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The physics of Webber’s Valencia crash 5th August 2010, 8:55

Have a look at the current issue of Red Bulletin for an interesting perspective on Mark Webber’s terrifying crash with Heikki Kovalainen in Valencia. Professor Thomas Schrefl does the maths on Webber’s aerial flip and comes up with some fascinating figures: Doing the maths we see that the potential energy and the rotational energy take […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 5/8/2010

We’ve got a guest post coming up today from an F1 Fanatic reader who was at both the back-to-back races in Germany and Hungary. For now, here’s today’s round-up: Links Good weekend, bad weekend (ITV-F1) My latest article for ITV-F1: “Red Bull continues to impress not just with the outrageous speed of its RB6 but […]