HRT yet to confirm Suzuka drivers

There are signs HRT may be consdering another change to their driver line-up ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix.

The team’s pre-race press release does not include quotes from their intended drivers. Similar statements from every other race thie year have done.

The team has already changed its driver pairing three times this year. They replaced Bruno Senna with Sakon Yamamoto at Silverstone, then Senna returned to replace Karun Chandhok from the next event.

At Singapore Yamamoto was replaced by Christian Klien. The team said this was because Yamamoto was unwell, but paddock sources reported otherwise, suggesting a sponsorsihp arrangement may have put Klien in the car.

As it’s Yamamoto’s home race this weekend (and assuming HRT’s original explanation was accurate) one would expect to see Yamamoto back in one of the cars in Suzuka.

But driver performance could play a deciding role as well. Klien out-paced Senna in Singapore, and Senna has been comfortably quicker than Yamamoto in their four appearances together.

The team have not yet responded to enquiries about their driver line-up.

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62 comments on HRT yet to confirm Suzuka drivers

  1. Sebas said on 5th October 2010, 14:36


    reminds me of the FP1 love blog here on F1-Fanatic with the poll “Does Yamamoto really have food poisoning?”

  2. Journeyer (@journeyer) said on 5th October 2010, 15:35

    I’m seeing tweets saying it will be Bruno and Sakon for Suzuka. Any confirmation on that?

  3. Wait, if Klien and Yamamoto are both driving, I can’t wait to see the gap between those two…

  4. Ben N said on 5th October 2010, 17:02

    Keith, I saw that Kolles reluctantly said Bruno Senna and Sakon Yamamoto would be in the cars but said “what if someone breaks a leg”… either he’s still uncertain and wanted to give a quick answer to satisfy the media, or he is a member of some form of mafia organisation and will be snapping Yamamoto’s legs to stop him being lapped by the recovery trucks…

  5. TheGreatCornholio said on 5th October 2010, 17:23

    He’s just waiting to see who’s cheque clears first! Seriously though, apart from dignity how much would a driver\sponsor have to pay per race weekend? Sad situation this:(

  6. If this was about how they could get sponsorship in japan due to popularity of driver then surely bruno and sakon is their best bet? Sakon because of his nationality and senns because of his uncle who the japanese people still love

  7. KDegale said on 5th October 2010, 18:34

    I know Karun seems like a nice guy & has a ton of information about F1 & history. But I don’t get how people keep saying “I like Davidson, seems like a nice chap. He should get another chance” or “Karun, seems like a nice guy. I hope he gets a drive next year”.

    I’m not disagreeing they seem nice & informative. it’s racing who cares how nice the guy is. Is he fast enough or does he have enough sponsorship money is that is important.

  8. The Last Pope said on 5th October 2010, 20:36

    Since Bernie is such great friends with the Chandok why doesn’t he sponsor Karun to get his seat back? He could even have them put BERNIE on the sidepods as a sponsors logo :D

    Also,if I were Japanese,I’d prefer Yamamoto not to race at his home GP and save Japan the embarrassment.
    How embarrassed did they feel when Ide was driving? lol

  9. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 6th October 2010, 3:30

    It will be Kilen & Yamamoto.

  10. BrownyNSW said on 6th October 2010, 5:28

    Klien deffently deserves one of the seats, he is by a long way the best driver out of the four of them.

    Yamamoto is a disgrace to Formula 1.

    And I think the second seat should go to whoever has proven to be quicker between Chandock and Senna

  11. Mahavir S said on 6th October 2010, 9:45

    Dont think HRT is really thinking about who they’re going to race. It is not going to make a difference to the outcome. But it looks like a Yam/ Klien pair as the most likely.

  12. Who cares, this team should fold or be suspended.
    They are making a mockery of the sport.

  13. Daniel said on 7th October 2010, 1:07

    If HRT were running at the front this could make the predictions championship interesting.

  14. The Last Pope said on 7th October 2010, 20:15

    Ive heard a rumur that if Hispania survive into next season their new 2011 car will be a dual control 2 seater so all 4 paying drivers can race(pay) at the same time. Difficult question though do they risk letting Yamamoto do the stearing or the pedals or maybe just act as a human autobox :P

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