doesn’t make it right now. Frankly, I’d ban him for good.

    • Eric said on 1st August 2010, 15:45

      fully agree Nick,
      and the fact that Rubens has handed (MSC) wins in the past makes it even worse, and to top it off Rubens still had to pit at some stage which would of handed the position back anyway.
      stupid Michael very stupid.

      • bosyber said on 1st August 2010, 16:05

        No, this was after Barrichello pitted, before he was 5th – now he was 11th and on fresh tires behind Schumacher, which is how he got to be in a faster car but looking for track position.

  8. RobR (@robr) said on 1st August 2010, 15:37

    One or two race ban.

    He could have been killed, that’s not hyperbole. It’s lucky that there wasn’t anyone coming out of the pits, who knows what would have happened then.

    • sato113 said on 1st August 2010, 18:05

      i don’t see the problem. SCH gave BAR enough space. yeah it was close, but overtaking’s always close. i doubt he would have died either.

  9. Michael is such a driver, making those bad moves, bad attitude.
    I respect Rubens more and more.
    Ban for Michael.

  10. Cyclops said on 1st August 2010, 15:38

    I didn’t expect anything else from Schumacher to be frank. Yet it was extremely dangerous, irresponsible and stupid, especially when you take into account the fact it was a fight for 10th place. Mr “7-time world champion” should get some kind of penalty.

    • Daniel K said on 1st August 2010, 15:51

      Totally agree, Cyclops. And the fact that he hadn’t done this as far in the race is even worse!

  11. Jared404 said on 1st August 2010, 15:38

    What makes it worse is you can see him watching Rubens in his mirrors. First looking to his left and then as the pass is happening watching Rubens on his right. That was a terrible piece of driving. Michael, it’s time to go …

  12. This reminds me of Massa overtaking Webber in Fuji 2008

  13. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 1st August 2010, 15:40

    Rubens loved Ayrton. Senna would have been a legend for doing this but Schumacher an idiot.

    That aside what a stupid move, very dangerous. I like close racing but not that close.

  14. sato113 said on 1st August 2010, 15:41

    LOL @ schumacher’s comment!
    ‘”I think I left him too much room because he passed.”‘

  15. Steph90 (@steph90) said on 1st August 2010, 15:41

    Love how it was Rubens fault. Tommy made a wonderful comment on the live blog that Schu has done this and is a villain and yet Senna is hailed. It shows how driving standards have changed and the different perceptions of drivers. This sort of move whether admired or hated should not be tolerate though. Schu isn’t the only one to try to drive into someone this season nor is it the first time he has moved late under braking. The stewards seriously need to clamp down for driver safety nevermind for just upholding standards.

    • RobR (@robr) said on 1st August 2010, 15:44

      Rubens got a lot closer to the wall than Prost did. And Senna didn’t ram him over the pit lane exit! Think what could have happened if someone had been exiting the pits. Schumi obviously didn’t. He didn’t even know where he was, it was just red mist.

    • Er, no. Some of us thought Senna wrong when he did this too. Those of us with long memories often think the sainted Senna was the beginning of truly atrocious driver behaviour. And, just like the professional foul in football, once you’ve let it slide, it just keeps getting worse. In football, of course, you can end someone’s career. In F1, you can kill them.

      • Sean said on 1st August 2010, 16:33

        Senna was actually vilified by the press and other drivers for his move at Estoril. Balestre used it as Exhibit A in his attempt to run Senna out of the sport the following year. Some people probably did try to argue that Senna did nothing wrong there but (a) they were wrong, and (b) it was actually mild by comparison with today.

        Really it’s all just an attempt to deflect the issue. What Michael did today has nothing to do with Senna, or Massa/ Webber at Fuji. Neither case was comparable but even if it was, it doesn’t change anything. This was simply disgusting, terrifying, insane.

        I want to hear Corinna Schumacher on the subject, because he didn’t just put Rubens’ life at risk, he risked his own neck, and I’m left wondering what the thinking is. Would Michael play Russian roulette if it would earn him a point? Is F1 a place only for drivers who have nothing to lose?

        It’s simple. He needs to be sat out at Spa. Mercedes can put someone else in the car and, you never know, he might be able to get some points and not be lapped and 3.5s off the pace.

      • Sharon said on 1st August 2010, 20:38

        Completely agree with this post.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 2nd August 2010, 10:44

      I’m pretty sure, that if Schumacher had been killed on track in middle 2006 almost all people wood look differently at him now. But both took aggressive driving to a new level and a lot of others have since picked up some of their tricks (Vettel, Hamilton, and a lot of others in junior racing as well)

      This move (pushing Rubens into the wall when he was next to him) while Schumi clearly sees Rubens in his mirror all the time was meant to block Rubens off or make him feel the pain.

      It was too much and a bad example of driving.

  16. F1iLike said on 1st August 2010, 15:42

    “But we know certain drivers have certain views and then there’s Rubens.” – Michael Schumacher

    lol that one is quite the diss xD

  17. Maciek said on 1st August 2010, 15:46

    Oy vey. Here I was through the first half of the season, ready to give kudos to a driver I once despised just for having the drive to come back to competition. Today Schumacher reminded me why his undeniably immense talent will always remain in the shadow of his utter self-important disregard for racing ethics and, this time, for another drivers’ safety. Ugly, ugly, ugly and bordering on criminal. Boo.

  18. Robbie said on 1st August 2010, 15:46

    Ross Brawn to Schumacher: “Rubens is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”

  19. Paul A said on 1st August 2010, 15:48

    The most dangerous, reckless, unsportsmanlike, stupid and unnecessary piece of arrogant behaviour I can remember seeing. Schumacher should have been black flagged immediately (Charlie Whiting does not need a stewards opinion to do that) and now he should get a three race suspension or his Super-License revoked.
    Alternatively, he could retire and fade [dis]gracefully into the sunset.

    • adam23 said on 1st August 2010, 15:55

      Yuji Ide had his superlicence revoked in 2006 for a move on Albers that was nothing compared to this. Disgraceful behaviour from Schumacher considering the circumstances.

      • bosyber said on 1st August 2010, 16:14

        I always thought that it also counted against Ide that he was just a slow paydriver, secretly. Now, arguably, Schumacher is in this team because of the sponsor potential, so maybe you could construct an argument for him being a slow pay-driver to Rosberg, but it isn’t the same, really.

        • This is racing. If you think that a driver is expected to give space and let the guy pass then I am sure none of us would be watching the sport. I am sure no driver would be willing to do that. This move became dangerous because of Rubens and not Micheal. If you clearly watch the video, Micheal was always going for the inside and sticked to his line. It was Rubens who had the faster car and needed to plan the move and he went on the wrong side to make it dangerous. What do you expect Micheal to do, instead of figthing for position just stay aside and let him pass easily. If that is what you guys think is racing I am sorry.

          • justbull racing said on 1st August 2010, 17:39

            surely you can’t be that much of an idiot

          • David BR said on 1st August 2010, 19:26

            Stuffing someone into a wall isn’t racing. Barrichello was already past because Schumacher had left a sufficient gap for him to pass – as he himself pointed out! The problem was Schumacher *continuing* to push right *after* the pass was happening – leaving RB nowhere to go or any chance of braking and pulling out of the maneouvre.

            As shown at Canada, Schumacher is now out of his depth and his only recourse is trying to intimidate the faster drivers going past him. Since even that’s not working, he really should quit and let Heidfeld take over.

          • Afeef said on 1st August 2010, 22:08

            For him to be able to be stuffed in to the wall, he has to be beside him first. That’s the mistake of RB… to choose a line that was being closed which was right beside a wall. His car was 3 seconds faster than MS’s and he could easily have had him. RB just has ego problem with MS. Look what he said: “I have a lot of experience and usually with a crazy guy like that I would lift off, but not today, absolutely not”. Why? Just because it was Michael.

            MS was moving to the right. Now he can’t look in the mirrors all the time coz he is driving. He expected RB to take the other line but when he suddenly saw that he was beside him, he swerved to the left to save RB from going on to the grass. You don’t see that and you blame Michael left & right. Be fair guys.

          • David BR said on 1st August 2010, 23:35

            Afeef and other Schumacher apologists: it’s quite simple. Schumacher continues to squeeze Barrichello towards the wall when the move has been made. It wasn’t a racing maneouver, it was Schumacher getting revenge for being passed by RB by pushing him within cm’s of a serious accident. And the excuse made by some others that all high-speed Formula 1 accidents are now guaranteed 100% non-lethal is just stupid.

  20. Barrichello saw he was closing the door yet he dicided to go for it… Wat was he expecting micheal to give the space and tell please pass…?? He went for wheel banging and came out on top. he shouldn’t be crying.
    Micheal could have been a bit easy when closing the door.. But then that’s micheal.

    • Patrickl said on 1st August 2010, 16:00

      A driver can close the door on another driver, but not when there is whole car in that door already!

      • Afeef said on 1st August 2010, 22:11

        Well, when MS saw that RB stupidly TOOK the line he was closing so rapidly, he made a quick swerve to the left to save him from going on to the grass. RB got himself dangerously close to the wall and MS has to help him not go on the grass. RB should retire. Too emotional to be an F1 driver.

    • Maksutov said on 1st August 2010, 16:01

      “Barrichello saw he was closing the door yet he decided to go for it…”

      I must acknowledge that. Although I think Schumacher is at fault and i repeat that again, it is obvious that Barrichello was also in control of how he decides to carry out the executed move. Especially if he is so claiming that it was the most dangerous one of his life.

    • David B said on 1st August 2010, 17:42

      I completely agree.

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