Petrov penalised, Massa spared (Poll)

Vitaly Petrov has been handed a five-place grid penalty for the next round of the championship at Korea for his collision with Nico H?‚??lkenberg on the first lap of the Japanese Grand Prix.

However Felipe Massa has not been punished for his collision moments later with Vitantonio Liuzzi.

All four drivers retired from the race.

Massa went off the track at the first corner, rejoined and hit Liuzzi. The stewards said:

The stewards after hearing the explanation of both the competitors representatives and the drivers decided that the incident requires no further action.

Petrov was given a penalty for “[Causing] a collision with car 10, Nico H?‚??lkenberg.”

Who should have had a penalty?

  • Just Petrov (22%)
  • Just Massa (13%)
  • Petrov and Massa (39%)
  • Neither (26%)

Total Voters: 1,049

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87 comments on Petrov penalised, Massa spared (Poll)

  1. Sebas said on 10th October 2010, 12:35

    Ferrari wanted to see “a strong Massa” at least Massa showed Ferrari he was strong, he kicked out a Liuzzi all on his own!

  2. Daffid said on 10th October 2010, 12:57

    Maybe if the TV coverage wasn’t still circa early 20th century we could make a judgement. F1 coverage is beyond a joke – how many laps before we got a shot of Kubica’s wheel coming off? How many decent replays or different angles did we get of the start? Bernie should sort out the fundamentals before worrying about HD

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 10th October 2010, 13:52

      how many laps before we got a shot of Kubica’s wheel coming off?

      Bear in mind that there are usually over a hundred cameras at any one race weekend, all recording simultaenously. It falls to the race director to sift through them all and find footage.

      How many decent replays or different angles did we get of the start?
      How many do you want? We had at least five: a front-on angle, two overheads, and onboards from Petrov and Hulkenberg.

      • Daffid said on 10th October 2010, 16:04

        Decent replays – I’m not sure we got any, certainly none that conclusively showed what happened with Petrov and Massa within a short period of time. Brundle and Legard’s befuddlement was evidence of how badly wrong the real time coverage was. Nor do I think an onboard of Petrov as useful as an onboard from Massa would have been, as he was behind Petrov. The fact is that once again two critical incidents were a) not shown clearly within a minute of them happening – despite the safety car giving the director plenty of time to splice them in. b) no conclusive evidence of what happened to Petrov or Massa was shown within the entire duration of the race. c) The commentators were left spluttering and guessing – not even having seen Liuzzi and Hulkenberg come off, only noticing when the camera cut to their broken cars.

        As for the hundred cameras, the programme director doesn’t sift through them all personally – there’s a whole team of people, and it’s clearly not a well coordinated team with clear lines of responsibility. F1 coverage has advanced an inch a year whilst the coverage of most other sports has leapt forward. I have plenty of reservations about the BBC, but they can only use the feed they get, and it’s antiquated. The only major advance we’ve had in years is the driver tracker, which isn’t even integrated with primary coverage – although generally gives a better impression of what’s happening than the poorly selected pictures. Even leaving technology out of it, current F1 captures none of the atmosphere, there’s B& W coverage of Monacco in the 60s that does a better job.

        Much as I hate the BBC’s ‘magazine’ style, if Bernie passed the entire job of actually filming the race to them (and reduced his price concordantly to match his decrease in outlay), we’d get miles better coverage.

        • magnafw07 said on 10th October 2010, 17:22

          Welcome to Japan. A country with wonderful flat screen T.Vs and no-one at all with any idea on how to fill them with decent content.

          Seriously, this is a brilliant country, but they have no idea on how to televise sport.

          FOM should have a standard team that do every race.

  3. Lenny said on 10th October 2010, 13:22

    I cannot believe people are suggesting Hulkenburg should have backed off and yielded! Wow! I agree with hawkfst’s comment earlier that Petrov reacted to the Sauber and prob thought he was past Hulk when veering left. I would love to see a Hulk on board…the first he would have seen of Petrov would have been when he was making contact with his car. To back off or brake would have been more dangerous for those behind!!!

  4. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 10th October 2010, 13:53

    Looking back at the incident whilst awake and refreshed, and using Sky+ to wind the action back and forth, I actually change my mind – they both deserved a penalty.

    Petrov was under no obligation to cut left and must have known where Hulkenburg was. It would be interesting to see an onboard to check if Petrov even looked in his mirror – if he didn’t, then no wonder he was punished.

    As for Massa, it’s the same thing – he could have just slowed down and slotted behind Rosberg, there was no need to go onto the grass. The only thing I can think of is because of the way he went off, it might have been the car twitching and that’s why the stewards decided it wasn’t his fault.

  5. chaos001 said on 10th October 2010, 15:01

    As I expected to Massa, he’s not helping Ferrari anymore. There’s nothing left with that guy.

  6. Vitaly Petrov said on 10th October 2010, 16:34

    not looking good for my seat at renault next year

  7. I had wait to see the replays again, the stewards got this right. Petrov turned left way to early, Massa on the other hand got squeezed and lost control on the grass; good race for the championship, it’s getting really hot.

  8. Alexi (@) said on 10th October 2010, 18:12

    Massa can’t get a proper penalty. He’s a number one pilot.

  9. Ronman said on 10th October 2010, 20:47

    accidents at the start of a GP should not be put under investigation unless they benefit a teammate (a la singapore 08)…. the start is highly charged, hearts beating out of their ribcage, and cars accelerating to 100kph in split seconds and millimeters apart…it’s a recipe for a crash, and the F1 boyz should be given extra credit for pulling it off without a hitch…

    accidents up to the first go at turn 4-5 or even 6 should always be judged as racing incidents…

  10. why it should be a poll? because us ferrari druiver involved?

  11. I think it should have been either or both. Petrov was stupid, but one of the Saubers did swerve right in front of him which would have led to him instinctively move to the left.

    Rosberg edged Massa to the grass, but instead of backing off he over-flinched and fired onto the grass.

  12. Marcello said on 11th October 2010, 11:01

    coverage was onboard action for the bbc sorry louise bring back jake!!! poor mation whittaker (whitmasrh

  13. DASMAN said on 11th October 2010, 20:09

    Having just watched the first corner incident again, I feel many are perhaps being a bit harxh on Massa. If you watch the overhead video he is alongside Rosberg 50m before the corner and as he moves alonside Rosberg moves to the right, pushing Felipe onto the grass. It all happens in the blink of an eye, but I think it was no worse than many other incidents we;ve seen this year. I’m always against drivers getting penalties for making passing manoeuvres, especially at the start. I think Petrovs penalty was also borderline, but probably fair.

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