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What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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133 comments on “Rate the race: Singapore”

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  1. As a McLaren fan I don’t like the results that much but I can’t deny the race was exciting throughout. 7/10

    1. As a Mclaren fan I’m disappointed but I understand the meaning of words – ‘rate the race’. 10/10 what an amazing race, especially for a street circuit.

      1. Yeah have to look past the disappointment of Lewis DNF to say it was a very good race for street circuit. 7/10

        1. If there had been more of a fight between Vettel and Alonso on the last lap I would have given it a 9. The first half of the race let it down a little, but I am glad I watched the entirety as it turned out to be a lot better than Monza, even if a Ferrari had to win again. :P So I gave it an 8.

          1. I gave it an 8 as well. As it was, that last lap was pretty gripping. I was on the edge of my seat watching Vettel close the gap on Alonso so quickly. I think he was smart though to settle for second and not risk crashing out to make a nearly impossible overtake.

      2. I’m a ferrari fan and the race was exiting, but for a long period nothing happened after the first SC, 6/10
        Mostly exiting in start and end.

        1. what it happened was ALO fast lap and VET fast lap each lap till the end. Great. Watching the timming it was very exciting, but at the end you can be bored watching fast lap for 50 laps. ;)

        2. Also in that period you had Webber fighting with Kobayashi and Schumacher, although you’re right it did go a bit flat for a few laps.

    2. I voted 6 but this unlucky guy would surely be voting zero


  2. Dull dull dull dull dull, safety car, dull, dull, Hamilton overtakes Webber who promptly barges him off the track, dull, dull, stewards decide to have a paid holiday, dull dull.

    Can I wake up now?

    1. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Go to bed and sleep if that is what you enjoy doing more than watching F1…

      1. What a bunch of warm bull. Stewards were asleep and probably only interested in a free holiday. How else do you explain Heiki being “allowed” to drive his flaming car around without punishment? That was downright stupid.

        (Oh and can you close off your HTML tags in your above comments? The bold tag you’ve used is affecting the entire page now.)

        1. Franton, what Heikki do was correct, because he can´t go to pits and risky a lot of people with fire. The stewards was to slow to turn the fire off (and the fire-killers of the car didnt work).

          For me was a horrible race because “cagonso” won the race (I´m Ferrari fan but i dont like “crying baby alonso” anymore since Hockeheim). I love the lot of fight on the track!!! Keep going and without any penalty!!!!

          “Winners don´t use team orders” (That´s for alonso and $chumac$er)

          1. If Alonso wins this year, then that’s 10 titles between the drivers you mentioned. Sounds like they did a lot of winning in their prime to me.

            I didn’t like Austia or Hockenheim either, but lets face it- Fernando drove a stunning race today (tonight) after a stunning qualifying and although Alonso isn’t my favourite driver, I am happy to see him win in this style so long as he drives for Ferrari.

    2. Youre a Lewis fan then

      1. Show me where the race was then. There was a moment towards the end with Kubica passing people but most of this was decided in the pitstops. Boring.

        Watching Vettel follow Alonso round the track is NOT a race. I want to see people pass each other and frankly the only drivers who managed that were Webber (a bit), Hamilton (not much), Kobayashi (plowed it into the wall not long after), Massa (only the back markers) and Kubica.

        Someone on the BBC commentary described Singapore as Monaco at night. There’s very little actual racing going on there too. This is now three races in a row at this circuit where pole man wins. I’m fairly sure if it wasn’t for the money that floats around Singapore, we wouldn’t have a “track” here.

        1. The timming is also F1, not only overtakings. For example, if Hamilton or Button hadn’t lost so much time before changing tyres (without overtakings) they would be in front of webber and he didn’t have to overtake and finally crash.

          F1 is not only overtakings, that’s not how you win. But I think you only like one small side of this.

          finally, the only real overtakings are between very different cars with different strategies, so that’s not interesting.

        2. To me thats a very limited point of view. I think the most interesting part of F1 is, how difficult it actually is. I liked the race a lot, gave it 8/10, because it represented what I love about F1: there are a thousand things you have to consider and its constantly changing. Who could have forefeen Webbers early stop or Hamitons rapidly worsening tyres or Barrichellos well lasting tyres. I also liked seeing that Alonso/Vettel chase a lot. Vettel didn’t pass Alonso, because Alonso did a great job, no mistakes. Isn’t that amazing? The smallest mistake coud have cost him the win but he held onto it and made it to the finish line.

          I want to see more of that and I have my fingers crossed, hoping F1 will never become a dull americanized overtaking festival without heart and soul.

        3. In Istanbul, there were what, two proper passes for position amongst the front runners in the entire race, but what made it such a thriller was the fact that the front runners were so evenly matched throughout, and the threat of overtaking was always there. A bit like with Alonso and Vettel being covered by barely a second throughout.

          1. Er Franton, pretty sure Massa was on pole in 2008. If Alonso had’ve been, then I doubt crashgate would have happened.

        4. Erm Massa won pole in 2008 and i think he ended up 18th or something ….

          if u find it boring, why not petition to ban both singapore and monaco. I hardly see any overtaking at Monaco this year. or last year. or the year before.

          Circuits that should be dropped in fact are the likes of Spanish GP (has there been any memorable race there for heaven’s sake) and the rubbish Bahrain GP

  3. I thought it was pretty epic actually!

    The first half was a bit dull, but surely that’s to be expected with 60 laps of a long and tight circuit. But the second half provided plenty of suspense and there were moments where I didn’t know what was going to happen. Also thoroughly enjoyed Kubica’s drive.

    As for the Hamilton/Webber incident, I think we’ve just got to expect that in racing and get over it. He tried a move and it didn’t work out that’s all. It’s just because prior to this race they were the two leading guys at the front that people will make an uproar. Alonso on the other hand was in a league of his own, and as much as I hate to admit, Vettel drove one of the most mature and controlled races i’ve seen from him!

    I’ll give it an 8 I think, only just though.

    1. Agree on the 8. I dont think it was dull. We had nice action from the start. Only after about 20 laps there was 10-20 minutes with less action.

      1. I thought it had a bit of dullness near the end too – I know that Vettel and Alonso were chasing good laptimes to win the race, and maybe my flue related headache made that less interesting than it should have been, but I would have really liked that last lap close racing to happen starting maybe 5-10 laps earlier already.

        That said, Kubica racing during that time was very nice to see, even if he could only do it that way due to fresh tires.

  4. Fantastic race for Alonso.

  5. 7. Was SO sorry for Kubica loosing so many places that stupid way until he turned a 4-rated semi-dull race into a 7 with lots of fun-to-watch overtaking nearing the end.

    “Massa’s tires are 50 laps old, so you can… Nevermind. 2 seconds to Niko now.”

    1. Yeah, that overtake during conversation from the pitwall was epic!

    2. What happened to Kubica to make him drop back? Was he hit, or did he have a puncture?

      (my notebook just cooked up and shut down at that part of the race)

      It was a great drive passing 4 drivers after that, so i was pretty happy i got the ‘book started in time for that agian.

      1. Some tires issue, his lap times improved by over 2 secs each after the stop

        1. It was a puncture.

  6. BORING. Qualifying was more exciting than the race. Congrats to Alonso – great drive! However, other than Webber taking out Hamilton, there was minimal excitement.

    1. You forgot about a huge fire on the lap last with the driver getting out as cars drive past at 150mph, Vettel 2 tenths behind Alonso past the chequered flag, Kubica overtaking tonnes of people…

      1. The fire was downright stupid of Kovaleinen. Someone should have warned him over the radio or something. Driving as far as he did was irresponsible.

        The only thing that potentially could have done was end the race under the Safety Car. How is that exciting????

        1. Accidental Mick
          26th September 2010, 17:49

          Kovy did exactly the right thing. His on board fire extinguisher did not work so he drove around to the pit wall to get one.

          This, and other, incidence pointed up the poor marshalling all weekend. The marshalls seemed to be few in number and certaunly very slow to respond to any driver with a problem.

    2. You must have been watching a replay of some different race.

      I never really got bored except for about 10-20 minutes in the middle before the pit stops.

  7. F1 Shock! Vettel ‘doesn’t’ crash and Ferrari win ‘without’ cheating! This kind of spectacle doesn’t happen often… hence 7/10.

    1. Well, now the crash kid is Hamilton, and Ferrari doesn’t need cheating because FERNANDO IS FASTER THAN EVERYBODY. :)

      Well, I really think that RBR is ahead but there’s a little gap and Alonso knows how tu minimize it. This weekend ALO was a bit slower than massa but he made a perfect weekend and got the pole, race and FL.

      Congratulations for him.

      1. I meant a bit slower than Vettel. Sorry.

  8. The second half of the race was fantastic, showing why Singapore is the best addition to the calendar in the last 20 years possibly.

    It really is the closest F1 gets to an endurance race, and is such a great contrast to Monza beforehand.

  9. As a Webber and Button fan I was really hoping Vettel could get closer to Alonso and perform some of his homemade Spa action. Nothing harmful of course just a couple of broken suspensions would have done nicely.

    1. I was praying as they were coming up to lap Schumi… I’ve come away slightly disappointed, would have been an epic if all 3 of them collided

  10. 8/10, a good overall race despite the tedious moments..plenty of overtaking and it was unusual to see Red Bull not make a mess of it for once

  11. Great race! Overtakes, fire, sparks, good stewarding, crashes and a championship that’s getting more exiting by the minute. What more could you wish for:D.

  12. Fantastic race, a 9/10. One of the best in the year.

    1. yeah, I enjoy follow the leader as well. Get a decent track designer already!

  13. I think these rate the race posts could do with waiting until people have seen a proper recap of the race, look at the people calling the great race we just saw “boring”. You guys are joking right?

    1. I guess that’s the Hamilton factor…

      1. Webber and Hamilton colliding was one of the few interesting events actually.

        1. It was a great race. Plenty of overtaking, strategy games, and SC dramas, and fighting collisions. You can’t ask for more from an F1 race, to be honest. This is what it is about.

          1. not perfect, but better than monza

            Just think how much better it would have been if they had just put in a 90 left instead of that stupid chicane – it totally ruins about half of the lap as it would have been a good overtaking spot

        2. This was, by all standards, a great race. Nothing less than a 7. I give it a 9. If Hamilton hadn’t veered into Webber’s line, this race would have been so MUCH better! Imagine the battles…

          1. The Ideal Solution would have been to discard the rubbish chicanes totally and open up both lanes of the Anderson Bridge instead of one.

            Advanatges –
            all the cars would be able to filter through easily as
            drivers have the option of using either lane of the iconic Anderson Bridge.

            Disadvantages –
            erm none really

          2. Leaving a massive construction in the middle of the track for drivers to hit? No chance.

  14. I gave it a 7. Very tense and brilliant drives from Alonso and Vettel, but apart from Kubica all the on track action was a bit…amateurish.

  15. Sound_Of_Madness
    26th September 2010, 15:17

    Not a bad one, given it was a street circuit. Was between 7 and 8. Opted for 7, thinking that 8 would be quite lenient.

  16. 4/10. Nothin much than crashes n safety cars. No awesome passing other than kubica. overall the race was quite a drag.

    1. wow. what do you rate a good race then? there was plenty of overtaking.

      1. By no overtaking i meant no overtaking among guys with almost equal power. Like massa passing the slow guys isnt exactly wat i expect in overtaking.

        1. Basically by defintion, there will no be overtaking between cars of equal performance with drivers of equal ability. Unless of course, you have cars bumping each other out of the way a la NASCAR, which is just junk food: it leaves you wanting. Fois gras on occasion is better than a Big Mac every day.

  17. I can’t remember the last time I slept during the race, from lap 41 to 51

  18. 10/10, fantastic race, awesome display of skill throughout, driver of the race undoubtedly heikki kovalainen, anybody who puts out the fire on their own car is a winner in my book.

  19. Still can’t take to Singapore. The visuals from above are fantastic, the track shots dull as hell. But the real problem for me is its difficult nature, full of kerbs and walls, making caution necessary, combined with its place on the calendar – at a point in the season where *most* drivers chasing the title are reluctant to risk much. Okay so there are always incidents and almost inevitably SCs that bunch up, but Hamilton’s failed attempt to pass Webber was a real exception and in hindsight a bad call (not talking about moving through the mid field a la Kubica and Webber earlier in the race). Earlier in the season we might see some more risky moves, even later (penultimate?) Button and Vettel, for example, would have really have had to go for the extra points. Oh well, plenty of other people seem to like it.

  20. Those who say ‘boring’ crack me up– even the fire in the last lap had me out of my seat. Although my favorite driver didn’t make the podium, the race result keeps the championship in question.

    1. Well, the fire was actually the most interesting part of the race. It was good for the championship, but I’ve seen many better races before.
      Well, gave it a 5/10, though.

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