“F1 2010”: are you going to buy it? (Poll)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The first official F1 video game for major formats in four years goes on sale in one month’s time.

And unlike many recent F1 games Codemasters’ “F1 2010” will be a multi-format titles, with versions available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Will you be buying it? What are your expectations of the long-awaited game? See below for preview images and videos of “F1 2010”.

I played an early version of the game back in March, before the designers had had chance to get all the latest graphics in.

The final version will include all the teams, drivers and circuits from the 2010 F1 season, including the new Korean International Circuit which F1 will race on for the first time in October.

The game also promises a highly detailed circuit grip simulation system which takes into account changes in rubber build-up on the surface, rain fall and more.

Codemasters also have ambitious plans to involve the player in the F1 world beyond driving the car – team mate rivalries, career decisions and even press conferences.

However they have admitted they’ve had to leave some details out, including a simulation of the safety car.

F1 Fanatic will have a full review of “F1 2010” on all three formats next month. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game, please say in the comments.

Are you going to buy "F1 2010"?

  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PS3 (34%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for Xbox 360 (20%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PC (25%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for multiple formats (2%)
  • No, I'm not buying "F1 2010" (9%)
  • I haven't decided whether to buy "F1 2010" (11%)

Total Voters: 2,665

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Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
Buy Formula 1 2010 for Xbox 360
Buy Formula 1 2010 for PC DVD

“F1 2010” preview videos

“F1 2010” preview images

Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
Buy Formula 1 2010 for Xbox 360
Buy Formula 1 2010 for PC DVD

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182 comments on ““F1 2010”: are you going to buy it? (Poll)”

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  1. I have a PS3 and an Xbox, but I shall be buying it for the 360. More chances of online races with my friends that way!

    It’s looking really good.

  2. Yes, i bought a steering wheel for my xbox on sunday in preparation. Been playing some Forza3 to get used to after using pads all my life :D

  3. Keith: In what concerns simulation, is it something close to (or better than), say, Grand Prix Legends or Forza Motorsport 3, or is it something more on the arcade side? Oh, and any idea on how many frames per second?

  4. I am buying it for xbox360. I am not a gamer, but I have an xbox and I have 2 games that I almost never play. BUT, I do have the old Grand Prix 4 on my PC that I play about 6 times a year.

    From GP4 I have learned the tracks that are on that game very well and it translates to watching the races. I feel like I know every inch of the tracks that are on GP4 and are still raced on and at the newer tracks I noticed a slight amount disconnect. AND I’ve been watching F1 since 1987….

    For this reason alone the game will be worth it….it really does make watching the races a little bit better.

    1. I just hope all of us who grew up with Geof’s GP series wont be disappointed..

      1. It doesn’t sound like. This one seems for real.

  5. I think before anyone says “I’m not buying it”

    They should watch this > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKRLSLY_CQg

    1. Jarred Walmsley
      24th August 2010, 20:17

      That is awesome, just made me want it even more now.

  6. Keith; can you put a link up for the forum topic “F1F Users Gamertag Thread”? This way more people can list their user-names and we can have an F1Fanatic championship!

    1. this might work to get to the forum topic: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/forum/topic.php?id=242

  7. No. I don’t think my laptop has a video card capable of playing the game and my games console is a PS2 not a PS3 so I’ll make do with F12006 and an imagination!

  8. Hi Keith,

    I am definitely buying, but undecided on whether to get the PS3 version or the PC version.

    Some questions:

    1) for PS3, is it possible for me to play 1 vs 1 against my brother if we have 2 controllers? Split-screens?

    2) for PS3 and PC, how are the players around the world going to compete against one another in multiplayer mode? is it going to be like Battle.net used for Warcraft and Starcraft?

    3) Lastly, can I request you post a video film of someone racing the Singapore circuit? I can only currently rely on limited clips/images of the nightrace…


  9. Yes, I’ll buy but I desperately hoping that the normal wacky behavior of AI cars is fixed here. Specifically, the weird habit of the opposition to slam on the brakes mid-corner, for no reason, or the habit of lapped cars to slam into the back of you at the next corner, Verstappen-style, after you have gone by.

  10. Yes F1 2010 looks totally stunning but if you want a “simulator” as opposed to an “arcade” game…look no further…


    1. Andrew Paterson
      24th August 2010, 17:34

      No I won’t be buying it. But I will be buying the iRacing F1 Williams car along with the recently laser scanned version of Spa.

  11. I am buying it, in fact I have already pre ordered it and can’t wait! Its a shame there will be no demo :(

    PS3 is better than the X box don’t know what some people are thinking .

  12. As a student I rarely buy new games very often, and if I have to choose between Gran Turismo 5 and F1, then F1 doesn’t stand a chance.

  13. No, rFactor is better than anything Codemasters can make.

  14. I’m going to check it out. My company builds motion simulators so obviously it’s of interest; CodeMasters has put support for our hardware in Dirt and Dirt2, so we’ll see how it goes.

    I find it hard to believe that it’s going to be a
    *serious* simulation, not because Codies are incompetent, but just because it’s being sold to a console audience. You just can’t have a hardcore simulator that’s aimed at an audience with joypads – particularly one simulating F1 cars.

    Usually things have to get fudged to accommodate the controls, and when you use a steering wheel it feels like you’re driving a school bus on ice…

    On the bizarre side, with next year’s presumed introduction of the Mario Kart adjustable wings, the old video game standby of giving the following cars an artificial speed boost will have to be added to the video game to increase realism…

    1. That’s kind of what I’m afraid of aswell, although a game like F1 Challenge 99-02 is playable with both a controller and a wheel, depending on de difficulty settings and steering aids.

  15. Looks gorgeous, just hope it’s as playable as the legendary Geof Crammonds version. Great thing about the PC version, is the price…

  16. For now, I will buy it for PC. But first I will check other gamers review and F1Fanatic one (will not judge the game by other “profesional” reviews). All I need is realistic hardware requirements, proper steering wheel support, and a little bit of simulation (at least on F1C level) – if thats in game – I will buy it.

  17. I’ll most likely be buying the game, although what I’ve read so far gave me no useful insight whatsoever in terms of whether the game is good enough to be played as a believably realistic simulation. If it turns out to be mostly arcade, I’d probably be very disappointed.

    In any case, I’m happy to see an official realisation of one of the current seasons.

  18. Wow!! I am taken back by some of these comments! Rfactor sounds so amazing I’m surprised you can get you head out of it…read and post on a website! Some people don’t have mega pc to run rfactor. For xbox and ps3 users this is the first f1 game, at least for a long time. so please let us at least make our minds up when its actually out!

    1. You dont need mega PC to run rfactor (its AD 2006 engine – core 2 duo is more than enough), but you will need quite strong PC to run F1 2010 in DirectX 11 mode :D

  19. Definately yes. I haven’t had real F1 game since GP2, because GP3 and GP4 didn’t suit for my computer when they were published, and I wasn’t interested in outdated game when I had a computer where those games would have run.

    I have played some racing games, such as rFactor but that’s another story.

  20. I played F1 2010 on Sunday at gamescom in Cologne.

    They had about eight machines set up, each with a low-down F1 seat, steering wheel, pedals and huge screen.

    They generally had two LAN races running in parallel, each with four drivers. I raced at Monza (and won ;), though two competitors were disqualified mid-race for reasons unknown. You seem to get warnings for cutting chicanes too often, so that may have been the reason.

    The graphics are really impressive, and I noticed tyre wear showing after some of my off-track excursions. But sadly there was only time for a single three-lap race.

    Also, I just found this video: apparently I missed out on seeing Adrian Sutil playing the game there!

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