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What did you think of the Belgian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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168 comments on “Rate the race: Belgium”

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  1. Rain makes for a more interesting race. Maybe FIA should consider adding sprinklers to the tracks so all races are run partly in the wet.

  2. Weber all the way
    29th August 2010, 16:28

    BTW How many drivers didn’t leave the track or rub panels with another car at some poin or another? Weber is the only one I can think of. Well deserved 2nd place & unlucky not to win, when you consider that the flawless (sic) Hamilton had two excursions through the gravel.

    1. Webber, as you still can’t spell, lost the race because he struggles to start an F1 car. Not the first time he’s lost a ton of positions off the grid, either.

      And he was lucky to even get second, with a flawless Button being taken out.

  3. Pd: I m so happy for alonso´s crash….and so sad because it´s a Ferari crash…. but, its a kind of justice for Hockenheim incident. The risky thing of Vettel incident for me was the way he go to the pits not the “race incident”.

    1. Good point on the pits. Apparently the rule on crossing the pit entry lines is decided race-by-race. Alonso got busted for it in Valencia in the Renault, but it is not enforced everywhere like that. It looked very dangerous here, driving perpendicular across the track like that.

      Also, isn’t there a post-race stewards’ review going on about Alonso and Vettel’s interaction in the pits?

      1. Yes, and in some moment he run against-way to the race course.

  4. why are the comments not in time order?

    1. Because replies are attached to the comment replied to?

  5. Agree with WEBER ALL THE WAY.
    Webber deserved to win he was far better than Hamilton (who lost it but as usual had immense luck on his side).
    I don’t remember Webber leaving the track and if it wasn’t for his glitch at the start he would have comfortably won

    1. “Would have won” doesn’t make up for Hamilton being so much faster than him throughout the race, being unable to get past a Renault on the racetrack, and another poor start.

    2. Marcello…Webber is a very good & mature driver …but lewis displayed extreme controle
      & pulled it back after leaving the track nr. end..Vettel should learn…

      1. Lewis is a World Champion,Jensen is a World Champion,Alonso is a World Champion.Michael SChumacher is a 7 x World Champion.

        Mark Webber isn’t a Champion YET!!!

    3. Ah, I see. So Webber – who made one mistake at the start and was a bit slower throughout the race – was more deserving of the win than Hamilton – who made one mistake during the race and was a bit faster throughout?

      Thanks for clearing that up. :)

      1. To Simon . reply to mountain man …NO I think
        Lewis Well deserved the win.

        1. Personally i think lewis deserved to win because he crossed the finish line before anybody else, but that’s just me…

    4. if if if … what if he got away at the start fine but Hamilton passed him elsewhere on the track?

  6. felipe massa fan
    29th August 2010, 17:03

    good race 9/10
    hamilton did a good drive today and did very well to get out of the gravel.
    yet again alonzo has MADE A MISTAKE! UP YOURS ALONZO!!!
    Felipe massa on the other hand drove a brilliant race with no mistakes and good luck from vettel button crash.

    felipe is the only driver to finish every race of the season(or at least one of the few drivers who have finished all the races)

    Ferrari should not have signed alonzo it should have been kubica or keep raikkinnon. Because massa and kubica are nice guys and would get on well. Kimi was very consistant in 09 so they should have kept him

    1. I agree in part…. Ferrari should maintain Felipe and bring Jacques Villeneuve!! (I´m seriously). Like a real tifosi that im, since Hockenheim, alonso go home!!!!!

  7. Alonso made a complete dog’s breakfast of this weekend. The qualifying strategy was incoherent, then he made the wrong tire choice at the first stop, then, to top it off, he stuffs it quite randomly. A key place where he likely lost the title in 2007 was spinning off in the rain in Fuji, and he has likely shown the same weakness of focus here. You must have huge respect for his skill whether or not you are a fan, but he looked like an amateur this weekend. Totally outclassed all by Massa.

    1. Yeah, it was very similar to Fuji 2007, the way he aquaplaned and spun into the barriers.

  8. 7/10
    Lot’s of action but most of the action was mistake-related. For example:
    Webber’s poor start (whether his fault of the team’s).
    Barricello’s exit.
    Vettel’s collisions.
    Hamilton’s off.
    Alonso’s calamities.
    Kubica’s pit stop overshoot.
    Entertaining, some great camera work, but there was no challenge for the lead and no tension in the result. I did enjoy seeing Schumacher come to the front then lose a spot to his team mate. I wonder if that was team orders…

    1. I heartily agree. I can’t see why so many people are raving that this was such a good race, it was quite good but so much of the incident was, like you say, down to mistakes rather than postive action.

    2. Michael Schumacher takes orders from no one.He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone,as Bernie Ecclestone reiterated Thursday.

  9. What the heck I went for a 10.

    What more do people want? My heart was pounding for a good 44 laps.

  10. HounslowBusGarage
    29th August 2010, 18:20

    At the time I write this 1,433 people have voted. Not bad.
    But 22 of them have voted 1 out of 10 or “terrible”.
    If any of those who voted 1 are able to, please enlighten me why you voted so low for (what I thought was) one of the most exciting races of the season.

    1. Alonzo fanboyz.
      BTW what is the character limit?

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        29th August 2010, 21:45

        Min character limit?
        Not sure. But as this is Word Press there seems to be a little bit of discussion on this. Most recently someone came up with this http://wordpress.org/support/topic/limit-users-comment-length-with-live-typing-progress-bar
        Which might be quite clever. But it doesn’t answer your question even slightly!

  11. Drivers should start receiving black flags if they cause a collision that results in the other driver retiring.

    If I was Button or Webber that dopey Vettel would have had a slap from me by now, that idiot has cost Red Bull and other drivers numerous times.

    Threw away the title last season and this season for himself. Webber can still win it if he steers clear of Vettel on the race track!

  12. I’m looking forward to hearing who Alonso is blaming this time for sabotaging his divinely pre-ordained victory…

    1. I’m looking forward to hearing who Sebastian is blaming this time for sabotaging his divinely pre-ordained victory…

  13. A very enjoyable race for me, as I pretty much expected with the changing weather conditions. Just the same kind of weather made the GT races at the Nurburgring this weekend really exciting to watch.

    I wasn’t that surprised with Vettel’s or Alonso’s exits from the race, but as I’m one of those rare creatures not rooting for any favourite driver, that didn’t take away from my ability to enjoy this race one bit.

  14. STRFerrari4Ever
    29th August 2010, 21:46

    I gave this race a 9. It was thoroughly enjoyable and was packed full of incidents. At the front the passing was quite limited but it was intriguing as they got closer and closer. Then the incident happened with Vettel and I was just shocked the way he threw it all away a potential win seeing what happened later on in the race. The passing in the midfield was brilliant the Force India is a monster in a straight line they could be a dark horse in two weeks time at Monza. Lewis almost binned it and that must’ve been heart in the mouth stuff there he’s lucky that he had that big a gap when that incident occured.

  15. The people who rated this race 1/10 were clearly watching a different race!!! I’m a big Button fan but regardless of him retiring I think the race was fantastic. A solid 9!! One of my favourite tracks, it rarely produces a dull race!!

  16. I’ll say it again for those that didn’t hear it the first time. Championship is between Webber & Hamilton and the sooner Vettel & Red Bull realise it the sooner Webber has a better chance at beating Hanilton to the flag. Vettel can’t be champion this year with all the impatient, agressive spoilt brat tactics he employs. Nobody wins championships with DNF’s & drive through penalties on a regular basis through the season.

  17. Anybody saw Nascar Nationwide at Gilles Villeneuve Circuit today? Some of that is what F1 needs…. Cars racing side by side, metal by metal, no penalties, no blue flags…. about 4 hours of race and at the end, the green-white-checkerd with all ther drivers full to the victory (Jacques Villeneuve included :):):) )

  18. They should just race at Spa 18 times a year.

    1. Wow wouldn’t that be great.

  19. I gave it 7. Good race but the middle of the race was a bit boring. I would have want that safety not to come out at lap 3 because it was very amazing to see how the people would have fought in the race in that tricky condition.

  20. This one had everything one’d want form F1! :-) 44 action laps out of 44, 10/10 :-)

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