Senna film set for June 2011 UK release

“Senna”, the documentary film about the life of Ayrton Senna, will be released in June 2011 in the UK.

The film opens in Japan next month to coincide with the Japanese Grand Prix. It is being screened at Suzuka on the weekend of the race.

The earlier release date for the Japanese market reflects the continued popularity of Senna in Japan.

Two foreign-language trailers for the film have appeared so far:

Senna movie

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33 comments on Senna film set for June 2011 UK release

  1. giorgosrallyman said on 4th April 2011, 7:55

    I have seen it! Unfortunately, one of the same for us, the fanatics! If you are completely irrelevant with Ayrton Senna’s story you will surely find the film interesting and touching. But for me, just good with nothing new indeed.. :(

  2. Sperrin said on 4th April 2011, 16:34

    Just like to point out.
    The North American and European release of this film is cut from it’s original 206 min to 104 min.

    I have seen the original 206 min cut and it’s simply amaizng.
    Why it is having 58 mins cut for it’s North American/Europen release I have no idea…and several months AFTER it’s original release in Japan.
    It’s a slap in the face for Senna fans.

    I urge anyone to watch this film, Senna fan or not. As it’s such a well made documentary, it deserves a view.
    Just hunt down the full 206 min version though.
    Yes it sound slong, but you can’t fit Senna’s life story into 104 mins.

    • Sperrin said on 4th April 2011, 16:37

      Sorry I meant 162 min not 206.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th April 2011, 17:41

      I’ve talked to Manish Pandey, the writer, at length, and there is no two-and-a-half hour long version of this film. The Japanese version has one extra scene, adding another minute or two to the standard 104 minute cut. The extra scene shows the Japanese commentators reacting to the death of Senna at Imola.

  3. giorgosrallyman said on 4th April 2011, 17:24

    And whre can we find this “full” version? Give us a link to download, if you have any.. By the way, I have seen the “short” version and the conclusion was the above.

  4. Saint_F1 said on 31st May 2011, 18:49

    Just looked at going to see it, and from what I can work out the only places to see it outside London area are Norwich, Oxford and Newcastle. Please tell me I am wrong?!?!

  5. silver sue said on 12th July 2011, 18:58

    Have just seen the Senna Film, and really enjoyed it, it is a real factual account of his life, does not seem at all hyped up and uses archive film material, which adds to the sense of reality. It really makes you think! If you want to find out if the film is on near you – go to, type in your postcode and the film you want to see and info will come up.

  6. Great things bro …

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