52 comments on 10 reasons why more than 10,000 people follow F1 Fanatic on Twitter

  1. I follow you and I can strongly recommmend it ;-) Always up to date with it, everywhere!

  2. i am not a fan of using my phone for anything other than talking/texting to friends,in NZ we have live feeds of all the practice and qualifying then race,
    i did once have the PC running and watched Fanatic’s live feed but it was simpler to watch it live.
    so i guess its whether you have the broadcast or not then Tweeter is the next best thing.
    F1 sites which include Fanatic are still the best form of information i can find, i check out Mark Webbers and Jensons pages but otherwise Fanatic is the best place i can see for info.
    thanks Keith.

  3. hawkfist said on 20th September 2010, 0:55

    The one thing I would say is I like following the main twitter account for keeping up with articles and points of interest, but it gets a bit spammy during a greenlight sessions. Possibly make a different account for the once-every-two-minute commentary so it doesn’t blot everything else out for a couple of hours at a time.

    That or I’m just being moany :D

  4. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 20th September 2010, 8:03

    I have to say that I was reluctant to use Twitter at first, I didn’t see the point of it. But now I’ve been a member for a few months I have to say it’s really great to be able to follow F1 Fanatic and many other people, from journalists and drivers to fellow F1 Fanatics. I’d highly recommend it.

  5. I must say that twitter is great besides following F1.My daily commute is much more fun because I read what’s new on timeline and for example because of twitter I wasn’t late for work this morning.I took a different bus because I read about an accident on my usual route to work minutes after it happened so I wasn’t stuck in traffic jam because of that.

  6. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 21st September 2010, 13:35

    I joined as instructed and got a re-tweet..thanks Keith!

  7. Not sure why people hate Twitter. I guess it’s what you make of it, I follow lots of F1 accounts and it’s great for news, information and insider pictures and such. Not only that but I’ve got some great freebies and treats because of it, I’ve got in touch with Virgin and Red Bull whilst at the German GP and they’ve let me into their garages during FP2 and Qualifying :) I’ve also won lots of competitions like a print from F1 Photos, £100 giftcard for H&M and a signed Lewis & Heikki print, in fact there’s so much I wont bore you with it all. Twitter is actually amazing.

    • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 21st September 2010, 23:07

      I must admit, I didn’t get the appeal for a long time. But it is very useful for following something like F1. Just a constant stream of information.

  8. MDHayes (@themdawg) said on 29th September 2010, 21:49

    Signed up and started to follow today

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