No 13th F1 team in 2011

Jarno Trulli, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010

There will be no 13th team on the F1 grid in 2011.

The World Motor Sport Council announced today that none of the applications met their criteria to fill the vacant place on the grid, meaning there will be a maximu mof 24 cars competing in Formula 1 next year.

An FIA statement said:

Following the press release of 19 March 2010 calling for expressions of interest to participate in the 2011 and 2012 seasons of the FIA Formula One World Championship, a number of interested parties expressed their interest.

It was considered that none of the candidates met the requirements to be granted an entry into the Championship.

Consequently, the allocation of the 13th team will not be granted.

Spanish team Epsilon Euskadi and a collaboration between former GP2 team Durango and 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve were among those to have applied.

Epsilon Euskadi recently announced they had begun testing a wind tunnel model of their car for 2011.

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56 comments on No 13th F1 team in 2011

  1. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 8th September 2010, 16:14

    I think not selecting the 13th team is the best one as it won’t allow any more useless team to come in F1.Then surprising thing to me was that nobody showed any interest in the Toyota outfit which have a very rich resource & any body buying it would have done a good job.

  2. Given the experience with HRT and USF1, the FIA has clearly put in place a more rigourous process for assessing entrants. USF1 was a disaster from the start.

    I remember a Speed Channel interview with Peter Windsor in which he portrayed USF1 as being a minimalist, focused, new-style racing team. Right there I had my doubts. And basing it in Charlotte, NC? Drawing on primarily US-based talent. Please. It was doomed to failure, and the FIA should have seen that coming.

    But I imagine they learned from that and I can’t imagine they would let another half-baked outfit into F1. The recent set of applictions were likely far more realistic, but I’m sure the FIA has set the bar higher.

    Also, I’d like to see Villeneuve back on the grid, but not in a backmarker fledgling outfit.

  3. I can’t say I was that surprised when I heard about this.

    The longer it took to announce a decision regarding the 13th team the more I thought it likely that no team would be granted a place for 2011, but rather they would be granted a place for 2012 so they would have over a year to get ready.

    I hope the FIA give out feedback to all the applicants letting them know why they failed so they can improve their bid for next time.

  4. Don Mateo said on 8th September 2010, 18:01

    I think they may have missed a trick by not letting in Prodrive and Lola for this year. These were arguably two of the strongest candidates, plenty of people were shocked when they were overlooked, and as a result both of them cancelled their F1 projects and have not shown any interest since. Meanwhile one of the teams granted a place failed to make the start of the season and at least one other is struggling.

    I think that the quality of this year’s applicants has been weaker than last year, and I think that’s partly because some very credible entries were overlooked last year and haven’t come back.

  5. Chippie said on 8th September 2010, 20:14

    I personally think the more teams the merrier, especially seeing as I am loving seeing the new teams in action and I am bored of F1 takeovers (Jordan to Force India etc). I can understand them not wanting to have any more teams in, but for God’s sake, the FIA need to throw their weight behind the three new teams and place a gagging order on Bernie prattling on about them.

  6. Disappointing but probably the right decision, Just makes Mosley look stupid for not being able to say no last year.

    I do hope Epsilon can build a package for next year though.

    F1 needs to be open to new teams, as long as they can demonstrate an ability to compete…

    Don’t forget that without the three new teams this year, we only have a 9 team grid, and I assure you, this isn’t because the manufacturers are good for the sport.

  7. I had expected this decision and I think it was the right one, as the decision-making process had been delayed for too long for any team that would have been selected to actually have a decent chance of preparing a somewhat competitive team in time for the next season. I think it would have made much more sense to award a 13th slot for 2012, that would have given a selected team at least six to eight months to build up an operation, do some testing in 2011 and then enter for the following year.

  8. Ben Curly said on 10th September 2010, 11:13

    I’d like to see new teams entering the sport, but with reintroduction of 107% rule there is no point in inviting a team which is not prepared and will consistently be outside of this 107%… Or is it?

    Maybe we should look at it the other way: we should invite new teams, even those “unprepared” and see who will make it. Let the 107% rule filter them out.

  9. I don’t understand why FIA does this. I mean, Epsilon Euskadi was a great project last year. Instead, they choosed Virgin, HRT and USF1 (that never raced). And now, there are no conditions for them to become a team. Seriously, this guys need treatment imediatly.

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  11. the 13th team should be called sperky

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