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What did you think of the Italian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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170 comments on “Rate the race: Italy”

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  1. *yawn* one for the ferrari fans, this one. 5/10

    for the championship though, probably couldn’t have been a better result!

  2. Boring race in reality. As much as I hate to admit it Ferrari and Alonso were superb all weekend. It’s a shame Lewis went out as a it was shaping up for a 4 way battle at the front.

  3. Emotions aside a 7. Not the best this season but pretty good for Monza; Webber put in some good overtakes, Hulk was all over the place, there was a fascinating battle at the front and I liked seeing the different strategies esp Seb.

  4. Keith, speedvision tv made a big thing about the atmosphere at Monza and obviously with a Ferrari win it must have been incredible but tell me how is the crowd allowed to invade the track —you could see there were literally thousands below the podium? Other venues are fined for this and we remember all the fuss after Mansells win at Siverstone years ago but obviously it does add to “the show”! What is the difference with Monza?? Maybe Mr Todt can explain?

    1. almost every track allows the fans onto the main straight area for the podium ceremony .

    2. They are not allowed to let the spectators on while the cars are still driving.

      Other than that I think every main straight get’s opened up for the crowd before the ceremony.

  5. A fair race – 7/10.

    I enjoyed the battle with Button and Alonso, and Webber’s race was pretty exciting.

    Shame Lewis went off in the first lap – would have been good to have had him shaking things up a little in the top 4.

  6. I think the race missed Lewis not being up there among the top 4. He was obviously (too) pumped up and I think he would have been in the mix adding an element of interest.

    Not happy with Hulkenberg at all or race control’s handling of that last chicane cut. A bad decision in my eyes and one of the first real cock ups by them this year.

  7. Great result!

    And what about that sea of fans under the podium!

    1. I’ve never seen so many people, that sea was endless. Truly a sight to behold.

  8. I gave it an 8. Nice and tense, good battles throughout the feild, strong from Ferrari, great Drive from Jenson with that rear damage. This raced missed Hamiltons precence a great deal he’d have spiced things up nicley.

  9. I’m a bit surprised by the F1Fanatics saying this was a dull race. I thought fans with a bit of F1 knowledge would be studiously captivated by Jenson’s radical setup, Vettel’s slow lap to let Webber through (funny, I hear they don’t get along), Vettel making up places by waiting till the last moment to pit, Webber and Schumacher’s tough but fair pass, Webber’s pass on HĂĽlkenberg and lots of very happy Italian fans who all went bananas at the end of the race … No? … hey guys, it won’t rain on every race this year. Get used to it.

    1. i agree, i also believe that top drivers continously trading fastest laps is quite as exciting as overtaking itself.

      1. I am too, I thought it was an awesome race (and no I am not a Ferrari fan). But seriously, when are RBR going to start backing Webber? While it was certainly a good strategy to get Vettel back out in 4th considering his ‘engine problem’, surely Webber needed those points more than Vettel?

    2. “I thought fans with a bit of F1 knowledge would be studiously captivated by Jenson’s radical setup”

      That’s what made the race for me. Would have loved to see him win, purely because of the ‘gamble’ on the high downforce setup. Still, a solid second with, as one of the commentators said this weekend, a “barn door of a wing at Monza”.

      I was captivated all the way through, studying lap and sector times… I rated it a 9/10, and Jenson’s setup is almost the whole reason. I would even have been hoping for an Alonso win if he’d had that setup, and I dislike him with a passion.

  10. Warning before post – I am Webber biased. But really, how did the Hulk escape penalty? Three times I counted he used the lovely off-road to help his mistakes, but there was one incident in turn one where he messed his braking up completely. Easy job for Webber, except Hulk cut the chicane. It makes me angry just thinking about it…

    Still, I like Alonso, so, good race :)

    1. Tough race for Webber, I don’t think he got one lap in free air. Frustrating but he showed class by not blowing his temper and the race.

      Took points off his nearest competitor and the WDC lead in a race that was supposed to be about damage limitation so job done. Webber’s got that championship aura about him, looks supremely confident.

      1. Agree – why on earth was the Hulk not penalised or made to yeild? Poor decision fom the stewards there.

        1. Maybe he didn’t gain an advantage. Alguersuari demonstrably did (he passed cars) but I’m not sure HĂĽlkenberg did.

          1. If HĂĽlkenberg had not used the run-off on the incident dragon posted, his position on track would have been much worse. The off-track excursion prevented him from losing on-track position, and critically prevented Webber closing enough to get a tow down to the next corner – as spot I believe he executed two or three passes at during the race.

            Penalties should be applied if you gain an advantage or negate a disadvantage, and I felt HĂĽlkenberg clearly kept ahead only by dint of leaving the track.

  11. A lot of overtaking in the midfield, and the Alonso’s jump on Button was exciting too! Even though I don’t like Vettel, I have to say his late pit stop was great too!

    1. Massa was just trying to get a leg up on his teammate there, and Hamilton was a bit too aggressive, he himself admitted he should have kept back a bit, “and then I would still be racing”.

  12. Obvious realy that Ferrari after their cheating ways ganged up to take lewis off…

    1. It was really nobody’s fault. Massa couldn’t have avoided it. It was a very busy moment for him too. I think Massa was concentrating on Button and Alonso at that time.

    2. Whaat are you talking about? Lewis just was just a bit too agressive into the corner, Massa didn’t see him and Lewis had his wheel knocked off. :S

      It was a racing incident, and I actually quite like Lewis.

    3. It was Lewis’ bad judgment that killed his race, no gangs involved. Please attack Ferrari when they do wrong, but today they did everything right.

      I am not a Ferrari fan.

  13. Happy for Alonso and Massa, and Jenson, but whats wrong with Kubicas mechanics? Were they taking their vengeance for Spa? Or what ? :)
    And Hulkenberg getting away without a penalty for cutting the chicanes ~three times, and waving in front of Webber at least one time??

  14. Gave it a 6. Pretty exiting race but mostly because of the pit-stops. And as others have pointed out the TV coverage were very disappointing, we didn’t really see why Webber fell all the way back to 9th and so on. The start/first corner was fantastic though. But from there on it was pretty dull. I was personally exited because of the lap timebattle between Vettel and Nico on the final laps because i am a Vettel fan, but for anyone else it probably wasn’t as exiting as i thought so i tried to keep that out of my voting.
    But it was a great race for the championship battle.

  15. On a business tripp in UK, so I was enjoying watching the BBC coverage. A superb race and superb coverage. I was really releaved first lap was Safety Car free. Alonso showed what he can do given a reasonable car.

    One comment regarding the BBC coverage. What is the deal with Eddie Jordan? Did he really imply that Massa was “nice” to Alonos in turn 2? What I could see was that Aloso had the inner going into turn 2 and could easily have pushed Massa to the right out on the grass/gravel. I think they also touched (more water on the fire of Ferrar/Alonso cynics :) ), but it was Alonso who was nice there.

    That guy takes every opportunity to disrepute/misscredit Ferrari, and if the opportunity is not there he makes his best to created it. I am starting to understand how come lots of Brittish fans are sooo cynical when it comes to Ferrari & Alonso…

    1. “That guy takes every opportunity to disrepute/misscredit Ferrari”

      I think that’s very harsh. He was actually very pleased with Ferrari winning at Monza and said so.

      “I am starting to understand how come lots of Brittish fans are sooo cynical when it comes to Ferrari & Alonso…”

      Martin Brundle actually agreed with the FIA handling of the team orders result. The BBC coverage is actually quite impartial when looked at overall. Certain characters have opinions, but consensus is usually reached in quite a dialectical way between the panel.

      British fans just don’t like being lied to by Ferrari!

      1. Martin Brundle is without doubt the best F1 commentator/expert that I have seen during the 16-17 years I have been watching the sport. What I like mostly about him is that he is a man of integrity, says what he think no matter if it is politically correct or not (and of course he is like a F1 dictionary :) ). David Coulthard is also great. I referred to Eddie for a reason, so please do not tweak what I said!

        I have seen three or four races on BBC and I have really enjoyed it, apart from Eddie throwing dirt at Alonso and Ferrari for no reason. To me it almost look like a personal thing going on…

        1. …And when recalling that Eddie is a good friend of Ron Dennis, I even more understand how personal it is.

          1. Fair enough $:)

  16. I mean, we were robbed of a good finale, but I still really enjoyed it for some reason… also, the end to this season could be an absolute epic now! 6/10

  17. Watching Red Button right now and I just cannot stop laughing…

    – Eddie Jordan says “Ferrari treated the fans as muppets”. That was coming out from the mouth of a man who did issue team orders himself on several occasions. Hilarious

    1. At his time it was legal, now it is not. Okay it is in the real world, but according to the rule book it is not legal. That is the difference.

      1. First of all, when he was mentioning it he was referring to the moral aspect of it. From the moral point of view he has done the exact same thing over and over again, i e hindering his drivers from fighting the battles on track and (as he describes it) robbing the fans. If it is robbery today, then it was robbering then. Legal or not does not matter when talking about moral.

        Second, the ruling body has examined all evidence that is available, and that is certainly much more than you and me have access to. They have given a verdict. Accept it or move on to another sport. Thank you.

        1. No that is not the same. At that time it was legal and if the others are doing it you will loose ground if you don’t do the same. Also Ferrari tried to cover it with ridiculous stories about Massa going 3 gears up at the same time. They were lying to the fans like we were all as stupid as dirt and they were calling us hypocrites because we discussed it. When it was legal it was just a team order and everyone knew what they did and they didn’t try to cover it.

          1. I had promised myself not to reply to post disscussing this rediculous subject (No offence) anymore. But I will make just one more post :)

            1. what is your favorite team?
            2. has they used team orders since 2002?
            3. have you questioned that in the same intensity as this one?

            Answer to (2) has to be YES if your favorite team is a competitive one since all teams will act in the best intrest of the team. If you answered (3) with a NO what does that make you (no offence)?

    2. He never lied to the fans. That is the difference.

      Ferrari clearly lied to the stewards and the fans.

  18. It was a good race, not the best though. The last few laps were very tense as a Seb fan, and I love that he managed to finish 4th! It felt like a win. I think 6 out of 10 is fair when you compare it to other races so far this year.

  19. I vote 5. Very boring race without overtaking and no risky moves on the front lines (Anybody saw the GP3 race? The go full fight to victory). And, i dislike alonso (sinces Hockenheim 2010)…. the one thing is that im a Ferrari fun….. sad victory. Forza Felipe! Forza Ferrari! alonso, team orders is for loosers!

    1. Felipe certainly didn’t look too happy on the podium today.

      1. J Button puts on a happy face even when finishing behind his team mate.

        I guess Massa is a fighter and finds it depressing when a new guy to the team destroys him race after race. That is actually how it should be and a healthy sign. It is when he is faster than his team mate that he should be happy, not before.

      2. Massa knows that even if he could beat Alonso, he is not allowed to. I’d be sad if that happened to me.

        1. If he was consistently faster than Alonso the team would of course make him first driver. You know and I know that he is not and probably will never be.

  20. PM,

    I think we’re all getting bit sick of your constant bitching about Ferrari and their manipulation of the sport. If you’re truly unhappy at the way the sport is going, like you said, just stop watching and get on with it man.

    I just wanted to get this in and I’m not gonna get drawn into a shouting match. So have a good life.

    Thank you and good night/morning whenever the he’ll you’re from

    1. @Jay
      I am afraid that will not happen. Some people does not know when to stop…Just look at Eddie Jordan. If they cannot win on the circuit they will try to miscredit the opposition on the Internet/Media.

      Do like me, think about Monza 2010, smile and just ignore.

      1. “If they cannot win on the circuit they will try to miscredit the opposition on the Internet/Media.”

        Who is this ‘they’ of which you speak.

        The BBC are actually very impartial considering there are two British drivers in the title hunt. You should try watching some races from the ITV days.

        I’m British. And I say, great drive today Fernando and well done Ferrari – especially the pit crew that didn’t bottle under pressure.

        1. “they” are those who jumped at the opportunity to miscredit F Alonso and Ferrari, for finishing 1-2, instead of 1-2. After that they continued to do so even though the judge has examined the evidence and announced a verdict.
          Can you explain to me how Massa was “nice” to Alonso in turn 2, as Eddie suggested?

          1. “After that they continued to do so even though the judge has examined the evidence and announced a verdict.”

            Maybe some people don’t agree with this ‘verdict’ and are entitled to their own opinions.

            I don’t actually agree with everything Eddie Jordan says. Massa wasn’t ‘nice’ to Alonso at all, I agree with YOU. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes he does say things that do have value, and perhaps reflecting the majority fan opinion certainly on this site judging from the polls.

            It was the arrogance that Ferrari showed in lying to all the media & fans that gets us going, not breaking the sporting code.

          2. @John,

            Fair enough :) & good n8!

      2. You know, you might have some point, but I am reading this a day later, and I thought to myself “yes indeed” when you said “Some people does not know when to stop” …

        You are right that Eddie Jordan should not always be taken seriously – they have him there because he stirs things up, can be brilliant in asking the questions people don’t like to get, and talks back when Coulthard is a bit too much on the Red Bull side. I really doubt the majority of BBC viewers takes his word as gospel.

        But please let it go – you seem to be an Alonso/Ferrari fan, and seem to look for evidence of a conspiracy against him.

        Please, just accept that some don’t really have an absolute favorite team and driver, don’t like team orders, are for good racing and a good year of championship battling, and like to see an amazing drive to victory. Such as Alonso/Ferrari showed yeserday – it doesn’t make me feel they should win the WDC or WCC, but well done in Monza for them.

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