Yamamoto mechanic injured (Video)

One of Sakon Yamamoto’s HRT mechanics was knocked down and injured during his pit stop in today’s Italian Grand Prix.

The team released the following statement:

A member of the Hispania Racing, HRT F1 Team, had an incident during Sakon Yamamoto?s pit-stop. He has remained conscious all the time and been taken immediately to the Medical Center. The situation is under control and we are waiting for more information from the Medical Centre.

The video below shows Yamamoto was given the signal to leave his pit box before the mechanic was knocked down.

Update: HRT have been fined $20,000 for releasing the car unsafely during their pit stop.

Colin Kolles said:

There was an incident with a member of our team during Sakon Yamamoto?s pit stop. First aid was immediately on the spot and he was taken to hospital for further check-up. He remained conscious and was talking to the doctor. We wish that he will recover quickly.
Colin Kolles

Yamamoto added:

The first thing I would say that I was very worried about the incident in the pit-lane. I asked if he was okay and I was told that he was not badly injured.
Sakon Yamamoto

NB. Some readers may find the video below distressing.

Thanks to TommyB89 for the tip

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50 comments on Yamamoto mechanic injured (Video)

  1. Can’t we just blame Yamamoto and campaign to have his superlicence revoked? =D

    There goes half of Hispania’s 2011 budget.

    In all seriousness, that’s a frightening incident and a miracle that the guy’s ok. Both Yamamoto and the lollipop man should have paid more attention and this incident would have been averted.

    They were in no rush anyway, let’s face it, the guys gonna come last whether his pit stop takes 4 seconds or 4 hours.

    • The only thing in your post that was correct was that the lollipop man should have paid more attention. Everything else is rubbish.

      • *Applause*

        – Just to clarify, I was joking in paragraph 1 and 2, also to some extent in 4, despite there being truth to my statement.
        – I’d also like to know why this incident wasn’t frightening, the guys been hit by a car, an F1 car no less. I think I’m not alone in that I wouldn’t be laughing if that was me.

  2. dragon said on 13th September 2010, 1:20

    It’s definitely the lollipop man’s fault, but at the same time, I did not SEE the man working on the car until he went flying. I know, you can’t compare a poor quality video to real life, but at the same time, should they not wear something that doesn’t camouflage with the car so well? I don’t think he was wearing a red helmet either – pretty easy to miss!

  3. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 13th September 2010, 7:10

    First why did the team allowed a person without helmet to work on the car in a racing pit stop. I will blame the lollipop man & the driver, if that guy was fixing something with the radio then he should have knew that there is someone. Hope that guy recover quickly & attend in the Singapore GP.

  4. Unbelievable that the ‘radio man’ was so close to Yamamoto’s car without even wearing a helmet, a suit or other protective gear.

    In fact, he was only wearing a t-shirt and some jeans: http://bit.ly/dBqNsk

    (via http://twitter.com/ScarbF1)

  5. Don’t you just hate the FOM… it’s despicable to think that they pay people to search the net and stop you tube and other postings… yukkk

  6. ok ok lollipop guy is to be blamed.

    But you cannot deny yam’s fault also, he is somewhat stupid inherently! .(2-3 races ago he accidentally pulled fire switch instead of adjusting brakes,and subsequently retired )

  7. The Comedian 39 said on 13th September 2010, 18:17


    new link for tht incident, seeing as FOM have copyrighted the other video already. only a matter of time before this gets copyrighted too :(

  8. How could Sakon have NOT known the guys hands were still in the cockpit? Granted the helmet cuts off most of his peripheral vision, but he must have known the guy was in there making whatever adjustment. Another tenth of a second to check if he was clear would have been the right thing to do.

    Split second misadventure by all three men; lollipop, driver, and hands-in-the-cockpit technician.

  9. What else can be said except OUCH!!!

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