F1 Fanatic round-up: 4/10/2010

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Hope you all had a great weekend ?ǣ let us know what you got up to in the comments below.

Here?s today?s round-up:


Blog: Showtime in Seoul (Renault F1)

??The South Korean capital, Seoul, became the latest city to witness the sight and sound of an F1 car this afternoon as the Renault F1 Roadshow came to town.

??We rocked up in front of the City Hall and let the R29 loose on the streets of the city. J??r???me D?Ambrosio was the lucky man behind the wheel, deputising for Ho-Pin Tung who continues to recover from the back injury he picked up in GP2.??

Mark Webber calm as Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso closes in (BBC F1)

??Red Bull’s Mark Webber has admitted the momentum is with Fernando Alonso and Ferrari as the Formula 1 season nears its climax with four races remaining.??

Schumacher positive about Suzuka challenge (ESPN F1)

??Michael Schumacher will head to Japan next week with fond memories of the Suzuka circuit at the forefront of his mind.??

Lewis Hamilton blasted for “aggressive” driving (The Mirror)

??Lewis Hamilton has been slated for being ??too aggressive? in the Singapore night race.

??Red Bull boss Christian Horner poured salt on the 2008 champion’s wounds over the clash with Mark Webber that saw him crash out of the last round and could spell the end of his championship hopes.??

Austin F1 track builder Hermann Tilke: a real-life Lord of the Rings (Statesman.com)

??What may be the world’s greatest auto racetrack engineering company began in 1986 with a tiny strip of concrete.??

Comment of the day

With team orders back in limelight, David BR says:

It?s a brave article Keith. At first, apart from being a bit taken aback, I just plain disagreed, mostly because I tend to agree with McLaren?s self-proclaimed policy of ??amicable competition? between drivers, with the presumption that they?ll help each other when one of them is out of the reckoning. I?m not saying I believe this is 100% true, just it seems a workable ideal. But?? it?s difficult to refute your essential point that the McLaren and Red Bull drivers are pushed to take more risks.

At the same time, do they realistically have an alternative? Button has already made his position clear, I think, that he wouldn?t accept basically working for Hamilton if McLaren decided to back only the latter while he still has a chance. And with Hamilton still ahead of him, how could they decide the opposite? The same for Red Bull. In fact it seems clear that they *did* want to back Vettel this year, but having Webber go awol wasn?t worth the bad publicity or the potential agro in the garage and on the track.

I think the point missing in your argument is Massa: he accepted being number two. Why, I don?t know. But Alonso?s advantage stems from that decision and nothing else. He didn?t get that in 2007 (from Hamilton, post Monaco), which was the real reason McLaren ??stuck? by their principles. Had Lewis ceded, they?d have done the same as Ferrari this season, no question.
David BR

From the forum

Will Hamilton ever leave McLaren?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday StrFerrari4Ever and Iceshiel ?ǣ hope you both a great day!

On this day in F1

Jochen Rindt won the world championship on this day in 1970 at the United States Grand Prix, despite having died almost a month earlier in an accident during qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix.

At the time of his death, the Austrian driver had a 20-point lead in the world championship. As none of his rivals were able to exceed his total of 45 points by the end of the season, he became the sport?s first and only posthumous champion.

From the archives

40 years today: Rindt killed at Monza