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2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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168 comments on Rate the race: Belgium

  1. Hamilton deserved the win, but sorry to see Button out after such a terrific start. By the way, how many racing ‘incidents’ caused by Vettel now this season?

    • How many drive-through penalty for Vettle so far?

      • How many times Jenson swerved ahead of Vettel?

        • nik (@nik) said on 29th August 2010, 15:34

          I noticed that as well, definitely more than a single defensive movement, he was actively blocking (he was obviously slower than Vettel) – I am not saying that Jenson should yield the position, but you can’t complain about what happen if you were actively trying to take up all the road to prevent Vettel overtaking

          • sato113 (@sato113) said on 29th August 2010, 15:57

            but did BUT ever move to defend the right hand side? I don’t think he did.

          • David BR said on 29th August 2010, 16:00

            Just not true. Look at the incident again. Vettel decides to try to pass Button on the right, then changes his mind – *Button still keeping the same line* – and swings wildly to the left. This causes the spin, unsurprising given the wet track and violent manouevre. But then instead of turning less violently, losing pace but keeping on the left of the track, Vettel yanks the car right and smashes into Button. Two reckless maneouvres, neither of which was a serious attempt (i.e. likely to work!) at overtaking.

        • DaveW said on 29th August 2010, 17:17


          He stayed o the right, following the natural line from Blanchimont, then moved a bit left to take his line. In any event, at no point did Vettel have any room to take the right-side line in the chicane.

          In Vettel’s hot little mind he was going to stuff it down the inside no matter what, and when he saw that Button was not going to grant him the opportunity, decided about 50m too late to do something else and even more foolish.

          There may be some confusion on the definition of blocking depending on on’e experience: Button was only “blocking” in the IndyCar sense, where you are obliged to let a pursuer drive down the inside and then mail him a thank-you card after the race.

  2. Tobinen said on 29th August 2010, 15:01

    voting doesn’t work for me somehow but I’m on a piePhone so maybe that’s why. 7 from me.

    Hamilton, champion’s drive. Button, gutted for him. Vettel, amateur outing. Sutil, well done. Rubens, should’ve known better

    • David BR said on 29th August 2010, 17:42

      Definitely a champion’s drive. But Webber seems to be combining a level head and a degree of luck. He’s lost that edge he had on Vettel for a few races in terms of speed, but the latter’s self-destruct mode is virtually wiping out any chance of competing with Webber. My feeling is a Hamilton-Webber showdown over the last couple of races that may well be decided by a collision with one of: Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher or, erm, Vettel.

  3. I think a 9 does it. Pity about Reuben’s crash, pity that Mark didn’t win,sorry about Sebastian’s unfortunate accident, glad Alonso and toyboy Button went out BUT MOST OF ALL I AM SORRY THAT hamiton won…

  4. Victorface said on 29th August 2010, 15:02

    Watching F1 live in California usually results in the challenge of staying awake at odd hours, but high tension in this race certainly kept me up.

  5. Great race from Robert, shame that he lost that 2nd place.

  6. gwenouille said on 29th August 2010, 15:07

    Only a 7 for me: I saw too much of that safety car, and the action was more often than not due to errors.

    • Drivers making errors are usually a good thing. If Hamilton actually hit the tyre wall, it would have made the races even more interesting.

  7. Robbie said on 29th August 2010, 15:08

    9/10. I would’ve loved to have seen Mark and Lewis properly fighting it out after the SC came in but everything else was immense.

  8. Alexi said on 29th August 2010, 15:10


    Would have been a better race if wasn’t for Vettecrazy.

  9. I gave it a 10, fantastic out of breath race. Sorry for the poor start from Webber, as he would have won I believe. Congrats to Lewis showing maturity, and, well, nothing much to say about Vettel who I predicted would make a mistake, he’s young and put under pressure by the German medias who call him since 2 years “Baby-Schumi”, he will get over it, and there are still 6 races. See U @ Monza, should be good for the McLaren boys. Oh yes, poor Button, poor Karma for the moment, but still a very nice fellow ! :)

  10. Travis said on 29th August 2010, 15:11

    A year ago I liked Vettel, but after all his childish behaviour this season he is really starting to get on my nerves.

    I’m hoping he can grow up soon and learn to control his emotions. I may like him again in a few years.

    • Deurmat said on 29th August 2010, 15:26

      lol I have the exact same feeling, liked him a lot last year but this year he is really working on my nerves.

    • gwenouille said on 29th August 2010, 15:38

      And the same here too…

    • +1. My thoughts exactly. He needs a hair cut too.

    • nik (@nik) said on 29th August 2010, 15:55

      I disliked Vettel after the Webber incident, but I thought that he handled the post-race interview really really well, and displayed that he has matured and learnt from the incident with Webber. I don’t think any other driver would have handled it better.

      He deserves credit when it is due – and today he handled his accident well.

      If you dislike him because he drove into Button, then you are watching the wrong spot – because that is what is known as a ‘racing incident’.

    • Weber all the way said on 29th August 2010, 16:21

      You must’ve been watching a different form of motorsport to me if you liked him 12 months ago. All the signs were there & nothing has changed.

      Like another more famous German before him, he’s not sorry for taking opponents out, he’s sorry for himself.

      If only they’d get rid of all these other race cars, he’d reign supreme…………. & he’d tell us!

  11. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 29th August 2010, 15:13

    Another brilliant race in the 2010 season. Shame Kubica lost second place and a bit more action at the end would have made it a 10.


  12. f1yankee said on 29th August 2010, 15:13

    ridiculously short race tho – 1 1/2 hours with rain and 2 safety cars. i know f1 is a sprint race, but if this trend continues it’s pretty poor value for money

  13. FullSpe3d (@dryyoshi) said on 29th August 2010, 15:14

    9. Wouldve been a 10 but for the boring 5 or so ish laps before the rain came. (The rain at the end)

  14. Totally awesome, nail-bitingly exciting..:D
    Its just amazing how Spa throws classic after classic every year!

    • BasCB said on 29th August 2010, 15:26

      Exactly a very good spa race. Not really nail biting though.

      Nice to have a classic spa thriller again after the boring race last year.

  15. Tiomkin said on 29th August 2010, 15:15

    Any race that raises the blood pressure, with action from start to finish gets a 10 from me.

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