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2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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168 comments on Rate the race: Belgium

  1. BasCB said on 29th August 2010, 15:18

    I voted an 8. There were no real challenges for the race lead, only Hamilton being very lucky. I would have loved to see more action between Webber and Kubica.

    A shame Alonso did not do more, Vettel made some stupid mistakes again. A shame about Button being taken out like that, he might have won it today. And Rubens was just a passenger when he slid into Alonso there.

    I liked Coulthard’s comment, Ferrari building strong cars as they were used to Schumi barging into people with it, good job with the car there.

    • PeriSoft said on 29th August 2010, 15:52

      Yeah, but that doesn’t make sense – it was strong at the back, but broke at the front. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? :)

      I was impressed with Schu’s performance, though. He seems to put in far stronger race performances than Rosberg when his strategy isn’t hosed.

      He got repassed, of course, but so it goes; Rosberg *is* a fantastic driver. And Schu scrabbled up there from 21st instead of 15th(?). Christ, how many cars did he pass on the first lap? 10? 11?

  2. Woffin said on 29th August 2010, 15:18

    A three way fight for the lead at the end after the safety car came in would have made it a 10. Still, 9 is the highest I’ve rated so far this year.

  3. Deurmat said on 29th August 2010, 15:22

    what a race ALMOST the first race where i didnt fell asleep!

  4. George said on 29th August 2010, 15:30

    1 because it nearly killed me (my heart couldnt take much more)

    only jokin.

    erm 9. it was a stunner and had so much excitement

  5. Steph said on 29th August 2010, 15:56

    Cracking race. Died down a little bit but even then the showers started again. Wish we saw Alo’s pass on Buemi and some more of Petrov. The race was a treat and so makes up for Bahrain.

  6. Great race overall. I suppose nobody got bored- weather, overtaking, shunts, pit dramas, great driving- everything was there. 9/10

  7. David-A (@david-a) said on 29th August 2010, 15:57

    9.5, rounded up to a 10. A complete thriller, my heart almost skipped a beat when Hamilton undetsteered off the road- despite being a Ferrari fan, I was willing that car not to take race-ending damage from the barriers, so imagine how all the Hamilton fans felt at that point!

    Plenty of talking points from the race- Vettel once again fluffing an opportunity to silence his critics, the great action between the Mercedes drivers fighting through the field, another great performance from Kubica and Sutil. This race had it all.

  8. Younger Hamilton said on 29th August 2010, 16:02

    10/10 an extrodinary drive from Lewis its a big shame that Jenson got aggresively hit by Seb,who went on a wet patch of the track and the Car snapped away from him and Jenson innocently out of the race but he contributed to Lewis’s win so i say Thank you so much JB and i hope you can win at Monza for us and a McLaren 1-2

  9. Weber all the way said on 29th August 2010, 16:15

    How stupid is Jensen Button for getting in Seb Vettel’s way while he was having a brain fade. Of course Kubica & Weber have a lot to answer for in relation to this incident too. Hell, if they weren’t pressuring Vettel from behind, he wouldn’t have made such a novice mistake. If only they could get rid of all these …other race cars off of the track, Sebastian Vettel would reign supreme!

  10. macca77 said on 29th August 2010, 16:16

    A Seven for me. Great race for the Schum, he finished 7th from 21st… not that bad. Sadly Rosberg passed him at the end (letting Sutil pass Schumi on the WDC race btw).

    • Weber all the way said on 29th August 2010, 16:24

      Who cares about Schumi, Rosberg? Where they in the race? Great effort by Sutil & good to see a team & driver on the rise. Schumi should hang up the boots again, there’s some competition on the track now & he’s not in the class.

      • David-A (@david-a) said on 29th August 2010, 16:46

        This is definately not the race to bash Schumacher or Rosberg, since they both did impressive fightbacks after their penalties. Rosberg is surely the most underrated driver in the field.

      • Dianna said on 29th August 2010, 17:07

        @Webber all the way….There are plenty on this forum who care about Schumacher and Rosberg.
        Buy yourself an F1 history book to further your “observations”.there is a shop in Alics Springs?

      • David BR said on 30th August 2010, 16:59

        Got to agree, I’m no Schuey fan, but he drove well and the scrap with Rosberg was good entertainment.

  11. Rain makes for a more interesting race. Maybe FIA should consider adding sprinklers to the tracks so all races are run partly in the wet.

  12. Weber all the way said on 29th August 2010, 16:28

    BTW How many drivers didn’t leave the track or rub panels with another car at some poin or another? Weber is the only one I can think of. Well deserved 2nd place & unlucky not to win, when you consider that the flawless (sic) Hamilton had two excursions through the gravel.

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 29th August 2010, 16:58

      Webber, as you still can’t spell, lost the race because he struggles to start an F1 car. Not the first time he’s lost a ton of positions off the grid, either.

      And he was lucky to even get second, with a flawless Button being taken out.

  13. Pablo said on 29th August 2010, 16:51

    Pd: I m so happy for alonso´s crash….and so sad because it´s a Ferari crash…. but, its a kind of justice for Hockenheim incident. The risky thing of Vettel incident for me was the way he go to the pits not the “race incident”.

    • DaveW said on 29th August 2010, 17:29

      Good point on the pits. Apparently the rule on crossing the pit entry lines is decided race-by-race. Alonso got busted for it in Valencia in the Renault, but it is not enforced everywhere like that. It looked very dangerous here, driving perpendicular across the track like that.

      Also, isn’t there a post-race stewards’ review going on about Alonso and Vettel’s interaction in the pits?

  14. Marcello said on 29th August 2010, 16:52

    why are the comments not in time order?

  15. Marcello said on 29th August 2010, 16:54

    Agree with WEBER ALL THE WAY.
    Webber deserved to win he was far better than Hamilton (who lost it but as usual had immense luck on his side).
    I don’t remember Webber leaving the track and if it wasn’t for his glitch at the start he would have comfortably won

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 29th August 2010, 17:00

      “Would have won” doesn’t make up for Hamilton being so much faster than him throughout the race, being unable to get past a Renault on the racetrack, and another poor start.

    • mountain man said on 29th August 2010, 17:10

      Marcello…Webber is a very good & mature driver …but lewis displayed extreme controle
      & pulled it back after leaving the track nr. end..Vettel should learn…

      • Dianna said on 29th August 2010, 22:28

        Lewis is a World Champion,Jensen is a World Champion,Alonso is a World Champion.Michael SChumacher is a 7 x World Champion.

        Mark Webber isn’t a Champion YET!!!

    • Simon said on 29th August 2010, 17:13

      Ah, I see. So Webber – who made one mistake at the start and was a bit slower throughout the race – was more deserving of the win than Hamilton – who made one mistake during the race and was a bit faster throughout?

      Thanks for clearing that up. :)

      • mountain man said on 29th August 2010, 17:26

        To Simon . reply to mountain man …NO I think
        Lewis Well deserved the win.

        • flyingj said on 29th August 2010, 19:18

          Personally i think lewis deserved to win because he crossed the finish line before anybody else, but that’s just me…

    • Deurmat said on 29th August 2010, 17:26

      if if if … what if he got away at the start fine but Hamilton passed him elsewhere on the track?

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