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What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 Singapore Grand Prix out of ten

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133 comments on “Rate the race: Singapore”

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  1. pathetic race…….lots of anticipation but nothing was happening…even rain could have helped……..i think FIA should knock off such incompetent circuits………….very boring………i believe they should have called off the race….and should have given scores on qualifying………..i initially thought of giving 2/10 but after lewis-mark incident…i at least have to give it 4.

  2. Gread Race. almost perfect along with Australian.

  3. I gave it a 7 out of 10. I could have given it an 8.
    Quite a few overtakes and crashes. Great race by Alonso and Vettel. Alonso only driver not to make a mistake. Vettel:selects 2nd gear in pits by mistake
    Hamilton:tries an absurd overtake around the outside of Webber
    Button:pulls out of an overtake of Hamilton on first lap
    Schumacher:crashes into Heidfeld
    Massa:overcooks it at turn 13 and cant get past any1
    Webber:went onto the prime way to early (not his fault)
    ect ect….
    Webber and Kubica were very impressive although Kubicas overtaking was mostly on brand new softs while ever1 else was on muched up tyres, however Webber showed incredible determination and skill.
    Congratulations to the stewards for no penalising Webber, I too like Marin Brundle believe it was a racing incident.

  4. What a boring race, only one passing move on the track in the top 5 all race & it ends in a crash. The only point of interest was whether Webber would catch up; and that does not a race make. It’s an awful track and the night race thing isn’t a novelty anymore.

    The first GP in several years that I could not be bothered to see to the end.

    1. “The first GP in several years that I could not be bothered to see to the end.”

      Hence making your opinion worthless as that’s where most of the action occured.

      1. What action? A collision? I saw that. Most interesting thing that happened all day.

        The finishing order was exactly the same as when I switched off at around 75% of the race done. Ergo nothing happened.

        Cars running line astern isn’t exciting. For example even if Button had been 2s per lap faster than Webber there’s no way he’d have got past, or even close. When there’s no prospect of changes in the race then it’s boring in my book.

        Maybe two decent tracks in a row have ‘spoiled’ me somewhat, but this was as bad as Bahrain 2010.

        My opinion isn’t ‘worthless’ by the way, it’s as valid as yours.

      2. Cars running line astern isn’t exciting.

        Cars largely running line astern with a collision thrown in is pretty much what happened at Istanbul Park this year.

  5. gr8 win for the ferrari go alonso go

  6. 8/10 for the drama but most if it depended on the Safety Car periods. Was lining up to be the most boring race of the year before that.

  7. 7/10

    I think it was a good race. We have seen a lot of action, strategy calls with tyres, stellar last stint by Kubica, some good overtakes and stewards who actually encouraged drivers to race. Alonso was untouchable at front, Vettel unfortunately didn’t want to risk strong points but there were battles behind the top drivers which were entertaining.
    I don’t know what kind of race people who are saying it was dull and boring expect?

  8. Definitely the best race we’ve had in Singapore so far, though that’s hardly a glowing endorsement.

    It was a bit disappointing that just when the battle for the lead was looking tasty, the safety car came out again.

    Feel sorry for Hamilton – it was a racing incident though and I don’t think you can blame Webber.

    At first I thought McLaren dropped the ball by not pitting him sooner but looking at the data I don’t think that was the case. Analysis up soon…

    1. Look at the replay…Ham gave him tons of room and Shu did a real number on Had…now that was pay back,but still…

      1. Look at the replay…Webber had his left wheels on the kerb….

  9. Matthew McMahon
    26th September 2010, 18:16

    I am definetly not an Alonso fan but I have to say that was a really impressive drive from him. Great to watch. Shame about Hamilton but well done to the stewarts for putting it down to a racing incident. Two championship contenders battling it out things like this are going to happen. The only bad thing about the race was the state of those trophies!!!! 9/10

    1. Ham gave Web tons of room,the race stewarts had the blinders on this weekend

  10. i gave it a 7. the first half was miserable, the second half was excellent.

  11. 10! – The only night race, a street circuit!

  12. The circuit needs work. Get rid of the pointless chicanes in the final sector so the cars run along the waterfront flat out, and get rid of the two corners after turn seven; go around the war memorial instead. There’s talk they’re going to do it for next year.

  13. My Rating: 6


    1) I liked that all the championship contenders made clean starts. It is always disappointing to see a driver crash out or lose a bunch of places on the first lap.

    2) I thought Red Bull’s decision to bring Webber in for a pit stop was a risky gamble, and I didn’t think it would work, but they proved me wrong. So I liked the fact that they took a chance. Without Red Bull taking that risk, Webber probably would have just circulated in fifth position for the rest of the race.

    3) I liked that Webber was able to capatialise on minor mistakes by both Schumacher and Kobayashi to pass them.

    4) I didn’t like the Webber / Hamilton contact. It’s understandable, no one would want to them yield to the other drive. The collision probably would not have occurred if the lapped traffic in front of Webber had of got out of the way like they are supposed to. Maybe it was just my bias but it seemed like they got in Webber’s way but were only too happy to jump out of the way for Hamilton. I’m also a little surprised that those lapped cars didn’t incur some sort of penalty; after all it was their action (or rather inaction) that enabled Hamilton to be in a position where a collision could occur.

    5) I like the circuit, and I like the “Singapore Sling”, it’s a test, and consequences of failing the test are severe, but who said Formula 1 is meant to be easy?

  14. I gave it a 7. A fair amount of overtaking, some good strategy calls, some real racing, and some fantastic drives by Alonso, Webber and Kubica. Even Vettel kept his nose clean, although I knew he’d never get past Alonso at the end ‘cos the boy just can’t overtake. I bet Hamilton is kicking himself today, he had 30 odd laps to make a move on Webber, it didn’t need to be done straight after the re-start. I can’t beleive some people are blaming Webber for that, or intimating that it was deliberate. Webber had the line, end of story.

  15. 8/10. An eventful race with some nice passes considering that it is a street race and run dry. Bring on the changes for the circuit and some rain in 2011 and it will be incredible!

  16. I voted 6, not too much racing but some incident. The highlight of the race have to be Webber’s driving passing drivers especially Schumacher & Kobayashi. Then his cool head driving behind Barrichello.

    Kubica did provided some entertainment in the end of the race which was good to see as you can overtake on this track if the strategy is split.

  17. A 6 from me.
    I’m not a big fan of this night racing and the circuit itself,where there is little opportunity for overtaking although having said that was surprised that there was some overtaking,of note being Kubica late in the race and Webber earlier on when he got past Schumacher and Kobayashi.
    I must say that Webbers luck has changed for the better this season.Any other year after the coming together with Hamilton,he would have ended up out of the race.

  18. It was quite interesting. Only part that was dull was the 20 laps after the first SC

  19. Actually only the few accidents i didn’t see a lot of racing it’s rather dull… Why not try to let see some action coverage in the backfield. Hamilton move on Weber and vice versa was good too see (was racing) And in the end Kubica overtaking the lot. Those tyres are bad enough way too good!
    And then the penaulties after the race is really getting annoying! I gave the race just a 4

  20. For me the race was a 7/10, I was set to give it a 6 until Kubica’s late surge through the field after his unscheduled pit stop.

    Another faultless from Alonso, but even though Vettel was close all race I never thought there was any chance he would get past Alonso on track, so even though they kept trading fastest laps that part of the race didn’t have as much tension for me as it probably should have done.

    There was some action further down the field, but without the safety cars and some drivers making an early tyre change I think the race may have been a bit dull.

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