H???lkenberg’s drive “his best to date”

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Williams technical director Sam Michael said Nico H???lkenberg’s drive to seventh in the Italian Grand Prix was his best showing so far in Formula 1:

Nico finished sixth in Budapest, but he was consistently strong throughout the whole weekend in Monza. I would say then that, yes, his overall performance was his best to date.
Sam Michael

He denied H???lkenberg should have been given a penalty for cutting the chicane while running in front of Mark Webber:

Nico didn’t gain any advantage on the occasions when he went through the chicanes. Buemi did exactly the same while running ahead of Rubens but, because he didn’t gain an advantage, he wasn’t penalised either.
Sam Michael

However he pointed out that H???lkenberg had the advantage of running a new engine at Monza, something team mate Rubens Barrichello did not have:

Nico had a new engine, but Rubens had the same one as he used in Spa. It is obviously a significant benefit to have a new engine, and particularly when we?re racing at these power-hungry circuits.

Rubens? car was handling similarly to Nico’s. Although he didn?t have the same pace as Nico over the weekend, he still scored an important point for the team.
Sam Michael

He added the team is readying an upgrade package for its FW32 for the next race:

We have a large upgrade for the FW32 for Singapore. It will be the last upgrade package we will bring to the car this season and we expect it to be competitive.
Sam Michael

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