F1 Fanatic round-up: 1/10/2010

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Got a fun article coming up later today for those of you who enjoy the post-Grand Prix “rate the race” polls.

In the meantime, here’s the round-up:


Some hope for France? (Joe Saward)

“The French Grand Prix might be back on the F1 agenda in the years ahead. It is not yet clear where such a race could be held but it seems that Bernie Ecclestone has been discussing possibilities with Claude Michy, a sports promoter, who has enjoyed much success with the motorcycle Grand Prix de France, which is held at Le Mans.”

At Singapore the gamble did not pay off (Ferrari)

“In the end, I made up a few more places thanks to a couple of stewards’ decisions after the race and although personally, it does not mean much to me, given that obviously my own hopes in the drivers? championship have gone, it did mean I got a couple more important points for Ferrari in the constructors? classification.”

Branson confirms Virgin backing for ’11 (Autosport)

“We didn’t spend much money last year and we haven’t spent much money this year. The Virgin brand is strong and it attracts other sponsors, so people want to be involved with the Virgin cars. It has worked well for us both years. Obviously the coverage was more when you are winning, but we were just ridiculously lucky last year and don’t get many of those in a lifetime.”

Ryder Cup’s tweet irony when it comes to the united front of golf (The Guardian)

About golf, but there’s much resonance for F1 here: “The media’s gripes about access to sports stars are well-worn to the point of cliche, but they are shared by many fans, and to a small extent Twitter has mitigated against the trend for 20-year-old millionaires to snap ‘talk to my agent’ when asked for a chat. A big part of sport is the human connection ?ǣ however imagined ?ǣ that fans feel with players, and the more you legislate against that, the closer you get to thinking that sport might as well be played by robots.”

Article on potential F1 comeback for Kimi (Kimi R??ikk??nen)

You’ll have to click through to ‘News’ to find it, worth a look.

Comment of the day

It’s always great to hear from fans who are going to races and this is the first we’ve had from someone who’s going to this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix. If you’re going too please join in the discussion.

Hi, I am going to the Brazilian GP and have tickets for Grandstand A. Hope it was a good choice? I have booked a package with Grandstand Motorsports and have transfers included on the Sat/Sun.My only concern is getting to the circuit on Friday and cause there are no allocated seats, getting there early is a must!
John Millard

From the forum

Alexi wonders could Toro Rosso be sold in the near future?

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher scored one of the best of his 91 Grand Prix wins in the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

A consummate win on a wet-dry track in front of his home crowd, capped by a brilliant pass on Jean Alesi, all-but cemented his second drivers’ championship title: