Schumacher given ten-place grid drop for his swerve at Barrichello (Updated)

The Hungarian Grand Prix stewards are investigating Michael Schumacher for his attempt to keep Rubens Barrichello behind late in the race.

Barrichello took Schumacher for tenth late in the race but the Mercedes driver pushed him towards the pit wall and off the track on the run towards turn one.

Update: The stewards handed Schumacher a ten-place grid penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix for the incident.

Afterwards Barrichello said:

He made a mistake on the last corner.

You know we’ve been there and what we want from racing is to be fair and have battle, especially on a track that is so difficult to overtake on. You should choose a line and that’s it. But he just closed, closed, closed and luckily the wall ran out.

There’s not a rule for that but between ourselves we should just take a line, stick to a line and that’s it.
Rubens Barrichello

Schumacher was unrepentant:

There’s not much to say other than he obviously had fresher tyres and my job was to get last corner spot on. I had a line of about five centimetres that I had to hit and on that lap I ran a little wide and started sliding so my exit speed was compromised.

I knew he was coming so I was moving over to the inside to make it clear to him to go on the other side. He didn’t choose to so it was a bit tight.

But we know certain drivers have certain views and then there’s Rubens.
Michael Schumacher

Barrichello urged fans to share their thoughts on the incident saying:

It was the most dangerous thing that I’ve ever been through.

His view is that I’m always a big crier. I’d like to see the public vote. Let me know on Twitter!
Rubens Barrichello

The verdict of the stewards was as follows:

Fact: Illegitimately impeded Car 9 during an overtaking manoeuvre.
Offence: Involved in an incident as defined by Article 16.1 of the 2010 FIA Formula One Regulations
Penalty: Drop of 10 grid positions at the drivers next event.

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

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302 comments on Schumacher given ten-place grid drop for his swerve at Barrichello (Updated)

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  1. Feri said on 2nd August 2010, 14:21

    Dangerous move? Yes, F1 is dangerous. Should Webber have got a penalty for climbing on Kovalainen? Should F1 be banned after a mass collision? It could happen at the start of every race.

    Unsportmanship? Yes. I wouldn’t do that, but maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m not in F1. If you want good sportmanship, find another sport or another planet. It’s sad but true: there’s controversy in every sport at the highest level. That’s why we need so many rules.

    Lucky to be alive? He could say that after every race. The cars didn’t touch. The wall ended exactly there on the previous lap and all weekend. The room was there, but the margin of error was too little.

    Tried to kill him? I’m not sure if he could do it, but he would have tried some other way. For example at the driver’s breefing.

    Another Schumacher fan? Yes. I admire(d) him not for his sportsmanship but for his skill, determination and especially for the ability to win in an inferior car.

    • Sean said on 2nd August 2010, 15:42

      Stop deflecting the issue. It isn’t about whether F1 is generally dangerous or not. Or sportsmanship. It’s about this rule:

      “Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as more than one change of direction to defend a position, deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited”

      He broke the rule, blatantly, against “deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track”. That’s why he got a penalty, which was actually leniently applied, given how close it came to disaster and the options open to the stewards. This has exactly nothing to do with Webber hitting Kovalainen, bad sportsmanship, mass collisions or anything else. You’re just adding to a pile of excuses which have no bearing on why he got a penalty. These have included the ad hominem (Rubens is a whiner/ a wimp/ a non-WDC), the irrelevant (Senna did bad things too/ F1 is dangerous/ it was only one move) and the plain false (Rubens should have gone left/ they raced this hard in the 70s and 80s/ Webber did the same thing to Massa).

      Also irrelevant to the case is your personal admiration for Schumacher’s ability to win in inferior cars in the past. I can’t think why you’d mention that other than to somehow imply mitigating circumstances or some kind of entitlement. It might be relevant if he had just won the Hungarian GP in his inferior Mercedes. But he lost the fight with RB, was lapped, scored no points and was hammered on pace, yet again, by his team mate. Therefore, if there is a broader context than simply whether a rule was broken, it is that these are the actions of an increasingly sad, discredited and desperate man.

  2. tota said on 2nd August 2010, 14:25

    He didn’t change at all, his attitude to dirty tricks on the truck are still there, he shouldn’t be allowed to drive any more GP, he is danger, so he’s better go retire. Bye bye Shumi.

    • Hmm, now that’s gonna be more than a little awkward, no?
      The loud apologist minority that have just spent the last 24 hours arguing, telling the rest of us to ignore the evidence of our lying eyes, and defiant that there was nothing to be concerned about in that low-class stunt.

      Now left high and dry, looking and feeling more than a little foolish, that’s surely going to sting just a bit.

      I’ll tel you what was worse than blinkered fans. Watching supposed stand-up guys like Haug and Brawn, trying and failing to defend the indefensible right to our faces … well it’s clear to us all now, when push comes to shove that Schumacher can’t change his spots.
      Watching them cheaply selling their self-respect defending this character really was tragic stuff.

      • Couldn’t agree more. And it’s worrying that Haug and Brawn did that only a week after every Ferrari employee that had a mic stuck under their nose lied through their teeth about the team orders incident. Another example of the top tier in F1 thinking the fans are idiots. If ever F1 needed a dose of clean racing and honesty (after Spygate, Crashgate etc) it was this season. Maybe it was too much to hope for :(

  3. Greyflash said on 2nd August 2010, 16:20

    MSC up to his old tricks. Can’t help wondering: German driver, German team – was he just following (team?) orders?

  4. Marky Mark said on 2nd August 2010, 17:12

    Schumi eats babies

  5. Frans said on 2nd August 2010, 17:26

    Schumi’s brains started to become normal again, first accusing Rubens to be to trouble maker, now he has apologized.
    Sean, your spot on.

  6. Schumacher should be banned from at least one race and incur a large fine. His poor sportsmanship brings F1 and the racing community into disrepute. It’s hard to believe he’s a road safety advocate. More like a New York cab driver or speedway driver. Either way he’s not F1 material anymore. He’s done well, lots of records, lot’s of trophies, however he should go home before he kills someone.

  7. Andrew said on 4th August 2010, 21:10

    I don’t understand why everybody is criticizing Shumi. I don’t see there’s any life threatening situation here. You know RB was not dead nor hit by his own spring, so he will brake if he has to. I don’t believe racing drivers are so crazy that they don’t have basic instinct to save own life. On the contrary to most people, I think it is RB who made the situation tight. Why was he so crazy and committed to pass Shumi there? Why he could not give up there and try to do the pass else where? In my opinion, the one who is truly out of mind at that moment not Shumi but RB is.If he died there, I consider it his suicide.

    • Roger said on 4th August 2010, 22:32

      You gotta be kidding!!!

    • David Kirkham said on 4th August 2010, 22:33

      Clearly it was dangerous driving everyone agrees, the stewards, Rubens, even Shumi agrees, he didn’t hold a line he pushed him into the wall. What if someone was coming out of the pits?

      If overtaking him becomes a suicide mission it’s time for him to go. He’s got a “either I win or we both die attitude” it’s unsportsmanlike, unprofessional and it’s not the first time we’ve seen it.

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