“F1 2010”: are you going to buy it? (Poll)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The first official F1 video game for major formats in four years goes on sale in one month’s time.

And unlike many recent F1 games Codemasters’ “F1 2010” will be a multi-format titles, with versions available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Will you be buying it? What are your expectations of the long-awaited game? See below for preview images and videos of “F1 2010”.

I played an early version of the game back in March, before the designers had had chance to get all the latest graphics in.

The final version will include all the teams, drivers and circuits from the 2010 F1 season, including the new Korean International Circuit which F1 will race on for the first time in October.

The game also promises a highly detailed circuit grip simulation system which takes into account changes in rubber build-up on the surface, rain fall and more.

Codemasters also have ambitious plans to involve the player in the F1 world beyond driving the car – team mate rivalries, career decisions and even press conferences.

However they have admitted they’ve had to leave some details out, including a simulation of the safety car.

F1 Fanatic will have a full review of “F1 2010” on all three formats next month. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game, please say in the comments.

Are you going to buy "F1 2010"?

  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PS3 (34%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for Xbox 360 (20%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PC (25%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for multiple formats (2%)
  • No, I'm not buying "F1 2010" (9%)
  • I haven't decided whether to buy "F1 2010" (11%)

Total Voters: 2,665

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“F1 2010” preview videos

“F1 2010” preview images

Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
Buy Formula 1 2010 for Xbox 360
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182 comments on ““F1 2010”: are you going to buy it? (Poll)”

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  1. Is it going to be available for mac user as well?

    1. Sush Meerkat
      24th August 2010, 7:38

      If your a Mac user, your best chance for games is Valve’s Steam service.


    2. In order to run it on a Mac you would have to partition your hard drive using Bootcamp and install Windows as a 2nd operating system. That’s what I did on my iMac so I could play rfactor. It was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it! And yes I will be downloading the new F1 2010 game…it looks amazing! I’ve been waiting all year for this game to come out…

  2. Eddie Irvine
    24th August 2010, 7:13

    I will definetely buy it. But for everyone F1 Challenge fanatic, as I am, codemasters need to do a hell of a job to overcome this racing simulation legend.
    To everyone, I found this mod for F1C, it includes all seasons from 71 to 08 . here’s the link http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=13af361dce82c2db75a4fc82078ae6c86a921d83a26c0780ce018c8114394287

    1. that looks and feels simulation but it isnt it it gives you great steering options but it hasnt the track physics or other thouswands of variables that this game has anyway if i was rich i would buy this game but im keeping with the F1C

      1. and for this 2010 version no real life steering wheels

      2. If thats simulation than im Ayrton Senna… No way near simulation…

        And not to mantion that a flat tire is moving right to the oposit side as it should… physics they call it… IOI

        1. At game conventions the games are put on their absolute easiest setting so people can enjoy them and get an idea of what the demo is about in as short a time as possible without getting frustrated. Don’t worry, you can make the game extremely hard core, but why would they force that upon random people at a general game show where the average, non simulator fan would just get frustrated and think the game is crap? Its bad business to advertise at the simulation minority and not the majority.

          1. Treu in a sense… that is that the whole game, even with all assists off, is still an arcade with a test of “simulation”.

            Thats exactly why… because its ment to sale in bulk so its got to be an arceade

          2. Thats true too, it’ll stay arcadey at heart but its going to be fun, which is enough reason to buy for me. I can make it as sim as I want and can still play with my friends who aren’t into that

    2. I think that the team should be able to radio you and tell you Your teammate is quicker!

  3. Spending already so much time on my PC per day, I don’t see myself investing more time into games, and on top, I am not a game player. But, but, I must reckon that these games are getting more and more realistic as software evolve.
    I am also Administrator of an F1 Forum in French, but where I am thinking of opening an English topic. This is not a commercial Forum, and no money comes out of it, except the usual Google publicities. All mostly welcome : http://nomeg1.creer-forums.fr/forum.htm

  4. Not going to buy it, even if it does look good. First off all, i am a perfectionist and would be starting a new game over and over again, to get the best possible start, but then as i would spend too much time doing that, probably won’t even finish a single driver career.

    And i am not that much into car racing on the computer (without the seat, car movements and steering wheel it just is not the real feel).

    But hat off to Codemasters, they seem to have developed a realy nice game.

    1. I belive thats not games problem if you cant finish one single race…

      1. true, surely the idea of game playing is that you might not always get a perfect start, i played career mode on f12008c.e done over 40 laps on bahrain and crashed, did i start again – hell no, btw, i have a playseat, logitech wheel, ps3 and 42″ plasma, its not a £50,000 simulator, but its great, just try to put your tv at eye level, cheer up everybody, so glum :(

        1. Sounds good! Just i would have to install it in my basement, as the family would not appreciate having it in the living room :-)

      2. I don’t mean i am not capable of finishing, just that I tend to keep trying until i get the perfect lap and win each race.

        Therefore it might take me ages to actually progress and i just lose interest after a while.

  5. I’m undecided. I’d really like to, but there’s no way it would run on my current computer. I’m in need of an upgrade and I’m looking into getting a new laptop, but the earliest I’d be able to get one is in November. Late November. And I can’t justify buying a new computer simply for the sake of buying F1 2010. If opportunity knocks, then I’ll answer, but until then … well, I’ll just have to wait.

    1. I’m kind of in your boat as well. I’m a mac user, so I’d basically be looking at getting a PS3 most likely (which would be nice just as a blueray player I suppose). Then I’d crave some kind of steering wheel with paddle shifters which would be a minimum of a couple hundred dollars more. Overall I’m guessing the whole thing would be upwards of $500, and then what little free time I do have would rapidly disappear I’m guessing. We’ll see.

  6. I think I’m going to buy a PS3 just so that I can play this game!

    1. I wouldn’t do that for F1 2010 just yet. But GT5, that’s a completely different story.

      1. I bought a PS3 at christmas last year in the vain hope that GT5 would be out by now. Fortunetaly this will help make up for the delay!

    2. Buy a 360 then. Better graphics and a better joystick

      1. Joystick? get a wheel and a PS3!

        the xbox has a rubbish steering wheel. the force feedback is nothing compared to Logitech range of wheels. i know logitech make one for xbox but is has no feedback.

        for this reason alone i’m going to get it on PS3. and you wont have to pay to play on line as you do with xbox and then there’s GT5 soon.

        joypads totally suck for this kind of game.

    3. buy a ps3, better controller, plays blu-ray, less plasticy feel, has wi-fi built in and has free onine gaming. :D

      1. @BliNnk – Better graphics? On an Xbox 360?? Define better graphics. Do you mean resolution? Because a PS3 is capable of running at 1920×1080 and the games for both platforms are the same as far as animation and graphics anyway I am pretty sure. feel free to correct me, but I am a little puzzled as to how a console that was released a year before the PS3 could have better graphics…

        1. A PS3 has better ultimate animation (and a real processor). Yeah, I possess a X 360 because most TV have a relatively low res so you actually don’t see the difference.

          A PS3 with a low quality TV and HI FI is like running a F1 in a rocky mountain : mostly useless.

          1. But the same can be said for the Xbox 360 so I don’t see your point.

          2. True :)

            The XBOX is cheaper

          3. But PS3 offers free online play so… :D

          4. And both consoles are locked to 30 frames per second.

        2. The 360 has a more advanced GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) there is no question about that. Although the PS3 is indeed a year ‘newer’, the Nvidia GPU sony decided to use is older technology and less capable than the ATI chip in the xbox.

          To highlight this fact, nvidia – after stating that ATI’s unified pipeline approach was not the best way to go – immediately switched their approach to a unified system and they have been that way ever since… :)

          David Kirk (Chief Scientist – Nvidia) interview 2005:

          “We will do a unified architecture in hardware when it makes sense. When it’s possible to make the hardware work faster unified, then of course we will. It will be easier to build in the future, but for the meantime, there’s plenty of mileage left in this architecture.”

          Nvidia Geforce 8 Series – released 2006


          1. The PS3’s graphics are marginally better, at least according to the UK Advertising Standards Agency – there was a case brought against Microsoft for false advertising for using the PS3 graphics to advertise the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasty XIII – they used identical setups and determined that the PS3 has slightly better graphics and thus ruled against Microsoft.

            But seriously, why do any of you care, the gameplay is way and above the most important factor in a game like this, and it will be roughly equal on each system.

          2. The PS3 is generally better but when it comes to multi-platform games the Xbox ones seem to always look better.

            I just hope we PS3 owners don’t get short changed with a game that claims to run at 720p when it’s really 640 or something stupid.

  7. I’ll be buying this for the PC. Hopefully Codemasters have thought of us PC users when it comes to controls and better graphics. I’d hate to have a console nerfed conversion.

  8. It’s the first official F1 game in years…on a format I actually have…of course I’m buying it!

    Sure it may well not live up to our expectations, but the last F1 game I had F12001 on PC, was hopeless, but I still played it for hours and hours and hours.

    Roll on 24 September!

    1. Those F1 games were useless! Although dated now the Geoff Crammond ones were amazing in the Amiga/PC days.

      And a release on Steam would be lovely. Any other people here on Steam?

      1. I still play hours of Grand Prix 4 every week! I am yet to find a game that even rivals the realism and physics of GP4.

        1. what about rfactor?

          1. I have not played rFactor but from the videos I have seen on YouTube it looks inferior to the aforementioned. GP4 is a proper sim, and it was released way back in ’02! rFactor seems OK, but I’d rather Grand Prix 4 any day.

        2. LOL… so you havent yet tried RFactor or Race ON, itd. and you know anyway what is best SIM racing game…

          Unbelivable… and even better, you can see that by only loking at a video… congratulations

          1. I am sorry, I should have concluded my comment with IMO

        3. i second that, GP4 rulez
          I still play it :D:D

          1. Same here!
            Do you guys use mods or the original one?
            When i tried to mod it screwed it all up so i’m still using the original.
            It’s still the best f1 game i’ve ever played(IMO)!

        4. You should give rFactor a try : on Youtube, many videos shows the player with driving aids. So in the end they drive like crap. But with no aids at all, this game is a one of the best simulation I’ve ever played : the only “cons” is that you have to find a good mod and a good trackpack.
          FSOne 2009 is a good mod to try ;).

          1. Maybe an RFT09 will do even better at getting closer to the reality (and RFT track pack is also a good option)

          2. Ohh… and let me reminde you that Red Bull, as far as i know, is using RFactor Pro for their simulator.

          3. You should give iRacing a try, now that’s an hardcore sim..

          4. rfactor is by far the best yet. The only problem is the multiplayer is so damn difficult to get going. Track packs and car setups are so hard to match to start racing online. But if your happy racing AIs then its the best.

            If F1 2010 is as “editable” and serious as rfactor then its well worth getting. I just hope they keep the multiplayer interface as easy as 2006 but with more setup options.

          5. IRacing is in my opinion just a rearagned RACE angine (or GTR; its all prety much the same).
            And yes, its also one of the best sim racing games along with the formentioned.

            I have been racing in Rfactor online league for a long time now and havent got any problems connecting, sharing setup, or any at all problems… So if you want a multiplayer sensation in RFactor its best to join an online league.
            On the other hand racing just on one of the public servers can be sometimes tricky because of the immense possibilitis of tracks and mods which you need to have in order to join a server.

            God bless RFactor 2 when it comes out this year!!!!

          6. the problem with the FSONE2009 mod for rfactor is it takes up about 5-6GB of space whereas F1RFT takes up around 2-3GB…

  9. This game looks immense; might justify me buying a new Playstation ;)

    1. All potential buyers of the PS3 version; my PSN is d_smed2311. Add your PSN/Xbox IDs here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/forum/topic.php?id=242

  10. most definetely! the only questions are, do i buy it for 360 or pc. can’t wait for it to come out (in a month today, i believe).

    1. I have that issue, its pc with the wheel and pedals but a pretty solitary experience or 360 and have the whole social aspect of trying to beat down friends best laps. Which if done well is very addictive.

      The old climax moto gp games implimented that well, everyday I would get home from work and find my friend had shaved another 10th off my time so I would need to go out and beat it again to make myself the leader on my friends board.

      possible idea gamertag / psnid’s ready for multiplayer?

    2. get it for console as the game does need a super computer to run it on a pc…

      1. that i do have! but it will be a 360 buy

  11. Well let me put it this way. I went to asda at 9:30pm last night just to get myself a PS3 ;)

    1. I have had 3 ps3’s and always end up selling them, each time I could never justify having that expensive bit of kit collecting dust. now gt5 is coming out… hmmm… must resist temptation not to make that mistake again lol I have an xbox, i have forza be happy :oD

      1. Thing is I already have a PC but it’s getting a bit dated now. If I were to upgrade then it would have to be top spec and something that would last me for years to come. Getting a PS3 is much cheaper than upgrading the PC and also my G25 will work with the PS3 as well. Seems like a no brainer to me really :)

        And the reason I didn’t get an XBox360 is because of the extra hidden fees (wireless adapter sold seperately, internet subscription required etc) and the fact that all my mates have PS3s as well which makes sense when going on the multiplayer.

        1. I got a PS3 last year and I love it.
          It always works, plays everything, has a good size hard drive, links in with my home network, sounds great through a Hi-Fi and looks amazing on a Hi-Def TV for both games and blu-ray.

          A few of my mates have an x-box and I can’t spot any difference in game play although I do prefer playstation controllers, but that’s just a personal preference.

          It may have been expensive but it’s been worth every penny so far and now that we’re getting some (hopefully) great racing games in F1 and GT it only gets better. I hope you enjoy yours just as much !

  12. The pictures looks good if I can ever afford a PS or XBox then may be, not a bad thing to kill your time in the F1 summer break!

    1. Five Red Lights
      28th August 2010, 0:23

      Full laps video link, page 2 has a full lap of the Korean track. Enjoy!


  13. You’ve got to find out if they have got rid of all the rubbishness that was F1 2009.

    Ability to change strategy, choose the correct wet tyre and stick to it, changing weather conditions, pit crew not standing there for 10 seconds before lifting the lollipop.

    I cant remember all the other annoyances that were F1 2009, it will have to be a massive improvement before I consider buying.

    1. F1 2009 was never supposed to be a proper simulation, and is hardly comparable.

  14. I’ll buy it if my computer can make it work :-(

    1. as a geek and someone who never touches consoles, my opinion is that you’ll need dual core say 2ghz or more (core2duo/athlon X2), 2GB of RAM and at least a Geforce 9600GT or Radeon 2600XT.

      I’d reccomend getting a Geforce 8800GT or if you insist on ATI then a Radeon 3870 or better.

      All in all you’ll be looking at spending about £400 to get this running on a PC by building it yourself, BUT an 8800GT will make it look a LOT better than a 360 or a PS3. Spend less money, and you might as well get a console.

      For someone above talking about getting a new laptop for this…. forget it. You need to spend about £1000 to get a laptop that will run this “well”, or spend less and end up watching a slideshow masquerading as a “game”. Get a laptop to be a laptop, and either make a decent gaming PC or stick to consoles.

      For those interested, those screenshots are from the PC version, with CSAA applied, something that at a hardware level PS3’s and Xbox’s are incapable of producing. The image quality that you see on these marketing shots is top of the line PC performance. Think £250 graphics card, Quad Core, 4GB RAM, etc etc. A lot of money.

      Final word, if you don’t understand half of what i’ve said, then just get it on a console.

      1. Will my computer be capable of running it with these specs? RAM: A-Ram 4GB 1333hz, CPU: Intel i7 860 2.8GHz Quad Core, Graphics: Palit GTS250 1GB DDR3.

        Please help! But I am most worried about my graphics card – the rest is great!

      2. Cool, I have pretty much those exact specs lol.

      3. I just had a quick nosey and found this, so if anyone’s is curious about PC requirements, here you go:


        1. I am very undecided on which platform I will but this for… I might end up with two copies at this rate! :D But that link is just displaying a blank page with a “Codemasters” ribbon. But if anyone knows if this (my computer) would run it efficiently it would aid the selection process greatly!

          1. you have to choose the language and it continues to a site with Codemaster game info.

          2. Your computer specs are very good. You can easily run this game in full resolution and at its highest frame rate. Just make sure to close all other apps before starting. You’ll need most of your CoreI7’s power to run this.

      4. Guilherme Teixeira
        24th August 2010, 19:20

        I wonder how tough will this game be on a GeForce 8600GT… I don’t really car about graphics, so I wouldn’t mind playing it with minimmum graphics, but oh god, I hope my card can run it without a drop in frame rate…

      5. Well, with my single core processor, I guess I’ll have to wait for F1 2011, and when I’ll have a little more money to spend on hardware…

  15. I’ve mentally prepared myself that this game will be rubbish as a simulator, that way it can only be better.

    Seriously though, if all the business and commercial talk of the diaries is right, it could be a one of a kind SP game. With only 12 vehicles for MP though, the real simracers will probably be eyeballing rFactor 2 more than F1 2010.

    1. roll on rf2

      I am into my real grass roots stuff on it at the mo, british hot rods. its kind of easier to get into the game if its not too far away from possible reality. maybe thats just me.

  16. I’ll buy it on PC……I haven’t got any of the consoles actually. I just hope that there will be a replay function so I can enjoy a great race over and over again, from different angles! Unlike the Wii F1 2009 unfortunatly, no replay funtion there sadly…!!

    1. Btw…….any playable demos yet anywhere?!

      1. Unfortunately, there won’t be a demo. If you want to see if your PC can handle it, I suggest trying the DiRT 2 demo to get a general idea.

      2. How stupid is that? I want to see for myself if its worth the money, so i want to play the game. Even if its 1 track on raceday, i want to het the feeling

  17. I think I might get it, if my PC can handle it.

  18. This game is one of the last thoughts that goes through my mind every night at the moment. To say I am looking forward to it is an understatement.

    I normally pick up new games after a few weeks, to give them a chance to lose the ridiculous price tag that new games come seem to come out with. This time, its going to be pre-ordered!

  19. I’m really looking forward to F1 2010. Consider the recent experience Codemasters have with GRID and DIRT (both excellent games) I would like to think that they can do F1 justice.

    I’m going to be getting the Xbox 360 version. The PC version might have better graphics, but I don’t think my rig will be able to handle it at high settings whilst remaining smooth (which is very important for an F1 game). I think the multiplayer experience could be a bit better on the Xbox, especially as my friends are more likely to buy the Xbox version.

  20. Robert McKay
    24th August 2010, 9:35

    Still need to erase the memory of the horrible Wii F1 2009, but the Xbox and PS3 versions look awesome.

    1. “F1 Fanatic will have a full review of “F1 2010″ on all three formats next month. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game, please say in the comments.”

      Hi, could you do some testing of the difference between directx9 and directx11 on the PC versions?


      Be warn PC version of F1 2010 uses “Games for Windows LIVE”, so will be block from racing online if live in an unsupported country. Unless know the trick of lying about what country you live in when setting up a LIVE ID.

      1. Hi, could you do some testing of the difference between directx9 and directx11 on the PC versions?

        No, that kind of thing is really the area of a dedicated video game publication. I’ve not got the expertise for that.

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