Hamilton “wasn’t pushing” when he went off

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Lewis Hamilton has described the moment he almost lost his win in the Belgian Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver slid off the track at Rivage on lap 35 when the heaviest rain began to fall during the race. He explained what happened:

My heart was absolutely pumping. In my mind, I was absolutely on the edge, just trying to nurse the car through the gravel and get it out and back onto the track.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t particularly pushing at that point – I’d just been on the radio to the team to explain to them how the track was feeling and how slippery it was. I braked at what I thought was a sensible distance, but the car just kept going forwards – which was pretty, er, exciting.

I just had to take a straighter line, scrub off as much speed as possible and then try and get the car through the gravel. I just made it – I think I kissed the barriers with the left-hand wheelrims, but it was close.
Lewis Hamilton

Writing on his official website, Hamilton added he was glad to have won at another of F1’s historic venues and wants to do the same again at another, Monza, next week:

Yeah, I’ve always looked at those four circuits on the calendar as being a little more special than the others. A couple of years ago, I remember David Coulthard saying he was proud to win those four grands prix for McLaren because they somehow connected him to the history of the sport, and I know exactly what he means. It’s because those venues are unique – they’re very special; you can feel the history at those races more than anywhere else.

“That’s why I was so pleased and proud to have finally won at Spa – because it’s a giant of the sport, and it means something to every driver who’s ever raced there.

“So I’m going to Monza looking to take another win and keep pushing forward in the championship. Our car should be strong there too, but, as with every race in this championship, you can never take anything for granted.
Lewis Hamilton

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