Sutil: “I was in the wrong place everywhere”

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A dreadful start for Adrian Sutil saw him fall from 11th to last on the first lap at Monza.

He explained what happened:

I was just in the wrong place everywhere! The start was not particularly good, and in the first corner I think it was Rubens Barrichello who went a bit wide, and I had to react to avoid an accident. I was already somewhere outside, trying to do the chicane.

I lost three positions and didn?t have a good exit out of the corner into the other chicane, and lost another two positions there. Then I went off the circuit at Parabolica when I was on the outside of Tonio.

The race was nearly over, as I was behind everybody. I did one more lap and came into the pits. The tyres were OK, but as I had to overtake all the slower cars we thought it was better to get the stop out of the way and get some free air and try a whole race on the hard set.
Adrian Sutil

He added he wasn’t sure how he damaged his front wing later on in the race, forcing an extra pit stop:

[The strategy] worked quite well in the beginning, but in the middle the laps times didn?t really look too competitive anymore. I planned to stay out, and then I damaged my front wing a little bit.

I was really close behind Pedro de la Rosa, but whether it was a kerb or I just hit him slightly, I don?t know. Anyway it was my mistake, I was just a bit late on the brakes there.

We changed to another set of soft tyres, and we had some quite good lap times in the end.
Adrian Sutil

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