Hamilton: “Some drivers do less overtaking”

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Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Singapore, 2010
Hamilton and Webber clashed in Singapore

After collisions that ended his race in the last two Grands Prix, Lewis Hamilton faced questions in today’s press conference about whether he needs to take fewer risks to ensure he finishes races and scores points.

Here’s what he had to say:

As drivers we are always on the ragged edge. We are always trying to gain position whilst staying safe.

Some of us are more aggressive than others in those positions. Some people do a lot less overtaking than others.

You just try to keep out of trouble. It is not easy. Racing is racing and there are racing incidents every now and then, so that is to be expected.

I think I have had a pretty good string of races in my Formula One career. I have scored a lot of points in only four years, so it is not all so bad.
Lewis Hamilton

Asked if, after Singapore, he felt his championship hopes were fading, he said:

I think at the time I clearly had quite a few tough races with the failure in Hungary, and then we had a win, and then we had two DNFs, so it was just after two tough races.

I think it?s very easy to get your emotions mixed up with your thought process, but I think after coming away from it, there are still four races to go and looking back at the history of the sport and looking back particularly at this season and seeing how close it still is, after many people made mistakes and certain situations, it clearly shows that it isn?t impossible to win.

I still feel very optimistic. I still know that clearly I have a tough job ahead of me and it?s going to be tough for all of us but I feel that I have as good an opportunity as anyone and so I?m going to work as hard as I can to make sure that I finish the races. Generally, when I finish races it?s not so bad, so fingers crossed that that will be the case.
Lewis Hamilton

He denied that he would tone down his aggressive approach in future races:

I?m clearly looking at all of the races that I?ve done and looking at how my approach has been and trying to evaluate and try to take a step back and try to see it as something I can improve on, of course. It?s difficult to pinpoint one particular part. Of course, I could go and drive around and not overtake anyone and just stay in position, that?s easy enough but that?s not me, so that definitely won?t be happening.

I don?t think this race will be particularly more crucial than the next three races. I think they?re all very important to score maximum points. Clearly, if I had finished the last three races or the three races that I?ve missed, I?d be in a much stronger position but that?s life and there?s nothing I can do about it. I can?t go back and change it; all I can do is try to recover and try to apply myself in the most productive way towards my team and towards myself and towards the racing.

My plan, of course, is not to arrive at weekends and see how hard my team works and let them down and let my family down, or let my friends down or let myself down. So I?m doing as much as I can. I hope that this weekend is a stronger weekend. I feel good about it, so we will see.
Lewis Hamilton

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