Austin reveals track for 2012 F1 race

Austin F1 Track Map 3D

The circuit design for the 2012 United States Grand Prix has been revealed.

Designed by Hermann Tilke, the track incorporates sections similar to those at Silverstone, Istanbul and the Hockenheimring. It appears to be an anti-clockwise configuration.

The plans, revealed by the Austin American Statesman, shows a layout which does not seem to have strayed far from the Tilke convention of having designated ‘overtaking’ section with long straights and tight hairpins.

The first sequence of fast bends – modelled on Becketts at Silverstone – looks like an exciting sequence of corners.

Later on in the lap the drivers come across a corner similar in style to the famous Turn 8 at Istanbul – only turning right instead of left.

A large viewing area on the inside of the corner promises views of much of the track.

2012 United States Grand Prix

Austin F1 Track Map

Austin F1 Track Map

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154 comments on Austin reveals track for 2012 F1 race

  1. Robert McKay said on 1st September 2010, 16:15

    Looks even more interesting when you see the elevation change render. On paper probably the most interesting looking circuit he’s produced.

    If I was being hypercritical it still has a few too many corners for my liking, T13, 14 and 15 look a little bit like they’re just there to add some length.

    But definitely looking forward to this race more than the Korean and Indian GPs.

  2. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st September 2010, 16:44

    Generally, I’m pretty positive about this. The only bit I really don’t like that is the fiddly section from turns 12 to 16. It looks rather a lot like the horrid bit of track he put at the end of Fuji. It would be better if they could somehow cut through from turn 12 straight into the Turn 8-style corner.

    Hope the race organisers have the sense to give the corners proper names, too…

    • George M said on 1st September 2010, 19:04

      Hi Keith.

      The Official Formula 1 website has another picture of the layout, which shows the elevation changes.

      Pretty awesome stuff, see what people think.

    • Brakius said on 1st September 2010, 19:20

      I like turn 12, but maybe perhaps shorten the run to turn 13 to around 100m and head into turn 15, doing away with turn 14 altogether. Would offer some exciting switchback passing opportunities and possibly some side by side racing into the 3 apex corner.

  3. David Johnson said on 1st September 2010, 17:07

    Is it just me ? but the track looks a bit like the British Isles…therefore I love it !!!! Yeah !!!

    • Yeah, I thought that, but it also looks a bit like an upright vacuum cleaner to me :)

    • mr. t said on 5th September 2010, 9:51

      This is exactly what I thought as well, except I jokily wrote “is this what American’s think England, Scotland and Wales looks like?” and my comment got deleted with no explanation!

  4. George said on 1st September 2010, 17:24

    will indycar or nascar use this track? this track is just the best bits of his other tracks!!!!

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st September 2010, 17:35

      Would be fascinating to see Indycar racing on there in 2012 to see how their new car compares with F1 cars for speed. Would be a long lap for them, though.

      • They could use one of the alternative layouts though. Although that might ruin the flow a bit though because they miss out half of the esses section and get thrown into the switchback section almost straight away.
        Still worth the indycar organisers thinking about…

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  6. sumedh said on 1st September 2010, 17:59

    Looks too long. Longer than Spa even I think. Which means we will get less laps.

    And turn 7 an almost-90 degree bend is ruining the flow of the corners 3,4,5,6,8,9,10, Tilke should ease that turn out.

    Otherwise, a good circuit :)

    • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 1st September 2010, 19:43

      3.4 miles vs. Spa’s 4.3 miles. Pretty average length really. It does look like its long straight might be a hair longer than Shanghai though which would make it the longest straight in F1.

    • Alex 3 said on 1st September 2010, 20:16

      Spa is 7.004 km which translates to 4.38 miles. This is 3.4 miles. I agree on 7. I also expect to see a chicane added on the back straight which will be a bummer.

      • Alex 3 said on 1st September 2010, 20:21

        I should have added that 7 depends on the radius. If it is possible to run that close to flat out it would be a wonderous corner. Maybe rather than straighten it out, better to lengthen the chord of the circle and make it a shallower radius.

        • sumedh said on 1st September 2010, 20:33

          Turn 7 follows 5 and 6, of which 5 has a lesser radius and 6 has a larger one, so a fair bet that the cars are accelerating or through turn 6 atleast.

          Turn 7 is quite a kink if the car is coming at say 240-250 kmph.

          I would prefer straightening it out as then, there is a very good chance that the cars won’t be braking AT ALL (like Becketts but longer) from turn 2 to turn 11 !!! Now how awesome will be that!!

          and yes, sorry about the length mistake, I thought 20 turns, must be really long!!

  7. Alex 3 said on 1st September 2010, 18:35

    At the risk of repeating what others have said I am disappointed that this will be an anti clockwise track.
    This will make the pit straigth and uphill straight and knock speed off that might be impressive. Going the other way there is some opportunities for some interesting events under braking.
    The back straight I predict will get a chicane dumped into it mid way which is a shame. The old long straights of the old Spa and Hockenheim tracks were fun and forced a decision re top end gearing vs, grunt off the corners. As we saw at Spa, when you are on the rev limiter there is not much you can do. I like that choice being forced on the engineers.

  8. Zazeems said on 1st September 2010, 19:36

    LOVE IT!

    This circuit is fantastic apart from turns 12, 13, 14 and 15. Cut out those, and its perfection :)

  9. US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 1st September 2010, 20:32

    It’s a bit amusing how many people here have posted links to the same picture of the elevation changes. I’ll add another link for the same files… the official website has pdfs of both that can be downloaded:

  10. f1yankee said on 1st September 2010, 20:54

    i expected a lot of the “naturalstand”. does anyone know what the seating capacity is?

  11. Snobeck said on 2nd September 2010, 4:59

    Looks quite good. Certainly a few revisions would help, but it could be a great circuit. Can’t wait to drive down from Colorado in 2012!

  12. George said on 2nd September 2010, 11:29

    the start straight is like going backwards from eau rouge up to the hairpin :]

  13. John H said on 2nd September 2010, 14:48

    On first glance it looks nice, but they are all constant radius turns again.

    When is Tilke going to go to WHSmith and buy a set of french curves I wonder?

  14. zomtec said on 3rd September 2010, 12:56

    2nd attempt:
    – like the corners till T11
    – hairpin-looong straight-hairpin like Hockenheim, Yeongam, Abu Dhabi, Delhi which is starting to get boring
    – Istanbul-style after 250 m of acceleration is a missed opportunity
    – abscence of corners like Tamburello, 130R, Blanchimont, Copse/Stowe/Club (old versions of course)
    I had hopes that the circuit would remind me of old Österreichring or Silverstone.
    But at least it´s got flowing sections.
    By the way, I would like to ask Hermann why the desert circuits are just stop and go.

  15. The 3D render looks like a map out of Stunt Car Racer. Like the variation in elevation though.

  16. daykind (@) said on 4th September 2010, 12:13

    I’m looking forward to the race in 20102!

  17. Dan Escreet said on 4th September 2010, 13:31

    Is anyone else thinking hints of Bathurst? take away the twisty bit and this track has real potetial.

  18. Bartholomew said on 4th September 2010, 15:47

    The track looks promising and I would have two versions of it :
    1 – with the Hockenheim slow part as it is
    2 – with an interesting turn eliminating that section, and making the track more fast and flowing.

    So, you could have two tracks in one.

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