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“I am much quicker than Felipe” – how Alonso urged Ferrari to use team orders 4th August 2010, 10:41

New video of the German Grand Prix published by FOM reveals how Fernando Alonso urged Ferrari to order Felipe Massa to let him pass. Alonso said to the team “I am much quicker than Felipe” and was told “we got your message”. Because of the editing of the video it’s not clear how much time […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 4/8/2010

Here’s today’s round-up: Links F1 2010 developer diary four Thanks to Kristian Eriksen for the tip! Bernie Ecclestone’s Porsche Panamera for sale (Auto Trader) Surprised he’s not flogging it himself, given that he once was a used car salesman. I suspect no-one who didn’t know that before was surprised to learn it. Comment of the […]

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