Alguersuari unhappy with chicane penalty

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jaime Alguersuari was unhappy to be given a penalty for cutting a chicane for the second race in a row.

The Toro Rosso driver said:

I really don?t understand why I got the drive-through penalty. It?s the second time in two races that I have got one of these!

As far as I am concerned, although I did cut the chicane, I did not gain any advantage, catch the drivers ahead of me or pull away from those behind. The actual penalty did not make much difference to my race, but it was annoying all the same.
Jaime Alguersuari

Nico H???lkenberg cut chicanes on at least three occasions during the race but received no penalty. This frustrated Mark Webber who spent several laps stuck behind the Williams:

I lost a lot of time behind H???lkenberg, he seemed to spend every second lap going through the chicane, but the stewards left him alone which was frustrating. I got him in the end, but I lost a lot of time.
Mark Webber

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