Schumacher given ten-place grid drop for his swerve at Barrichello (Updated)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The Hungarian Grand Prix stewards are investigating Michael Schumacher for his attempt to keep Rubens Barrichello behind late in the race.

Barrichello took Schumacher for tenth late in the race but the Mercedes driver pushed him towards the pit wall and off the track on the run towards turn one.

Update: The stewards handed Schumacher a ten-place grid penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix for the incident.

Afterwards Barrichello said:

He made a mistake on the last corner.

You know we’ve been there and what we want from racing is to be fair and have battle, especially on a track that is so difficult to overtake on. You should choose a line and that’s it. But he just closed, closed, closed and luckily the wall ran out.

There’s not a rule for that but between ourselves we should just take a line, stick to a line and that’s it.
Rubens Barrichello

Schumacher was unrepentant:

There’s not much to say other than he obviously had fresher tyres and my job was to get last corner spot on. I had a line of about five centimetres that I had to hit and on that lap I ran a little wide and started sliding so my exit speed was compromised.

I knew he was coming so I was moving over to the inside to make it clear to him to go on the other side. He didn’t choose to so it was a bit tight.

But we know certain drivers have certain views and then there’s Rubens.
Michael Schumacher

Barrichello urged fans to share their thoughts on the incident saying:

It was the most dangerous thing that I’ve ever been through.

His view is that I’m always a big crier. I’d like to see the public vote. Let me know on Twitter!
Rubens Barrichello

The verdict of the stewards was as follows:

Fact: Illegitimately impeded Car 9 during an overtaking manoeuvre.
Offence: Involved in an incident as defined by Article 16.1 of the 2010 FIA Formula One Regulations
Penalty: Drop of 10 grid positions at the drivers next event.

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  1. Yes, it’s dangerous. but let just say it happens on a corner with a large run off area.. what would happen? it would be that either Barrichello would run slow on his offtrack excursion and join back behind Schumacher or he would overtake Schumacher while cutting the chicane and he need to give the position back.

  2. Schui,just as desperate now as he was just before his retirement.
    Judgement gone, attitude appalling,sportsmanship was never there anyway and becoming more dangerous race by race . Schui out Heidfeld in that’s my call.

  3. I’ve been a Schumi fan for a long time, and despite people saying it’s always been this dangerous (which I disagree), today’s move was really dangerous (and unnecessary) for me.

    anyways I’m voting for Schumacher because Rubens really is a big crier xDD

  4. Reminds of that famous Schumi/Häkkinen moment at Spa in 2000(or was it 2001?).

  5. for ppl with veryvery short memory
    only 1 week ago
    but michael wasn’t involved so nobody gave a ****

    1. There actually was some uproar about that, but that wasn’t nearly as dangerous.

    2. Well said.

      Anyone else and it would have been a footnote to the race. Vettel lost his position and so did Michael.

      It was just a case of hard driving – I’d hardly say it was unfair or any different than other similar attempts to prevent a pass.

      And for people saying there was nothing at stake – then why did Rubens bother to overtake at all?

      These guys are racers, your running position is always at stake. In this case it also carried the final point. I expect the battle for 11/10 will always be fought harder than the battle for 10/9…

      1. Schumacher cut his teeth on the likes of Senna who would push and push until there was no ground to give.Reubens had an axe to grind but he isn’t so innocent as younger people on the forum think – did you see the way he was holding hands with Eddie Jordan at the end of the race.Eddie is another wind up merchant,they suit each other.

        I recall Damon Hill and Schumacher nearly killing each other in every race,but that is F1 racing,that is what it’s all about.

    3. Are you kidding? you can’t compare it with that !

  6. The answer of schumacher is not complete. When he says rubens is crying he is refering to the comment of rubens during the race about schum being hard to overtake.
    Schumacher then admitted that he was a bit mean in his move but also said that he is known for being very tough. So a much more sensible answer than the one written in the article.
    Yes it was dirty but they didnt touch, schumacher didnt change line. It is hard to penalise on level of “toughness”. It is motor racing so all these comments on “fairness” are in a way pathetic. Classic british media. Always whinning about others not being fair (footbal world cup, f1, etc). Last month it was redbull not being fair with webber, last week ferrari, now schumacher…

    1. couldn’t say it better myself

    2. “Classic British media”
      I don’t think in this case things are that simple, and it’s definitely not just the British making a big deal out of it. The German commentators (who are generally very Schumacher-friendly to the point of approving anything he does) were highly critical of what happened as well… and while that alone might not say anything about the level of fairness, it makes pretty clear that this wasn’t just another incident that no one would care about if it didn’t involve a 7-time world champion.

    3. Well the British media will continue to harp on this story since they have nothing good to write about their own team today, do they?

  7. in the interview on the italian tv, schumacher said he actually left too much space, since he was able to pass.

  8. Reading the french news, it is completely different level of drama. One line at the end of the article mentionning schumacher being “a bit tough” with barrichelo. Same last week, no such scandal about massa letting alonso through. It was Pure hypocrisis to complain about it

    1. Well, the Dutch newspapers did only spend one line on Massa letting Alonso past, but then again, the whole article was only a paragraph or two – F1 just isn’t a big thing here, so none of it gets much attention, if any at all, in newspapers.

  9. Ridiculous, absurd, shameful. Not only the dangerous move, but also his statement about the whole episode.
    I truly hope Schumacher takes heavy punishment.

    1. Nice one.

      Indeed Barrichello almost tried the same thing on Hamilton then.

      At least Barrichello offered his excuse for that incident with Hamilton though. Even after it cost him a puncture.

  10. Looks like we need a poll, Keith!

  11. The thing is: Schumacher kept pushing dangeoursly even when they already were side by side. He should have backed off once he saw Barrichello wouldn’t give up. He didn’t risky Rubens life, he risked his own life too and perhaps lives of those who were on the other side of the pit wall…

    Yes, Barrichello is a big crier, but today he was right.

    1. So you think there was nothing wrong in Barrichello putting himself in such a situation and Michael should have backed off as Rubens was brave and knight in shining white armour and Michael is the “ruthless” black knight :P?

      This is not to insult you mate… but this is motor racing… if you think this is dangerous… please watch some crashes from BTCC… :D People do it on two wheels in Moto-GP at 300 Kmph+… why should overtaking be any easier on two wheels?

      1. Sorry… i meant to say:
        why should overtaking be any easier on “four” wheels?

    2. “He should have backed off once he saw Barrichello wouldn’t give up.”

      Do you even listen to yourself when throwing that stupid, hypocritical nonsense around?!?!?!

      Why shouldn’t it be: Rubens should have backed off once he saw Michael wouldn’t give up????

      What is this? Does attempting an overtaking manoever make you more important than other drivers?? Huh???

      1. You are absolutely right. If you have a car which dares to be side by side with you at 300 km/h you should not change your trajectory whatsoever. You should continuously keep it until:
        1) The other car vanishes in the air.
        2) The other car smashes into pieces at the wall.
        3) The other car stops and the driver writes a note of appologies to you.
        You are right, this thing called steering wheel is designed only to change the car trajectory only once. Never give up, don´t blink. That´s the way a great driver must act.

        1. @claudioff
          Wow mate… It was nice how you twisted what was said completely out of context… Unless you were blind , which i guess you’re not, you saw Rubens come in from behind… Rubens chose to put his car where it was and as such becomes more responsible than Michael in that regard. Michael did leave enough room on the outside line. Rubens should have started the move on the outside line… but he did what he did… which was clearly not the best option…

          Let us say you have an option to on the outside where there’s empty track and and on the other hand… there’s inside line, where there’s a car already… between you and me mate… which way would you go? Rubens cut it really tight as he tried to be in the slipstream till the last second… and then chose what was honestly not the best option… Then his verbal diarrhoea followed…

          By your logic, the driver of the car in front should have had bent over and let the one coming from behind do him over (yes, i know it sounds cheesy :D)… is it? You’re talking about racing drivers… who don’t give an inch, unless required…

          1. I am not blind and I watched the overtaking from many angles. I am also don´t think that overtaking should be easy, like the guy in front must be adviced by radio and gently forget to accelerate after a curve. My points are: When Barrichello choose the inside line (the best one), Schumaker was at the middle of the track. Barrichello managed to put half of his car side by side Schumaker´s car while he was still inside the track. Ýou could clearly see from the frontal camera angle that Schumaker´s head is looking towards Barrichello´s wheels (He knew he was there). The amazing thing is that all I described until now took only 1 second. In my opnion Schumaker at this point should stop to squeeze him. But he continued doing so, endangering Barrichello and himself for another second. I am not blind, so as the stewards.

  12. Most sensible drivers would have backed out the move when they saw that MS was closing the door. RB chose to try and squeeze though and thats exactly what he did.

    MS didn’t swerve one way and then the other to try and keep RB behind, he just decided to block the inside line. RB decided to go for it anyway which meant it was always going to be close because MS wasn’t likely to mve aside and wave him through.

    1. But he kept on pushing him towards the wall and later towards the edge of the track when they were already side-by-side. That is the dangerous part and that is why Schumacher received a penalty.

  13. Christopher Vissing
    1st August 2010, 16:21

    Omg.. Not referring to Schuu but U guys.. 3 race ban? A lifetime raceban? Michel didn’t actually do anything “wrong” according to the rules..

    The biggest thing he can get is a disqualification.. even that is maybe taking it a bit to far..

    And nice post by “Pi”

  14. Schu apparently has a 10 grid drop position for Spa

    1. Yeah, seen it on the bbc forum. Hes being punished for it, lets hope things like that don’t happen again, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  15. 10 grid drop, how you like them apples schumi!

  16. 10 place drop for MS

  17. Younger Hamilton
    1st August 2010, 16:34

    10 Grid Positions Penalty for Schumi in Spa,Absolutely correct punishment poor Rubens could have had a serious accident if he did indeed touched the wall and Schumi could have took himself out too.

  18. Kimi squeezed micheal to pit wall in 06 brazil… As slater famously said ” wat is it like at 300 kms per hour” … Nobody bothered to say a word for kimi… When it’s micheal everybody has an opinion..

    And mercilessly say senna would ve been a legend for this kind of move… How biased can ppl get..

    And yes it’s because he left him space was Rubens able to overtake… Gutsy move by Rubens … If he had taken it like a man without crying ppl d ve credited him as a great gutsy move… Like micheal on kimi.. 06 brazil

    1. kaks
      well said
      if the situation was opposite michael would have not even talk about that. because he is a man not a “Barrichello”

  19. To be honest, now, with the calm after the race setting in, I think there is a big disappointment into this: everyone will now talk about Schummel-Schumi, but will anyone admire the sheer guts of Rubens pulling this one off? I mean, virtually every other driver would have pulled back and cried on the team radio that Michael’s so mean to them. … well, Rubens complained as well, but only after passing and thereby telling Michael: “Up yours, buddy!”

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