Webber: Ferrari have momentum (Video)

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Mark Webber said he was content to score points at what had been a “weak weekend” for him in Singapore:

I’m very much focusing on what I’ve got to do. As I said before if it’s two guys, four guys, eight guys, you can’t control what happens at their side.

I believe the best way is to try to win. This was a very weak weekend for me in terms of pace but I managed to get something out of it which is very, very important to help the championship campaign on-track. I hope I can add some victories before the year’s out and that will obviously help a lot but non-finishes are what really hurt you. I’m looking to keep going forward and not looking over my shoulder.
Mark Webber

But he conceded his nearest championship rival Fernando Alonso has the momentum having won the last two races:

The momentum at the moment is with Ferrari because they’ve had a couple of victories on the bounce. But the points situation is still open. It’s nice that I’ve got a little bit of a buffer – not a big one – and that’s something I’d rather have than not.

I doubt whether the performances of the cars will change a huge amount in the next few races but I still think the Ferrari can be competitive in the next few Grands Prix and we will certainly be very competitive so we need to go there and get the maximum out of what we have.
Mark Webber

He said the team have improved the RB6’s standing starts after problems in recent races:

The starts have not been fantastic in the last few events but at Singapore both of got away pretty well. And it’s important – in the first sector of the race you get a reasonable chance.

It’s a testament to the team. They’ve done quite a bit of work in the last few weeks and that’s the strength of the team in realising a few weaknesses here and there. Red Bull have done that so hopefully we can continue in that vein and maybe go a step further and find some other improvements.
Mark Webber

He admitted he had concerns about pitting so early in the race but it came good has he rose from fifth to finish third.

I questioned it a little bit at the time because I wasn’t sure.

Sometimes when you pit quite early in the race you come out deep in the pack. I knew that I would have lost a lot of time to the guys ahead if I had to lose a lot of time in traffic, trying to penetrate and come back through.

In the end it turned out well. It’s very easy to struggle with overtaking- if it doesn’t work out then the strategy is very exposed. I managed to get myself in free air, to a point. I caught Rubens and his pace wasn’t too bad, he was still holding me up a bit quite a bit but it was enough for me to keep in contact with the two McLarens.
Mark Webber

But he had to cope with a vibration in the car after contact with Lewis Hamilton which he feared would end his race:

I was very concerned after I made the contact with Lewis because we know it’s very much rolling the dice – you can have some problems with these cars if you make contact.

I did have a very big vibration finishing the Grand Prix. We know why, we found what was wrong finishing the last part of the Grand Prix. But the car stayed together and we got the points we needed to get.
Mark Webber

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