F1 Fanatic round-up: 2/10/2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

It’s the IndyCar title decider at Homestead tonight (if you’re in Britain, at least, coverage here starts at 11:30pm) so I’m going to be watching that.

Another title outcome to be decided this weekend is the inaugural Auto GP championship. Romain Grosjean is leading by one point going into this weekend’s double-header at Monza – despite not having entered the first four races.

If you’re watching any races this weekend, let us know in the comments. Here’s the round-up:


The Fiat/Ferrari Talk (The New York Times F1 blog)

“After the Corriere della Sera reported on Sunday that Fiat was considering selling a large part of its 85 percent stake in Ferrari, our reporter questioned the two men about this. ‘We would consider selling a part of Ferrari,’ [Sergio] Marchionne said, ‘but it?s not in the cards now, and I have no project on my desk.'”

Formula One diary: Singapore Grand Prix (The Daily Telegraph)

“Interestingly, Japanese driver Sakon Yamamoto is wandering around the paddock. Officially, he is not racing for HRT due to a nasty bout of food poisoning, but he looks absolutely fine: in all probability, it’s just that his replacement, Christian Klien, has been able to bring some much-needed sponsorship to the team. Be nice if they could actually admit as much and stop treating us like idiots.”

Comment of the day

DaveW identified a pattern in the “rate the race” results:

So the bottom ten is:

Tilke track, fixed race

The top ten, by contrast, has only two Tilkes and one of them is there because the Red Bulls crashed into each other. The other is there due to major rain-lottery. The ranking is not about the track, but is this a coincidence?

Case closed.

Happy birthday!

It’s Stacy and Scribe’s birthdays today so a great big happy birthday to them!

On this day in F1

Here’s an article I wrote two years ago today on mistakes F1 must avoid.

Happily, none of them have come to pass – yet…