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133 comments on Rate the race: Singapore

  1. Victor. said on 26th September 2010, 15:34

    8/10. Can’t wait for the F1.com edit – two SC; Webber/Hamilton; Kobayashi/Schumacher; Schumacher/Heidfeld; Kobayashi/Senna; Kubica after his second stop; and Kovalainen being the epitome of cool.

    Compare Singapore as a race to Monaco. Whilst Monaco is by far the coolest qualifying of the year, the actual race is, unless it rains like in 2008, incredibly dull. Great race with some boring bits, but that’s what you’d expect from a two hour long street race.

    On another note – I hope Kubica’s recovery shows Pirelli how tyres should behave. If the difference between soft and hard tyres was to be the same as the difference between Kubica’s new tyres and everyone elses old tyres, next season could be a blast. Of course the soft tyres wouldn’t last more than 50 kilometres or so, whilst the hard tyres would go on forever.

  2. 2.4L V8 said on 26th September 2010, 15:36

    Only Kubica deserves the result

    • Yes Kubica is really amazing. I think he’s putting the Renault higher than where it deserves. I think the actual results of Renault are because his quality. He’s another Alonso. If he arrives at Ferrari with Alonso, it’s going to be another McLaren-senna-prost, but better.

      COngratulations for him.

  3. RBR had no answer today!! ALONSO yeaaaaaaaah! What a race best of this year, amazing they run so close to the wall for 60 laps! No way you can convince me that was a boring race no matter who you like… Once again kubica shows why hes going to ferrari! The layout of the track might not have the catchiest layout but def makes up for that with all the beautiful scenary! Was hoping for a RBR dnf or even for button to take places from them but we’ll take the W!

    • Duchess said on 26th September 2010, 15:45

      Um…definitely far from confirmed if Kubica would be going to Ferrari in 2011 and I’d seriously doubt it.

      • I agree with Sam, Alonso won without cheating, which is a real surprise. A rare treat in the world of Ferrari…

        Vettel deserves a mention for not wiping Alsonso out also. respect.

        • It’s not as if Ferrari or Alonso cheated in Bahrain nor in Monza.

          Sure i hate the move in Hockenheim as well (and a lot from the past) but it is hardly like Ferrari cannot win anything without cheating.

        • I think this is the second race u watch in which Alonso won after Germany otherwise u wont have said that.

        • Do you know what is the favourite song of Hamilton?

          WALKING on sunshine.

          Specialy the chorus:
          I’m walking on sunshine (whoa oh)
          I’m walking on sunshine (whoa oh)
          I’m walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

        • David A said on 26th September 2010, 19:44

          I agree with Sam, Alonso won without cheating, which is a real surprise.

          I can count 23 occasions where you were surprised then.

  4. 9/10 for me. The first third of the race was a bit boring but the last two thirds more than made up for it.

    Webbers Overtakes at the start, Kubica at the end and Kovy putting his fire out were the highlights for me.

    Definatly worth staying up to midnight for.

    Bring on Japan!!

  5. wth happened to the text?

  6. roberttty said on 26th September 2010, 15:58

    For a track that has been often criticized, this race has far exceeded my expectations – and it’s one of the best dry races!

    Brilliant and hope for more such races.


  7. gwenouille said on 26th September 2010, 16:02

    Only a 6 for me, although I should have put 7 really…

    2 main minuses: I don’t like street circuits, no matter how spectacular they look. Straight, turn,straight,turn,turn,turn… No long, fast sweeping curves flowing into a tighter curve with an elevation diffence…
    And then I hate Safety Cars. That’s quite artificial entertaining I think…

    Apart from these 2 points, it was an OK race.

    But still the circuit doesn’t mesmerize me…

  8. 8/10. Awesome race. Lots of attrition and a spectacular finish. Also big ups to the drivers for racing for 2 hours in very humid conditions.

  9. Edsel (Joshy) said on 26th September 2010, 16:07

    Rubbish exit for HAM. I guess that pure racing though. Even though I am a McLaren fan, but I really want Webber to take the championship title. Other than that it was great race.

    It’s was kinda weird how Senna crashed into Kobayashi. This race had me on my toes towards the end.

  10. Why on Earth is everyone rating it so highly? It was easily the worst race since Bahrain. Remind me, what happened apart from the collision? Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring BORING

  11. Piyush Gandhi said on 26th September 2010, 16:31

    pathetic race…….lots of anticipation but nothing was happening…even rain could have helped……..i think FIA should knock off such incompetent circuits………….very boring………i believe they should have called off the race….and should have given scores on qualifying………..i initially thought of giving 2/10 but after lewis-mark incident…i at least have to give it 4.

  12. Gread Race. almost perfect along with Australian.

  13. Marcello said on 26th September 2010, 17:06

    I gave it a 7 out of 10. I could have given it an 8.
    Quite a few overtakes and crashes. Great race by Alonso and Vettel. Alonso only driver not to make a mistake. Vettel:selects 2nd gear in pits by mistake
    Hamilton:tries an absurd overtake around the outside of Webber
    Button:pulls out of an overtake of Hamilton on first lap
    Schumacher:crashes into Heidfeld
    Massa:overcooks it at turn 13 and cant get past any1
    Webber:went onto the prime way to early (not his fault)
    ect ect….
    Webber and Kubica were very impressive although Kubicas overtaking was mostly on brand new softs while ever1 else was on muched up tyres, however Webber showed incredible determination and skill.
    Congratulations to the stewards for no penalising Webber, I too like Marin Brundle believe it was a racing incident.

  14. The GazMeister said on 26th September 2010, 17:07

    What a boring race, only one passing move on the track in the top 5 all race & it ends in a crash. The only point of interest was whether Webber would catch up; and that does not a race make. It’s an awful track and the night race thing isn’t a novelty anymore.

    The first GP in several years that I could not be bothered to see to the end.

    • “The first GP in several years that I could not be bothered to see to the end.”

      Hence making your opinion worthless as that’s where most of the action occured.

      • The GazMeister said on 26th September 2010, 17:40

        What action? A collision? I saw that. Most interesting thing that happened all day.

        The finishing order was exactly the same as when I switched off at around 75% of the race done. Ergo nothing happened.

        Cars running line astern isn’t exciting. For example even if Button had been 2s per lap faster than Webber there’s no way he’d have got past, or even close. When there’s no prospect of changes in the race then it’s boring in my book.

        Maybe two decent tracks in a row have ‘spoiled’ me somewhat, but this was as bad as Bahrain 2010.

        My opinion isn’t ‘worthless’ by the way, it’s as valid as yours.

      • David A said on 26th September 2010, 19:47

        Cars running line astern isn’t exciting.

        Cars largely running line astern with a collision thrown in is pretty much what happened at Istanbul Park this year.

  15. Marcello said on 26th September 2010, 17:08

    gr8 win for the ferrari go alonso go

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