Rain forecast for Saturday at Suzuka

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The Japanese Grand Prix weekend is expected to get off to a dry start on Friday – but that is set to change over the following days.

Different forecasts give different views of this region’s often changeable weather, but several forecast heavy rain on Saturday, clearing up by Sunday. This raises the possibility of qualifying being hit by rain.

Timo Glock said he was expecting a lot of rainfall during the race weekend:

I think we can expect similarly wet weather in Japan [as in Singapore practice] – the early forecasts are for a strong chance of rain during all the running sessions and possibly during the race.
Timo Glock

Rain fell on F1’s return to Suzuka last year during the second practice session, but not qualifying or the race.

If you?re in the area this weekend, please let us know what the weather is like in the comments.

This weather radar for the region where Suzuka is will allow you to keep an eye on any rain heading towards the track:

Weather radar

Suzuka circuit location

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31 comments on “Rain forecast for Saturday at Suzuka”

  1. I can’t remember the last race that had no rain predicted over the whole weekend. It is ironic that we haven’t actually seen a proper wet race (i.e. China 2009) in 2010! I am not having a go at or blaming anyone, I just think we have been very unlucky this year to have had such boring weather.

    1. I actually think we see better racing under changing conditions (Melbourne, Shanghai, and Spa 2010) than if it’s strait wet. It forces teams to make tough calls on tire strategies and rewards bold decisions like Button’s in Australia.

    1. Vettel rammed into the rear of Webber, they did not crash into each other. That’s like saying Hamilton and Kimi crashed into each other in the pit lane at Canada when we all know what really happened. Please be a little less loose with the truth!

    1. gee, i hope so. Once bitten though, I thought Germany was supposed to our new dawn but really thats where thr troubles started. Spa excluded we haven’t really had a good race since then.

  2. I think changeable weather would be better than completely wet, let’s see how quickly the teams can react under pressure.

    Team Whitmarsh will get it wrong as usual just to make sure they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the championship race.

  3. There’s no point paying attention to these forecasts. It seems that for every race this year, the forecasts have said we were in for a wet race/quali, and it NEVER happens!

    Best example was before Hungary quali, when the BBC weatherman told it was raining at the circuit, and 2 minutes later the programme started, showing clear skies and a bone dry track.

  4. In general there hasn’t been that many completely wet races. From the 2000s I can remember Brazil 2003, Belgium 2005, Japan 2007, Britain 2008, Italy 2008 and China 2009, so that’s six. Even in two of them some drivers took dry tyres in the end but it was mainly gamble and they were not battling for win or high points.

    1. I’d take rain during Qualifying. Try and get the McLarens mixing it at the front and then have a bold tyre strategy during the race (although knowing Whitmarsh the latter is unlikely)

      1. McLaren have a history of trying to make Hamilton win from the front, so it’s likely they’d still put the soft tyres on even if the choice is free. Mind you, with a green track that might not be the worst idea.

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