Vettel apologises for Button crash

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Sebastian Vettel apologised for taking Jenson Button out of the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver lost control of his car while trying to pass the McLaren and crashed into Button’s sidepod. Button had to retire immediately afterwards.

Vettel said he didn’t mean to hit Button:

I’m sorry, obviously it was not my intention to destroy his race or mine.

I was close – I was faster than him and I knew it would be close with Robert behind us.

I tried to outbrake him on the outside. When I changed from the inside to the outside I lost it under braking over the bump and crashed into him.

That meant the end of my race and also the end of his race.
Sebastien Vettel

Vettel was handed a drive-through penalty for causing an avoidable accident. Afterwards he had another collision with Vitantonio Liuzzi. He said:

The car wasn’t perfect after the incident with Jenson. Then we went out again, I had the penalty, and looking back, with the rain, in the end we could have got decent points.

Unfortunately with Vitantonio, I was already passed him and he destroyed my left rear tyre. I had a puncture and had to drive all the way to come back into the pits.
Sebastien Vettel

Vettel eventually finished 15th, out of the points.

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  1. Forr3st………don’t hold your breath mate, Vettel is still the ‘Blue eyed boy’ at Red Bull.

  2. Vettel should be a test driver at best. He is not a racing driver, as when he needs to overtake someone he invariably just crashes into them. I don`t think he has the brain capacity required to do what top F1 drivers do. And there is too much talk of “racing incidents”. When it is just one driver taking another driver out of the race through wreckless stupidity, they should be penalised heavily. If Button had taken Vettel out there would be uproar, Bernie, Helmut, Dietrich would all be up in arms.

  3. For those who critise Mansell for not Black Flagging Vettel.
    Mansell said that they did consider it , but did not have time to watch all the replays and then discuss it amongst the stewards, so they did the quickest thing thay could …….Drive through, fair enough i think.

  4. Forr3st………C’mon mate ! You are comparing chalk with cheese here. Webber is a racing driver with experience and a brain which he uses. Vettel is just a kid with a toy who is spoilt, daddy’s (Helmut)favourite and appears to have no brain at all when close racing.
    Yes he’s good when out in front and alone, but put other cars around him and LOOKOUT !

  5. It was a stupid move by Vettel for sure but let’s not make it into a “he can’t drive” issue… I seen video today of the crash and for the first time I seen the reaction of his front wing as he passed behind Button… I think the flexible front wing might have had something to do with him losing control..
    There’s a site that show’s both his and Webber’s crash and in both cases the front wing was wobbling badly… I’m sure that would cause a loss of downforce…

    1. The link looks crazy but it does work… :)

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