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133 comments on Rate the race: Singapore

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  1. I gave it a 6 despite plenty of action.
    Now I hate Bernie’s medal system, but I actually thought seriously about it after this race, as I’m thoroughly disappointed that Vettel seemed to settle for 2nd place, despite the fact that he had a car that could challenge for the win.

    But, maybe I’m being too harsh and Alonso was just too good.

    Also, I hate that kerbing on the exit of turn 7, where Hamilton \ Heidfield got hit. It’s a street track, get rid of it and let them use the walls as the edge of the circuit. The silly kerbing cost Glock too when he slid across it after going wide.
    Removing it would speed up the lap times a bit too, but maybe the safety police will kick up a stink if they are removed.

    The only kerbing to keep is the turtle humps at that chicane. It’s needed to slow the cars before the bridge and it’s a unique aspect of the track.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 27th September 2010, 11:28

      I don’t agree that Vettel settled for the win – he was all over Alonso in the final laps. Though I did wonder why he wasn’t able to attack Alonso as hard after the second safety car period as he was doing before it.

      • Desmond Shaw said on 27th September 2010, 16:05

        To the relevant track officials,

        i have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 editions of the Singapore GP so far. Keep up the good work!

        However, i hope you give consideration to my feedback. The one corner that has irked drivers would be the ridiculous Turn 10 chicanes. Why not listen to their concerns and simply remove the chicanes?

        I understand that the purpose of the chicanes is to filter the train of cars coming though into a single file and it has worked very well.

        The drawback is of course that the chicanes also handily stymie overtaking – something that hardly endears to fans.

        My simple solution would be to open both lanes of the Anderson Bridge so that cars have enough space to filter through and move onto the Esplanade Bridge. Imagine the visual treat as cars battling to overtake emerge out of either lane of the Anderson Bridge and stream towards the Esplanade Bridge where the battle continues.

        Now there might be a safety concern as cars coming out of both lanes might not see each other. Solution – draw a white lane a la pit lane exit for about 100m to 300m from the exit of Anderson Bridge to the entrane of the Esplanade Bridge so that there is no risk of dangerous collisions.

        There you go
        Desnond Shaw

      • Desmond Shaw said on 27th September 2010, 16:10

        i hope you can see my petition to have the ridiculous turn 10 chicanes removed and open up both lane of the Anderson Bridge to promote overtaking.

        I have sent an identically worded petition to the race organisers at info@singaporegp.sg

        If you, as the owner of the most popular F1 fansite out there i believe, were to send one as well, i believe the organisers might be more inclined to make revisions to that ridiculous Turn 10 chicanes next year.

        Cheers mate

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 27th September 2010, 16:14

          Sorry but the way I see it, it’s a two-lane bridge with a divide down the middle, I don’t see how they could possibly do what you’re suggesting.

          • Desmond Shaw said on 27th September 2010, 16:32

            A white line, which drivers cannot cut, could be drawn from the divide all the way down to the early portion of the next bridge.

          • This is what would happen if both lanes of the bridge were open.


            It would be a death trap. As would removing the turn 10 chicane. Without that chicane turn 10 would be a high speed left turn, and if drivers messed up I imagine the force of the impact with the outside wall would be too great, and as a result would cause serious injury or even death, as has happened at other similar corners on other race circuits.

        • Desmond Shaw said on 27th September 2010, 16:27

          To add on, the Singapore GP is a great spectacle and one of the best additions to the F1 calender.

          PLUS POINTS – The local interest is genuinely feverish and crowds throng the race every year, ticket prices are very affordable and the off-track entertainment is top notch.

          NEGATIVE POINTS – Like what many other fans have mentioned here, apart from Turn 7 (where Hamilton and Webber had their tangle) or Turn 8 (where Kubica had many of his overaking moves yesterday), there are hardly any overtaking opportunites elsewhere on the track.

          It won’t surprise anyone to know that our best friend, Herman “i build exciting circuits in my sleep” Tilke drew up the circuit plans and passed them onto the organisers. You could hardly blame them; when Singapore was awarded a race, they thought they should look to the “most experienced man” for help in formalising an exciting circuit and that man happens to be Mr Tilke.

          By now, they should know that the circuit produces throughly boring racing action save for Turn 7 and 8.
          I just sincerely hoped that they take heed of drivers’ and fans’ comments and removed the rubbish chicanes at Turn 10 and open up both lanes of Anderson Bridge to promote overtaking. Not every turn needs to be one where overtaking can take place but to have only 2 out of 23 is frankly disappointing.

  2. Weird. I thought it was a great race, went on a bit though. Because there was so much action I looked at the lap counter expecting it to be almost over and there were still 20 laps to go :D

  3. mightyspyder said on 27th September 2010, 15:51

    Apart from Robert Kubica and his clever passes, this was [for me] a very boring race. Of course, there will be young detractors who will call me all sorts of names, but as a GP aficionado for over sixty years, I can tell a good race from a bad one. This was bad, with far too many safety car sessions, all of which levels the playing field.

  4. There was lots of passing, tight racing at the front, cliff-hanging strategic gambles, a clash between the top two in points. Then you had Kubica carving up the field like Zorro in the late stages. I have to rate it very highly, despite going through the quickest cycle from resignation to jubilation to horrible dispair I have ever experience thanks to the “racing incident.”

    By the way FIA needs to ban track cleaning machines. That confounded thing robbed us of an interesting start. In fact, it seemed like that sweeper spent too much time on the inside.

  5. Quite an eventful race for a dry street track.

    Some track modification ideas:

    Turn 7 should go straight on round the cenotaph, eliminating turns 8,9 and making the back straight longer.

    The 3-apex tortoise chicane should be a 2-apex chicane and moved slightly back up the straight.

    Use the outer road on esplanade bridge instead of the inner. Makes for faster turn 13 hairpin and tighter turn 14. And if turn 8 is eliminate (as per first suggestion), run-off area won’t be an issue.

    Make turn 18 a straight run to turn 21 under the new Helix bridge.

  6. Totlly boring-the rock concerts were the redeeming feature- the only non- boring part of the ‘procession’,unfortunately,was when Webber accelerated and deliberately rammed Lewis.

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