Hamilton gets five-place grid penalty

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Suzuka, 2010

Lewis Hamilton will take a five-place gird penalty at Suzuka, once the starting order for the race has been decided.

Hamilton will have to change his gearbox before tomorrow’s delayed qualifying session, resulting in the penalty, meaning he will definitely start no higher than sixth.

Drivers are allowed to change their gearboxes every four races without a penalty. Hamilton last changed his gearbox at Spa.

McLaren are still deciding whether or not to run their new rear wing tomorrow.

Update: More from McLaren:

In P3 today, we noticed abnormal gearbox oil pressure on Lewis?s car, which we believed we had corrected ahead of this afternoon?s qualifying session.

This afternoon, as we fired up Lewis?s car several times in preparation for qualifying, we became aware that the symptoms were worse than we?d originally diagnosed, and a decision was later taken to change the gearbox ahead of tomorrow?s qualifying session and the grand prix.

As a result, Lewis will receive a five-place grid penalty for tomorrow?s race.

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  1. Younger Hamilton
    9th October 2010, 17:13

    We’re going to need a Miracle now i cant take much of this suffering anymore

  2. How ironic!

    People were talking about Ferrari getting a grid drop due using too many engines and then Hamilton gets one for a gearbox change.

    You can almost see it coming, ‘no grid drops for RBR or Ferrari before the end of the session’.

    Maybe it was, maybe is wasn’t due to the crash but either way its another mechanical issue for Mclaren, not a good record is it?

  3. the end for Hamilton’s WDC hopes, mcalren and hamilton have never been the quickest car this season and in their quest to win they have pushed far too much. the best he will qualify is around 8th now with the grid penalty, sadly can see another DNF for him again, hope i’m proved wrong and he heads the field come the chequred flag…

    1. mcalren and hamilton have never been the quickest car this season

      Canada? Spa? Turkey? Arguably Monza though we never got to see Hamilton’s race pace there.

      1. In canada alonso was faster but got caught up by the backmarkers, in turkey the redbull were faster but crashed and in monza alonso was clearly faster than button.

  4. there are still 3 races after tomorrow, and even so, who knows what will happen in Suzuka!

    1. If it’s going to be a wet race, I don’t think a 5 grid penalty is that important.

  5. Hamilton doesn’t like to drive under so much pressure (penalty, championship standing). First section is rough so maybe we will se some great fight between championship contenders tomorrow. Whatever happens, I’m still rooting for Button. His soft driving style might be good on this track. Others should have problems with maintaining tires in good condition. He might make few more laps at top speed with other struggling with graining.

    1. You say:
      Button. His soft driving style might be good on this track. Others should have problems with maintaining tires in good condition. He might make few more laps at top speed with other struggling with graining.

      I add, Alonso too ;-)

    2. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I love Pooch Café (your avatar)!

      I agree about Button. If they have a free choice of tyre for the race (say if it rains a little in Q3 but then stops) then he might go for something different and win that way.

  6. In the case that tomorrow qualy won’t make and starting grid will be write on number orders Halmiton ‘ll start from sixth position ?

    1. No, last, he’s got a penalty

      1. If they use car numbers, he’ll start seventh.

  7. Staying up till 3am has lost some of its appeal.
    Keith, how about an article for Super Sunday, F1, MotoGP an a full race program from Brands Hatch on ITV4 its Petrol Head Heaven.

  8. Oh my God!!! Hamilton just can’t get a break these days! *sigh* I think all I can hope for now at this point is that he doesn’t crash again and he can finish ahead of Button on points this year.

  9. oops, more reasons to put himself under more pressure and over cook his chances again like the past two races. That is the price you pay for not appreciating what you have now, because you will always be chasing something that don’t belong to you until you get slapped!

  10. Mr. Zing Zang
    9th October 2010, 20:09

    If it rains in the Race Hamilton will win. He has no fear and nothing to loose he can attack with full aggression. My only worry is other people crashing into him.

  11. The Last Pope
    9th October 2010, 20:12

    Don’t forget grid position isn’t so important here. I think we will see plenty of early overtaking by Lewis and he will be up with the other championship contenders before long. He just needs to take sure he survives the 1st lap.

  12. Wow. That’s a shame. Looking at what has already happened in regards to the weather, I suppose anything can happen, We could be in for a few shocks tomorrow both in qualifying and the race!

    It does mean Button can step up to the plate for Mclaren now, tomorrow. If he knows he’s ahead or has an advantage I think that’s when Jenson performs the best. Good luck to both of them, it’s gonna be a pivotal weekend for the team.

  13. Formula 1 isn’t so much fun when you are supporting a driver and said driver is just not getting the breaks. There is a limit to being gutted week after week after week after we…..

    1. It`s always darkest before the dawn.

    2. i agree….Somethin good just has to happen out of this. Or ill start believing alonso visited a witch doctor…

    3. Yeah. In times like these I half-expect him to crash when he navigates a corner. :(

  14. Boo, hiss. But that’s how things go. Although maybe McLaren could just pay $100,000 (or $500,000 I guess) to make it better.

    1. Ha. Had to laugh… ;)

  15. Ok someone must be doing voodoo on the poor fellow. How unlucky can you get?

  16. It looks like we are in for a dry Q.

    MikeGascoyne Mike Gascoyne
    Morning from a sunny and warm pitlane, track drying up very quickly and no chance of any more rain

    redbullf1spy Red Bull F1 Spy
    Ahead of the longest day (ever) the sun is shining…

    InsideFerrari Scuderia Ferrari
    The sun is shining on Suzuka!

  17. Man, this championship is driving me insane. Its 2h08 AM and i am up waiting for qualifying all in the hope Hamilton will qualify quite high to soften the 5 grid penalty and i will be off to bed hopefully i will be able to get 3 hours sleep before the race start.

    Go Lewis!!

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