Petrov: “I need to show what I can do”

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Vitaly Petrov says he needs some good results in the final races to show he deserves to keep his seat at Renault in 2010:

The recent races have not been easy for me, and I think it?s down to my lack of experience and some bad luck. I?m working hard and improving, especially with my feedback and understanding the car, but this has not been translated into the results. Now I need to show the team what I can do in the final races and show that I deserve to stay here next year.
Vitaly Petrov

Suzuka is another new circuit for the Russian driver:

I know it?s a very famous circuit and it?s nice to go there for the first time.

It?s hard for me to say more because I really don?t know what to expect. It will be a totally new experience for me, but I know already from talking with my engineers that it?s quite a tricky circuit.

I hope the car will be good there, but the start of the lap looks very quick and challenging with lots of changes of direction. If you get one corner wrong, you really suffer in the other corners.

I think it?s also important we make sure the F-duct works well there because a lot of the lap is full throttle and the straights are quite long.
Vitaly Petrov

Team mate Robert Kubica says the Japanese circuit is his favourite venue of the year:

It?s hard, it?s the most challenging circuit and it?s very, very fast. If you count the number of really high-speed corners, taken in fourth gear or above, I think it?s the most of any circuit on the calendar.

The first sector is incredible: the Esses are like a rollercoaster, flipping the G-forces from side to side through very long corners, and it?s tough to keep the correct line, especially because if you make a mistake in one corner, you carry it for a long time through the next corners.

Plus, there are a couple of low-speed corners, and the chicane where you have very heavy braking and it?s possible to overtake.
Robert Kubica

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