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What did you think of the Italian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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170 comments on “Rate the race: Italy”

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  1. I actually switched off when Button was leapfrogged. Boring race, not much overtaking, plus I really dislike Ferrari and Alonso so I have some prejudice here although I’ll admit Alonso did do a good job. The only good thing about this race was Webber vs Hulkenberg (who really should be penalised) and, even better, how short the race was. Oh, and I guess it makes the championship tighter as well.

    1. Yes indeed, a real SAD DAY for the Ferrari haters!!! :D

      Forza Ferrari!!! :)

      1. But you did botch Massa’s pitstop AND Alonso’s pitstop timing :-P

    2. There was a lot of overtaking. Web overtook both Kubica and Hulk. This race was entertaining – ALO challenging BUT, WEB slipping back and then making places up, KUB slipping back from 5th to 7th, VET having problems then rectifying them. HAM making a mistake. The 4th-10th battle was great, and it was genuine racing rather than being exciting because of crashes/retirements.

      KUB was terrible today, not sure what was going on. WEB needs to sort out his starts, but seeing him take SCH, KUB and HUL was fantastic.

      1. what hamilton did wasnt a mistake! IT was stupidity! I was soo looking forward to hamilton charging up the ferrariz rear ends in the latter part of the race. He clearly had the speed to do tat. he had no reason to squeeze through. He just doesnt understand which is the time to attack n which is the time to sit back n watch someone else crash!
        A sad day for a big McLaren/Hamilton fan!:-(

        They ruined button’s race also with the bad tyre strategy! Double sad! :-(

        1. i agree he was too agressive he made 3 creucial mistakes first his hot lap 2nd blaming the setting and 3rd he hit massa on the upside Whitmarsh was very polite today anyway everyone expected mclaren to win so…

      2. “KUB was terrible today”

        5.6 sec pitstop is the answer. Sloppy work for Renault mechanics.

      3. I noticed all that but meh.

      4. Robert wasn’t terrible, he had a great start but not so good pit stop. On the other hand Hulk’s pit crew did a great job, and earlier he cut a chicane a few of times, so ultimately he emerged ahead of Kubica. This caused a bit of fight in the first corner. Webber took advantage of that (rightly so) and overtook Robert into a second chicane.

        Hulkenberg however should be penalized. I don’t watch F1 to see drivers repeatedly cutting corners and using illegal defense maneuvers.

        All in all, this wasn’t a great race for Renault-powered cars, but everyone expected that. However both Vettel’s and Webber’s recovery was impressive and it was a great race for the championship. I rated it 7.

    3. really bias robbie i believe that mclaren has won some boring races aswell. This year champ has been amazing but the races havent been fantastic apart from canada and melbourne, last Gp was very boring won from pole the rain wasnt a factor, last year the big problem was the champ this year its the fight maybe next year we will have both

  2. A bit dull, the race was sadly decided by pit stops.

    1. I’m with you on this one. This has been nothing but a return to the bad old days of races being decided purely on pitstops and collisions. What a waste.

    2. Exciting start, Fernando and Felie sharing the corner… after that, not that much.

    3. Funny thing. I actually predicted, massa will be instructed to crash into hamilton n get him out of the race.
      Tho it didnt happen exactly as i said, but still! :-P

  3. 5/10

    The Soft tires are a joke. They should never last the whole race. Right guy won, but like most Monza races, a procession.

    1. On the bright side, the WDC is back to 5 drivers again. Brazil will be epic…

      1. Agreed, the softs were a joke. That and the non-application of the rules by the stewards rather spoiled it all, just seemed that they were rather too keen to ensure Webber didn’t open too large a points gap over Vettel and the rest. I only want 5 drivers in play if it doesn’t feel like a fix, and this felt like the hand of Bernie to me.

  4. Very close racing for the top positions and a Ferrari victory. Only a 1-2 could be better. 10/10

    1. Read the instructions, please:

      “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

      1. So what’s the guy supposed to do if his preferred team winning makes the race exciting for him?

        1. Of course there is no way to avoid some bias, but this just too close to a simple “my team won, 10/10”

          1. Been at those sour grapes again Dennis?

          2. Errr, no… It just seems pretty lame to go directly against the wishes of the one conducting the poll, making it useless in the process, especially since Keith uses these data for analysing in articles.

          3. Err, no Dennis… Matt88 also talked about the close racing for position, which probably helped make it a 10 for him.

          4. well, it’s been an interesting race where Alonso and Massa have been among the main characters, so in my (necessarily personal) view it’s been a great race.
            However, i also gave 10/10 to GPs where Ferraris didn’t perform well, as in Turkey.

    2. Its easy to see the influence of the Ferrari fans (because they are a lot), from the vote on not the most exciting race as the results peaks at 7(which are the reasonable people voting) and 10(voted by the Ferrari fans).

      1. yeah. Race was good. Since the top 3 runners didnt really try out anythin after button pitted, there wasnt much drama there.
        Vettel drove pretty well. Rosberg was not in the camera at all. hulkenberg n webber danced arnd for a while, while kubica followed.
        n sutil was running arnd n then he also didnt get any further than 16th place. michael showed off a bit against webber n then he also slowed down.
        So yeah, 7.
        No spectacular crashes even! :-P tat wudve made it 8 for sure! :-D

    3. First time this year that Alonso won and Massa didn’t follow-through with a 1-2. Previous two wins for ALO had MAS in second place.

      Shows that when Ferrari are strong, they tend to make the most of it

      1. Like Silverstone? Valencia? Canada?

        1. Valencia and Silverstone were ruined by the safety car.

          1. And Canada was ruined by the traffic.

          2. In Silverstone the saftey car had nothing to do with it. First Alonso had an abysmal start and then he cut a corner.

            Even without a safety car he would have fallen far back since there was a whole line of cars just behind him (initially held up by Kubica)

            Valencia indeed Alonso lost out a little by the safety car, but then he collapsed psychologically. He just stoppe racing.

          3. @nyam – Everyone at the top in Canada had to navigate traffic, so it was just Alonso making excuses for being caught napping by Button.

  5. Because of my massive dislike for Alonso I agree with Robbie!

    Great race until the pit stops

    1. Is this Eddie Jordan talking? :))

  6. 6/10 from me.

    Good drives from the top 3, not that great to watch though.

    Enjoyed Webbers fight with Hulk

  7. Short and boring, shame HAM got caught out by the ALO tail gunner but I guess thats what He`s there for.

    1. Puh-leeze – Hamilton put his nose where didn’t belong and took himself out.

      1. Thats what I said, got caught out not taken out.

        1. Hamilton hit Massa, not Alonso

          1. lol, Alonso`s tail gunner is Massa.

    2. Even as a Lewis fan I can admit it was his fault. He seemed to outbreak himself a bit.

      1. It was such a bone-headed move, completely did not make sense. You can’t just dive into the inside like that from so far back, there is only one thing that can happen from there..

      2. It was the first lap and Lewis let himself go too much, I think the speed he had down the first two straights was something he felt he had to capitalise on, he could have won the race or changed it’s complexion had he been more reserved. A podium was certainly available for him maybe a win, he’ll regret that moove more than anything, he must win races for the championship now, an he must take more risks than otherwise he would have had to.

  8. 11/10
    nothing to say.. no opponents for Ferrari!

    1. Other than the guy who finished second in between them anyway

      1. Right!
        Button did a great job.. i was referring to Ham, Vet and Web

    2. Did I not see Button/Mclaren beat Ferrari at the start and lead the first half? or so of the race…….. the only way Ferrari won was by a fater pit stop and NOT because Ferrari was faster on the race tract………. CIAO, R & R

      1. Ferrari were definitely quicker on the track: Italian Grand Prix fastest laps

  9. Younger Hamilton
    12th September 2010, 14:35

    9/10 great race despite Lewis crashing on the 1st lap

  10. Anyone know what happen to Webber after the first corner he dropped to 9th but I never got to see why.

    1. Yeah, he dropped to 6th behind Rosberg and Kubica on the first corner, but he was being muscled heavily on the next chicane by somebody (maybe with Schumacher?), and may have been the one who kicked up a bit of gravel from a brief excursion, losing 3 places to Hulk, Schu and Vettel. Whichever bright spark does the feed never went back to look at what happened, which is very common for first lap incidents lower than 5th place unfortunately, so we never see what happens.

      1. Oh the feed. The directing during this race was THE WORST of this season by far. Missed all the action, no replays, and terrible decisions on who to follow/when.

        For eg. when Webber was creeping up on Kubica, they cut to the Kubica onboard, which showed .. nothing. Webber was all over the back of him and all that we saw was the back of Hulks car.

        1. i fully agree the feed was bloody everywhere but the action, even in the pits with no one there, heaven for bid they nearly forgot Alonso’s last last lap.

  11. I gave it an 8. Wasn’t a classic, but there were a few nice passes and there’s nothing quite like a Ferrari victory at Monza.

  12. I voted 8/10. Had a bit of a think about it. The racing between Alonso and Button was very good until Alonso got past. A shame Button had the damaged wing bit, but it made for a great show. Massa was making a nice drive of it as well.

    Exiting overtakes from Webber, good battle to get past the Hulk. Very nice drive from Vettel after his engine let him down a moment, good safe to get to 4th.

    As I tipped, Rosberg best of the rest, very good job from him. There was quite a bit o nice driving in the Middle- and backfield, just a shame FOM missed quite a bit of the action again.

    Must admit, that Ferrari winning in front of the Tifosi did put me up another 1 point in rating it.

    1. Once again, you take the words right out of my mind :) I would have liked to see a bit more fighting at the front after the pit stops, but on the whole there was quite a bit of action behind them, apart from Rosberg once again just cruising a silent race to good points.

  13. Regardless of what drivers finished where this was a solid race. I’ll give it between a 7 or 8 out of 10.

  14. 7/10

    It could have been far better, but at least it brought some balance back to the championship.

  15. 6. Dull race but great for the championship!

    Not a lot happened but was nerve-racking at the end with Vettel. 5 way title fight again though, that is just AWESOME!

  16. 8, IMO

    had Lewis stayed in the race, it’d have been a superb Grand Prix!

    it was pretty good anyway!

  17. The race is ON for the Championship and emotions for the fanatiques of F1 with last five races to go

  18. 8/10. For me, a race that shows that overtaking as such doesn’t necessarily make a good race, but close racing does. Maybe no great excitement, but lots of sustained tension. Monza hows why it’s important to have true variety among the tracks on the calendar: different characteristics, different races, different things that make races interesting.

    1. close racing implies overtaking, or overtaking opportunities, doesn’t it?

      otherwise I agree. for monza, this was a good and exciting race. there were a few periods where it was all routine, but the action made up for it

  19. An alright, although not a brilliant race – decided in the pit stops.

    The Alonso vs. Button duel was exciting, until Ferrari brought Alonso ahead of Button.

    The Rosberg/Kubica/Hulkenberg/Webber group was by far the most exciting one, though. Hulkenberg should get a penalty for cutting those chicanes – Alguersuari did. However, similarly to the podium drivers the positions have been decided by pit stops – Kubica’s yet again rubbish stop made him lose out to Hulkenberg and eventually to Webber.

    Finally – the big loser of the race was Bridgestone. Soft tyres should NEVER last the whole race distance, yet alone be in the shape to produce decent lap times. An absolute joke.

    Gave it a 7/10, mainly because the championship fight has tightened even more. The race itself was mediocre.

  20. Jenson was driver of the day for me. Not only did he manage to keep Alonso and Massa at bay for most of the race but he did that with a slower and quite damaged car.

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