One comment on “Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2010”

  1. Australia hosted the annual Bathurst 1000 km Race yesterday and Suzuka, the F1 Circus. They overlapped by 15 laps so I had to tape (Hard Drive) the final 15 laps of Bathurst. As it happened, thanks to Renault & the Pace Car, I was able to watch both anyway. Vetel has certainly got his starts down to a fine art, Mark Webber needs to take some notice and then he will be winning more races than he is. Being Australian, I want Mark to take the F1 Crown but he really has to improve his starts. To say that the Start (Lap 1) was farcical is an understatement. If you look very closely, you will see the lame Renault’s Rear Left Wheel about to cross the track at the back of the pack. How, in the name of all that is good could that possibly happen. Obviously there had to be severe contact as the Safety Strap retaining the wheel was also a fatality. An excellent race apart from the Start, Kiddie Cars could do a better job of a start than that one. Win some races Mark, for your sake and for the Titles sake, you are as good (or better) as any driver out there, get rid of those START NERVES.

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