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Failing to use Ferrari tactics is destroying Red Bull and McLaren’s title hopes 3rd October 2010, 12:12

Whether you approve of team orders or not, this championship is now all about them: How much Ferrari can use them to help Fernando Alonso, and when McLaren and Red Bull are going to bow to the inevitable and back one of their drivers. As long as McLaren and Red Bull continue to split their […]

Franchitti wins third Indycar title

Dario Franchitti sealed his third Indycar championship victory at the Homestead oval in Miami. Will Power led the championship going into the final race but he brushed the wall and broke his right-rear suspension shortly after half distance. He briefly returned to the track after repairs but later retired for good. Franchitti survived a scare […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 3/10/2010

If you’re particularly interested in F1 engine technology check out the current issue of Race Engine Technology magazine which has an in-depth look at the Toyota V8 raced in F1 last year. Unfortunately, it seems there is no way to view this article online. As I write this I’m watching the coverage of the IndyCar […]

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