Lauda: Ferrari will get a pasting from WMSC

Former world champion and Ferrari driver Niki Lauda has said he expects the Italian team will be heavily punished by the FIA?s World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) next month for their use of team orders at the German Grand Prix.

??What they did in Hockenheim was against all rules,?? Lauda said in an interview with the official Formula 1 website.

??Either the rules are changed or everybody observes them. What they?ve done is wrong and they got an immediate punishment – and they will get a pasting from the World Council, that is for sure.??

Ferrari received a $100,000 fine for breaking the Sporting Regulations during the German Grand Prix.

The WMSC will meet to consider the matter on September 8, just two days before the start of Ferrari’s home Grand Prix.

The three-time world champion added that in his view Ferrari?s actions were an insult to the intelligence of Formula One fans:

You have two models of how to race in Formula One as a team. If you approach it politically then you are in the Ferrari mould. Or you try to give both your drivers equal opportunities and the fans an exciting sport, as Red Bull are doing in letting their drivers compete with each other.

That is what makes this sport a crowd puller because they see the best guys in the best cars racing each other with a ??may the best man win? philosophy – and not mocking the fans with a collusive result.
Niki Lauda

Fernando Alonso passed Felipe Massa to win the German Grand Prix after the team had been heard instructing Massa that he was slower than his team mate. Massa later admitted he let Alonso past but said he did so of his own choosing.

The stewards found Ferrari guilty of breaking article 39.1 of the Sporting Regulations which forbid team orders that influence the outcome of the race.

They additionally adjudged it to be a transgression of article 151c of the International Sporting Code, relating to bringing the sport into disrepute, the same section that McLaren were famously found in violation of in 2007.

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64 comments on Lauda: Ferrari will get a pasting from WMSC

  1. What a hypocrite ! He was doing something close to that when he was a Ferarri driver ? Team orders have to be allowed – the entire F1 crowd told you that ! Ferarri won’t get more punishment – there are no strict evidence of team orders – Felipe took the blame on his shoulders – “I did it, because I wanted to” – that’s it. 100k$ for insulting the prestige of F1 (it’s gone for a long time?) and nothing more. This is the most normal thing – to push one over other – honestly, I don’t think that Massa has championship abilities this season, so favoring Alonso is the only chance for the Scuderia.

  2. JohnBt said on 20th August 2010, 17:27

    So Stefano Domenicali is not wrong about the “hypocrisy” that goes on in F1.
    Lauda is clearly favouring the Austrian team and Vettel. We all have our say so I guess it’s ok, win some lose some.

    Must move on after hearing as many are expecting points removed from Alonso and Massa. Just Ferrari’s bad luck as they’re fighting for the championships. If it’s a midfield team who would have bothered.

  3. I don’t really expect much. Being that it is mad F1 if they go by exactly what was said it may be hard to say it is team orders. It blatantly was but apparently there was already an agreement in place, if Ferrari and their drivers keep their mouth shut then they can hide behind Massa and just say it was his choice. It’s pretty much the only chance they have of using the ‘not guilty’ plea. If they accept it and face it then I’m guessing there will be a fine or suspended race ban.

    The two things that would perhaps make up would be A/ Alonso losing his points or B/ an actual ban for a race(s). The problem with the former is that Alonso didn’t actually do anything it was Ferrari and although that would hurt Ferrari and their intentions the most it would be like denying it ever happened. The problem with the latter is Ferrari not at Monza will probably make the team appear martyrs, be a bit overly harsh in my opinion, probably mean the grandstands are empty which is unfair for the fans, possibly cause an even bigger row and certainly influence the title (although some would agrue that’s what Ferrari deserve).

    However, this new regime seems to be a bit more sensible than the last so maybe we’ll actually see a punishment and them apply common sense.

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