Former Lotus team principal Peter Warr dies

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Peter Warr, former team principal of Lotus, Wolf and Fittipaldi, died yesterday of a heart attack.

Before joining Lotus he served in the British army and briefly competed as a racing driver. He worked as team manager under Colin Chapman in the 1970s and later managed the design team which created the 77, an early ground effect car which raced in 1976.

At the end of the year he joined the Wolf racing team. He originally arranged to come back to Lotus three years later, but he did not return until 1981.

It fell to Warr to run the team following Chapman’s death in 1982. He arranged a supply of Renault engines for 1983 and grabbed Ayrton Senna from Toleman in 1984. Just two races into 1985, Senna scored the first win of Lotus’s post-Chapman era.

Warr left the team early in 1989 after a poor start to the year, but there would be no more wins for Lotus without him. He later worked for the FIA and the British Racing Drivers’ Club.

Bernie Ecclestone issued the following statement:

Not only have I lost a good friend who was the Team Manager for Lotus when Colin Chapman ran the company but Peter Warr, who died yesterday of a heart attack will be missed by the thousands of people that knew him.

When Peter was in Formula One he helped me to build it to what it is today.

Thank you Peter.
Bernie Ecclestone

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