McLaren alter car to meet new floor test

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McLaren say they have made changes to the front floor of their car to ensure they meet the new load test that will be applied by the FIA this weekend at Monza.

Speaking in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Phone-in Tim Goss, the chief engineer for the MP4-25, said:

We haven’t had to make any modifications to the front wings in terms of bodywork flexibility. So those front wing options we have – of which we have a dedicated solution for Monza – those are all as we’ve run so far this season.

As far as the bib is concerned then the new offset load test is a little challenging and we’ve had to make some minor modifications to make sure we’re well inside the deflection limit that the FIA are going to set on that.

We’ve modified our bib and taken the opportunity to roll it up into a minor performance upgrade as well.
Tim Goss

Goss added he expects other teams will have to make changes to their cars as well:

As far as the offset bib test is concerned then I would expect most teams will probably have to make changes to comply with that.

As far as articulated planks are concerned there are a number of teams that run floor skids in multiple pieces and the FIA have tightened up on that to ban articulated skid blocks and I would imagine other teams have had modifications for that.

As far as the wings are concerned the evidence from Spa was, you’d have to say, was fewer cars running more flexible wings, although it’s very subjective.
Tim Goss

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