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2010 Singapore Grand Prix

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133 comments on Rate the race: Singapore

  1. 4/10. Nothin much than crashes n safety cars. No awesome passing other than kubica. overall the race was quite a drag.

    • wow. what do you rate a good race then? there was plenty of overtaking.

      • By no overtaking i meant no overtaking among guys with almost equal power. Like massa passing the slow guys isnt exactly wat i expect in overtaking.

        • Basically by defintion, there will no be overtaking between cars of equal performance with drivers of equal ability. Unless of course, you have cars bumping each other out of the way a la NASCAR, which is just junk food: it leaves you wanting. Fois gras on occasion is better than a Big Mac every day.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I slept during the race, from lap 41 to 51

  3. 10/10, fantastic race, awesome display of skill throughout, driver of the race undoubtedly heikki kovalainen, anybody who puts out the fire on their own car is a winner in my book.

  4. David BR said on 26th September 2010, 15:20

    Still can’t take to Singapore. The visuals from above are fantastic, the track shots dull as hell. But the real problem for me is its difficult nature, full of kerbs and walls, making caution necessary, combined with its place on the calendar – at a point in the season where *most* drivers chasing the title are reluctant to risk much. Okay so there are always incidents and almost inevitably SCs that bunch up, but Hamilton’s failed attempt to pass Webber was a real exception and in hindsight a bad call (not talking about moving through the mid field a la Kubica and Webber earlier in the race). Earlier in the season we might see some more risky moves, even later (penultimate?) Button and Vettel, for example, would have really have had to go for the extra points. Oh well, plenty of other people seem to like it.

  5. Those who say ‘boring’ crack me up– even the fire in the last lap had me out of my seat. Although my favorite driver didn’t make the podium, the race result keeps the championship in question.

    • Well, the fire was actually the most interesting part of the race. It was good for the championship, but I’ve seen many better races before.
      Well, gave it a 5/10, though.

  6. Quite a decent race despite Lewis crashing out again . :( 7/10

  7. Pingguest said on 26th September 2010, 15:27

    7 – Some great action, but I think the Safety Car robbed us from a greater race once again.

  8. A. Bramao & H. Raqui said on 26th September 2010, 15:28

    Although a lot of fun came from accidents.
    In my opinion WEB should have got a penalty on his move against HAM…

  9. Hammmy gave Web tons of room…but watching that lotus burn was wonderful…not bad for a street race

  10. 7/10
    It would be rated higher, but being such a tight and slow circuit, getting to race distance takes quite a long time. Had it been 30 minutes shorter, it would be excellent.

  11. 8. Strategy, overtakes, fireworks and sparks and a race to the finish. Damn good for Singapore. Lost 2 marks for the lull in the middle

  12. I’m stunned people found that race dull. That was a fantastic grand prix. Had everything you’d want in a race.

  13. Really enjoyed that, Another great race…
    Alonso worked for that one… Kubica was amazing! and I’m really happy Rubens got some points.

    • Oh, and how great was it to see Glock fighting against the established teams? I know it kind of unravelled, But for him to do that, it’s almost as good as points.

  14. Dave Blanc said on 26th September 2010, 15:33

    Webber always seems to outbrake himself when he’s trying a big pass/being passed – anyone else notice this? Here was another case in point when he should have given up the place – he was a very lucky boy.

    That said, i don’t think he should be penalised – this is what happens when you race. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Both were fighting rather than sitting back so fair play. Gutted for Hamilton though – he really isn’t having any luck this season.

  15. chaostheory said on 26th September 2010, 15:33

    First half of the race was boring, but 2nd one was awsome, with Alonso and Vettel so close at front, and Kubicas blitzkrieg from 13th to 7th (i know he was on fresh tires, but still it was very pleasant to watch his overtakings). So I gave it 9, first time since…cant remember, but I am pleased with todays race.

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