Hamilton regrets set-up error

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Lewis Hamilton thinks he made a mistake by deciding to take the F-duct off his car for the Italian Grand Prix.

Team mate Jenson Button used the team’s regular rear wing with an F-duct while Hamilton used a much smaller rear wing without an F-duct. He said:

I?m a little bit disappointed ?ǣ it would appear that we took the wrong route by running without the F-duct this weekend. I just didn?t have the downforce today, and the car was sliding in the corners ?ǣ I couldn?t push any harder because the car just wouldn?t give me any more.

For tomorrow?s race, I?ll have good top speed, but the car is going to be sliding through the corners, so I won?t be able to follow closely enough through the corners to try and pass, so it?ll be tough.

But I have to congratulate Jenson on doing a great job. Today wasn?t my best qualifying performance of the season, but we?ll still push like crazy tomorrow and fight for some good points from the third row. It looks like it?ll be a tough race.
Lewis Hamilton

He will start behind Button for the fifth time year.

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  1. I was surprised that Hamilton didn’t choose that same strategy as Button did as that was a real good one from him.Hamilton will struggle today but he also need to make sure that he can target the podium. Expecting Massa beating Button by starting on the clean side & Hamilton doing the same with Webber then he can challenge Button who is 15 km/h down on top speed relative to Hamilton.

  2. to todfod: i am not deluded your reply is stupid,it makes NO difference to maclaren who wins the race out of button or lewis they still get top points in the constructors championship,it is common knowledge that button is whitmarsh,s favourite,always has been.button will soon overtake lewis points if whitmarsh continues to favour jenson.

  3. In a way Jenson and Lewis both took gambles, I must admit that I thought keeping the F-Duct would be the best thing to do this weekend and Jenson has proved that I think.

    The race is going to be very interesting though and I’m not entirely sure, but Hamilton might have made the right choice and Button’s low top speed might leave him vulnerable to passing maneuvers at the end of the long straights at Monza.

    Hamilton needs to pay most attention at the moment not too Button but to the man just ahead of him, Mark Webber. Although the other drives can close in on the two of them they are still the championship leaders.

    I don’t agree at all that McLaren should interfere with who finishes where amongst their two drivers at the moment as either could win the championship and as far as the team is concerned the Constructors Championship is more important – it decides their share of TV money etc.. – so total points between the two drivers is what they’re looking for.

  4. It is Hamilton who as took the risk, I believe all the frontrunners are using the f-duct. I don’t understand hamiltons decision to go different. Everybody keeps banging on about hamiltons straightline speed, but if hamiltons car is sliding all over at the parabolica he won’t get close enough to overtake down the straight.

  5. Who is using the f-duct?

    1. all the drivers who run the f-duct are running the f-duct at monza except lewis,strange ay? lewis is the only one not running the f-duct.

  6. Hamilton champion? Not a chance

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