“F1 2010″: are you going to buy it? (Poll)

The first official F1 video game for major formats in four years goes on sale in one month’s time.

And unlike many recent F1 games Codemasters’ “F1 2010″ will be a multi-format titles, with versions available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Will you be buying it? What are your expectations of the long-awaited game? See below for preview images and videos of “F1 2010″.

I played an early version of the game back in March, before the designers had had chance to get all the latest graphics in.

The final version will include all the teams, drivers and circuits from the 2010 F1 season, including the new Korean International Circuit which F1 will race on for the first time in October.

The game also promises a highly detailed circuit grip simulation system which takes into account changes in rubber build-up on the surface, rain fall and more.

Codemasters also have ambitious plans to involve the player in the F1 world beyond driving the car – team mate rivalries, career decisions and even press conferences.

However they have admitted they’ve had to leave some details out, including a simulation of the safety car.

F1 Fanatic will have a full review of “F1 2010″ on all three formats next month. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game, please say in the comments.

Are you going to buy "F1 2010"?

  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PS3 (34%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for Xbox 360 (20%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for PC (25%)
  • Yes, I'm buying "F1 2010" for multiple formats (2%)
  • No, I'm not buying "F1 2010" (9%)
  • I haven't decided whether to buy "F1 2010" (11%)

Total Voters: 2,665

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Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
Buy Formula 1 2010 for Xbox 360
Buy Formula 1 2010 for PC DVD

“F1 2010″ preview videos

“F1 2010″ preview images

Buy Formula 1 2010 for PS3
Buy Formula 1 2010 for Xbox 360
Buy Formula 1 2010 for PC DVD

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182 comments on “F1 2010″: are you going to buy it? (Poll)

  1. Really pumped for this, haven’t been this excited about a game for years. The career mode sounds awesome, and assuming there wont be any cheating or foul play on multiplayer, that could be good too. But that’s a big assumption to make.

  2. matt88 said on 24th August 2010, 13:02

    maybe i’ll get it for PC, but first i want to check the system requirements, i want to avoid horrible stop-motion effects…

  3. SPA 09 said on 24th August 2010, 13:02

    yeah, my Xbox 360 finally gets F1 game!!

  4. I have it on pre-order for the PS3 at EB Games. 23rd of September, can’t wait… Atleast I can watch the real thing till then.

  5. I’ve already pre-ordered it for PS3. As long as the AI are good, it should be a good game.

  6. I’m still undecided on it, as I have concerns over the damage model and how the penalty/flag system will work.

    However, here’s a first look at the Korea circuit, which should give us some insight into how the real track will fare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-MrMlxK2sw

  7. graigchq said on 24th August 2010, 13:48

    my PC – including Radeon 5870 and three 20″ S-IPS panel widescreens setup in Eyefinity with MOMO force wheel and pedals was MADE for this game. I can’t wait.

    And for the rest of the time, i’ll be on SimBin’s ever amazing GTR-Evo – with the MAK-Corp 2007 F1 mod.

    • statix said on 24th August 2010, 20:43

      so you paid too much… there will be quite average graphics there… console port sucks.
      5870 is way to much for this game i think. looking at videos and screenshots.

  8. marcus said on 24th August 2010, 13:52

    They should have released it on the Monday after Hungary…then, thousands of desperate F1 fans would have bought it over the summer break. I know I would. Anyway, I think that it’s probably the safest option to get it on 360, guaranteed to work and more sociable.

    Might have to get the PC version for when I go back to uni though…anyone know if a Geforce 7950gt should be enough to make it playable?

    • graigchq said on 24th August 2010, 15:59

      in a word… no. 7950GT is about as powerfyul as the chip in a PS3 – although the PS3 version is heavily optimised. You will be able to run it on that card, but it won’t look anywhere near as good as on the xbox or ps3.

      Spend Β£50 on a second-hand 8800GT and you’ll be fine ;)

  9. luigismen (@luigismen) said on 24th August 2010, 13:52

    Of course I’m buying it! I’ve been with F1 2006 Championship Edition for my PS3 since forever, it was time for a change. Judging from the videos, I think Codemasters did a tremendous job

  10. LeRoy said on 24th August 2010, 13:59

    I’m getting a PS3 just for this game and GT5. Well, and for F1CE too. Codemasters also makes the driving game, GRID, for PS3 and the handling on it is pretty good. If they go along those lines, I’m very excited for F1 2010.

  11. ajokay said on 24th August 2010, 14:07

    I have a PS3 and an Xbox, but I shall be buying it for the 360. More chances of online races with my friends that way!

    It’s looking really good.

  12. Butler258 said on 24th August 2010, 14:07

    Yes, i bought a steering wheel for my xbox on sunday in preparation. Been playing some Forza3 to get used to after using pads all my life :D

  13. Antifia said on 24th August 2010, 14:44

    Keith: In what concerns simulation, is it something close to (or better than), say, Grand Prix Legends or Forza Motorsport 3, or is it something more on the arcade side? Oh, and any idea on how many frames per second?

  14. I am buying it for xbox360. I am not a gamer, but I have an xbox and I have 2 games that I almost never play. BUT, I do have the old Grand Prix 4 on my PC that I play about 6 times a year.

    From GP4 I have learned the tracks that are on that game very well and it translates to watching the races. I feel like I know every inch of the tracks that are on GP4 and are still raced on and at the newer tracks I noticed a slight amount disconnect. AND I’ve been watching F1 since 1987….

    For this reason alone the game will be worth it….it really does make watching the races a little bit better.

  15. I think before anyone says “I’m not buying it”

    They should watch this > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKRLSLY_CQg

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