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170 comments on Rate the race: Italy

  1. 8, IMO

    had Lewis stayed in the race, it’d have been a superb Grand Prix!

    it was pretty good anyway!

  2. Botado2 said on 12th September 2010, 14:44

    The race is ON for the Championship and emotions for the fanatiques of F1 with last five races to go

  3. 8/10. For me, a race that shows that overtaking as such doesn’t necessarily make a good race, but close racing does. Maybe no great excitement, but lots of sustained tension. Monza hows why it’s important to have true variety among the tracks on the calendar: different characteristics, different races, different things that make races interesting.

    • close racing implies overtaking, or overtaking opportunities, doesn’t it?

      otherwise I agree. for monza, this was a good and exciting race. there were a few periods where it was all routine, but the action made up for it

  4. Victor. said on 12th September 2010, 14:52

    An alright, although not a brilliant race – decided in the pit stops.

    The Alonso vs. Button duel was exciting, until Ferrari brought Alonso ahead of Button.

    The Rosberg/Kubica/Hulkenberg/Webber group was by far the most exciting one, though. Hulkenberg should get a penalty for cutting those chicanes – Alguersuari did. However, similarly to the podium drivers the positions have been decided by pit stops – Kubica’s yet again rubbish stop made him lose out to Hulkenberg and eventually to Webber.

    Finally – the big loser of the race was Bridgestone. Soft tyres should NEVER last the whole race distance, yet alone be in the shape to produce decent lap times. An absolute joke.

    Gave it a 7/10, mainly because the championship fight has tightened even more. The race itself was mediocre.

  5. Jenson was driver of the day for me. Not only did he manage to keep Alonso and Massa at bay for most of the race but he did that with a slower and quite damaged car.

  6. graham228221 said on 12th September 2010, 14:55

    *yawn* one for the ferrari fans, this one. 5/10

    for the championship though, probably couldn’t have been a better result!

  7. judo chop said on 12th September 2010, 14:56

    Boring race in reality. As much as I hate to admit it Ferrari and Alonso were superb all weekend. It’s a shame Lewis went out as a it was shaping up for a 4 way battle at the front.

  8. Emotions aside a 7. Not the best this season but pretty good for Monza; Webber put in some good overtakes, Hulk was all over the place, there was a fascinating battle at the front and I liked seeing the different strategies esp Seb.

  9. Keith, speedvision tv made a big thing about the atmosphere at Monza and obviously with a Ferrari win it must have been incredible but tell me how is the crowd allowed to invade the track —you could see there were literally thousands below the podium? Other venues are fined for this and we remember all the fuss after Mansells win at Siverstone years ago but obviously it does add to “the show”! What is the difference with Monza?? Maybe Mr Todt can explain?

  10. A fair race – 7/10.

    I enjoyed the battle with Button and Alonso, and Webber’s race was pretty exciting.

    Shame Lewis went off in the first lap – would have been good to have had him shaking things up a little in the top 4.

  11. I think the race missed Lewis not being up there among the top 4. He was obviously (too) pumped up and I think he would have been in the mix adding an element of interest.

    Not happy with Hulkenberg at all or race control’s handling of that last chicane cut. A bad decision in my eyes and one of the first real cock ups by them this year.

  12. Great result!

    And what about that sea of fans under the podium!

  13. I gave it an 8. Nice and tense, good battles throughout the feild, strong from Ferrari, great Drive from Jenson with that rear damage. This raced missed Hamiltons precence a great deal he’d have spiced things up nicley.

  14. Jared404 said on 12th September 2010, 15:15

    I’m a bit surprised by the F1Fanatics saying this was a dull race. I thought fans with a bit of F1 knowledge would be studiously captivated by Jenson’s radical setup, Vettel’s slow lap to let Webber through (funny, I hear they don’t get along), Vettel making up places by waiting till the last moment to pit, Webber and Schumacher’s tough but fair pass, Webber’s pass on HĂĽlkenberg and lots of very happy Italian fans who all went bananas at the end of the race … No? … hey guys, it won’t rain on every race this year. Get used to it.

    • i agree, i also believe that top drivers continously trading fastest laps is quite as exciting as overtaking itself.

      • I am too, I thought it was an awesome race (and no I am not a Ferrari fan). But seriously, when are RBR going to start backing Webber? While it was certainly a good strategy to get Vettel back out in 4th considering his ‘engine problem’, surely Webber needed those points more than Vettel?

    • Dr. Mouse said on 13th September 2010, 13:22

      “I thought fans with a bit of F1 knowledge would be studiously captivated by Jenson’s radical setup”

      That’s what made the race for me. Would have loved to see him win, purely because of the ‘gamble’ on the high downforce setup. Still, a solid second with, as one of the commentators said this weekend, a “barn door of a wing at Monza”.

      I was captivated all the way through, studying lap and sector times… I rated it a 9/10, and Jenson’s setup is almost the whole reason. I would even have been hoping for an Alonso win if he’d had that setup, and I dislike him with a passion.

  15. Warning before post – I am Webber biased. But really, how did the Hulk escape penalty? Three times I counted he used the lovely off-road to help his mistakes, but there was one incident in turn one where he messed his braking up completely. Easy job for Webber, except Hulk cut the chicane. It makes me angry just thinking about it…

    Still, I like Alonso, so, good race :)

    • Tough race for Webber, I don’t think he got one lap in free air. Frustrating but he showed class by not blowing his temper and the race.

      Took points off his nearest competitor and the WDC lead in a race that was supposed to be about damage limitation so job done. Webber’s got that championship aura about him, looks supremely confident.

      • Agree – why on earth was the Hulk not penalised or made to yeild? Poor decision fom the stewards there.

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 13th September 2010, 0:29

          Maybe he didn’t gain an advantage. Alguersuari demonstrably did (he passed cars) but I’m not sure HĂĽlkenberg did.

          • Bookgrub said on 13th September 2010, 2:33

            If HĂĽlkenberg had not used the run-off on the incident dragon posted, his position on track would have been much worse. The off-track excursion prevented him from losing on-track position, and critically prevented Webber closing enough to get a tow down to the next corner – as spot I believe he executed two or three passes at during the race.

            Penalties should be applied if you gain an advantage or negate a disadvantage, and I felt HĂĽlkenberg clearly kept ahead only by dint of leaving the track.

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