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Suzuka is of the most popular tracks among drivers and fans alike. But it’s not the easiest race track for fans outside Japan to visit.

Those who have visited Suzuka speak highly of it and a number of F1 Fanatic readers are heading to the track for this weekend’s race. Here’s what they have to say about the circuit.

Jeffrey Balanag has been to both Japanese tracks before and is heading to Suzuka again for this year’s Grand Prix:

I went to Suzuka last year (the first time it?s been there since Schumacher retired, and I was there too), and I must say it?s far better (race atmosphere & audience-wise) than Fuji (which I?ve also been to since they started F1 racing there).

Coming from abroad, it may be best to take a package tour. The Suzuka circuit is literally a small platform & footbridge down from the rail line, and the track is a little over a kilometre walk from there.

Of course, it?s also like 45-minutes by train from Nagoya (the closest metropolis with a ??Shinkansen?? or Bullet Train stop). The fare is ??1100 from Nagoya (around $15) so a package tour which includes shuttle service & hotel may save you money. The hotel will necessarily be in Nagoya or close nearby. but that also means there are many choices apart from the official ones.

Either way, they do add trains during race weekend, and there are marshals to ensure you queue for the right train and maintain order in waiting and boarding. They also have bi-lingual volunteers to help us foreign barbarians about, and there is a special queue for those who must get back to Nagoya in time to catch the bullet train back to Tokyo (at race end). Yes, all very efficient in a very Japanese way.
Jeffrey Balanag

Jeffrey’s been fielding questions from other F1 Fanatic readers who are heading to the race, including one from Walrus who is concerned about the restrictions on taking photographs.

I can?t read Japanese, but my niece can. She says the note states except on Friday Practice, when the D1 area is ??free?? (i.e. open to all), you cannot use a lens longer than 200mm unless you buy the Cameraman Seats in Section D1.
Jeffrey Balanag

Among the other F1 Fanatic readers heading to this weekend’s race is the current Predictions Championship leader Tom Hitchings. Here are two others who will be at Suzuka:

I am travelling alone and staying in Nagoya for the weekend! Would like to know where to go etc… for night life in Nagoya and meet up with other F1 lovers of ex-pats in Nagoya.
Shylo Goodman

I’m going this year too. I have just booked my flights and looking for a place to stay in Nagoya. Do you know any place? Otherwise hope to see you there!

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