“F1 2010″: are you going to buy it? (Poll)

The first official F1 video game for major formats in four years goes on sale in one month’s time.

And unlike many recent F1 games Codemasters’ “F1 2010″ will be a multi-format titles, with versions available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Will you be buying it? What are your expectations of the long-awaited game? See below for preview images and videos of “F1 2010″.

I played an early version of the game back in March, before the designers had had chance to get all the latest graphics in.

The final version will include all the teams, drivers and circuits from the 2010 F1 season, including the new Korean International Circuit which F1 will race on for the first time in October.

The game also promises a highly detailed circuit grip simulation system which takes into account changes in rubber build-up on the surface, rain fall and more.

Codemasters also have ambitious plans to involve the player in the F1 world beyond driving the car – team mate rivalries, career decisions and even press conferences.

However they have admitted they’ve had to leave some details out, including a simulation of the safety car.

F1 Fanatic will have a full review of “F1 2010″ on all three formats next month. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game, please say in the comments.

Are you going to buy "F1 2010"?

  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PS3 (34%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for Xbox 360 (20%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PC (25%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for multiple formats (2%)
  • No, I'm not buying "F1 2010" (9%)
  • I haven't decided whether to buy "F1 2010" (11%)

Total Voters: 2,665

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Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
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“F1 2010″ preview videos

“F1 2010″ preview images

Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
Buy Formula 1 2010 for Xbox 360
Buy Formula 1 2010 for PC DVD

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182 comments on “F1 2010″: are you going to buy it? (Poll)

  1. Remco H said on 24th August 2010, 9:21

    I’ll buy it on PC……I haven’t got any of the consoles actually. I just hope that there will be a replay function so I can enjoy a great race over and over again, from different angles! Unlike the Wii F1 2009 unfortunatly, no replay funtion there sadly…!!

    • Remco H said on 24th August 2010, 9:22

      Btw…….any playable demos yet anywhere?!

      • xtophe said on 24th August 2010, 11:03

        Unfortunately, there won’t be a demo. If you want to see if your PC can handle it, I suggest trying the DiRT 2 demo to get a general idea.

      • Kimster said on 24th August 2010, 16:59

        How stupid is that? I want to see for myself if its worth the money, so i want to play the game. Even if its 1 track on raceday, i want to het the feeling

  2. TomD11 said on 24th August 2010, 9:23

    I think I might get it, if my PC can handle it.

  3. Will said on 24th August 2010, 9:26

    This game is one of the last thoughts that goes through my mind every night at the moment. To say I am looking forward to it is an understatement.

    I normally pick up new games after a few weeks, to give them a chance to lose the ridiculous price tag that new games come seem to come out with. This time, its going to be pre-ordered!

  4. KazeXT said on 24th August 2010, 9:30

    I’m really looking forward to F1 2010. Consider the recent experience Codemasters have with GRID and DIRT (both excellent games) I would like to think that they can do F1 justice.

    I’m going to be getting the Xbox 360 version. The PC version might have better graphics, but I don’t think my rig will be able to handle it at high settings whilst remaining smooth (which is very important for an F1 game). I think the multiplayer experience could be a bit better on the Xbox, especially as my friends are more likely to buy the Xbox version.

  5. Robert McKay said on 24th August 2010, 9:35

    Still need to erase the memory of the horrible Wii F1 2009, but the Xbox and PS3 versions look awesome.

    • Purple44 said on 28th August 2010, 18:16

      “F1 Fanatic will have a full review of “F1 2010″ on all three formats next month. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game, please say in the comments.”

      Hi, could you do some testing of the difference between directx9 and directx11 on the PC versions?


      Be warn PC version of F1 2010 uses “Games for Windows LIVE”, so will be block from racing online if live in an unsupported country. Unless know the trick of lying about what country you live in when setting up a LIVE ID.

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 28th August 2010, 22:23

        Hi, could you do some testing of the difference between directx9 and directx11 on the PC versions?

        No, that kind of thing is really the area of a dedicated video game publication. I’ve not got the expertise for that.

  6. f1yankee said on 24th August 2010, 9:48

    as a die-hard pc gamer, i usually steer clear of console ports. the graphics in f1 2010 are already dated by pc standards (the engine is dated by console standards) and how well, if at all, the pc’s flexibility is utilized is anyone’s guess.

    i’ll likely buy it, but i won’t be the first. once the game is on the shelves, the real info will start circulating. if this turns out to be another MW2, my money stays in my pocket.

  7. qUattrO said on 24th August 2010, 10:02

    If I did not have PS3 F1CE, the answer would probably be “I have pre-ordered it already”. I will instead wait until I have seen reviews . The reasons is I want a simulator and judging from some of the video material that are available, the physics does not seem very much like a simulator.

    I am afraid that the “live the life” aspect in the game has stolen (development) time and attention from the actual drivig/sim aspect. I also know that if I buy the game only to realize it is more of an arcade than a sim, I would hate myself.

    Demo releases should be mandatory for such games!

  8. Guio Oblepias said on 24th August 2010, 10:18

    I’m wondering… will Codemasters be releasing DLCs throughout the season with updated car models and liveries? I think if they want to satisfy the more serious F1 fans, they’ll have to include the developments the teams introduce on the cars.

    • Five Red Lights said on 27th August 2010, 23:57

      I’m hoping the DLC is old tracks & a ‘best of’ from around the world. ie; old Nurb, old spa, old Hock, old Monza etc..

      Best of; Road America, Mt Tremblant, Portimao, Bathurst, Philip Island, Brands, Donington, Macau, Laguna, C’mon codies, bring it!

      The first thing I’m going to do in this game is choose Webber, choose Turkey then put Vettel into the grandstand! Happy B’day MW.

  9. Any idea when it is releasing in Asia.

    “The much awaited game will hit North America and EPAC territories ahead of UK on September 22nd and September 23rd respectively. ”

    But no date of releasing in Asian countries

  10. Adam Tate said on 24th August 2010, 10:30

    My best friend and I are getting it as soon as it comes out! It’s going to be a great way to liven up breaks between class this semester :)

  11. Icthyes said on 24th August 2010, 10:32

    I’m sure we could have all done with this during the past 3 weeks ;-)

    I want to buy it, and probably will, just not sure if for PC (mine is probably too slow) or PS3 (which I don’t have yet), so I just lumped for the PC option in the poll.

  12. Dan Selby said on 24th August 2010, 10:37

    I’m shocked at the amount of negativity this is getting. Ok, it might not be rFactor style, but to be quite honest, I found rFactor very dry and was very aware that it was modded. Now I understand that half of this was my inability to set up the handling (I asked around plenty of times but to no avail), because literally everytime I steered I seemed to spin (and I really am a sim-head) and found myself tip-toe’ing round corners and rapidly losing ground. The fact there’s no career or developments made rFactor feel somewhat dry. Codemasters have spent 2 and a half years on this game, getting Ant Davidson in to give it tweaks and a final nod, which should surely be commended. We have engine limits (something rFactor doesn’t have), strategies including a weather system like no other, and a career.

    I just can’t help but think people might be a little negative for the sake of being negative… And this is coming from quite the pessimist :)

    I’ll be getting my grubby mits on it as soon as possible, for the 360, as I don’t particularly trust my PC, and have a steering wheel set up for my 360, anyway.

    • agreed. People are just nit-picking and it hasn’t even come out yet!

      I liken it to walking miles and miles through the Sahara desert, and, upon finding a water fountain, complaining that it doesn’t have Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

      F1 fans have been hung out to dry for a long time. I’m just eager to get my hands on it after waiting for so long.

  13. Dan Selby said on 24th August 2010, 10:38

    Also, there will be no demo at all, and I don’t believe there’s downloadable content. And before anyone asks, there will be no classic cars, either. The liscence has become increasingly restrictive.

  14. spanky the wonder monkey said on 24th August 2010, 10:43

    voted “undecided” simply due to GT5 being released (allegedly) on ps3 in november. that is a ‘must buy’. the demo version of the F1 game that’s been out for 2 or so years was disappointing and way too arcade-y. have not been able to see the videos above as they’re blocked where i am, but the screenshots look promising.

    for the pc, it still has to be r-factor, and that is down to the physics and wide variety of mods

  15. Avril F1 said on 24th August 2010, 10:57

    I’ll download it from torrents :)

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