Vettel almost jumped the start (Video)

Amateur video from the Japanese Grand Prix shows Sebastian Vettel came very close to jumping the start.

The video shows Vettel’s Red Bull moving and then stopping again before the start was given. Vettel held his lead at the start while Mark Webber, who started second, lost his place to Robert Kubica.

The start is at 4’30 in the video above.

It’s the second time this year video of a car seeming to jump the start has emerged after a race.

At the Belgian Grand Prix Felipe Massa appeared to jump the start having pulled up ahead of his starting position, but escaped without a penalty.

Fernando Alonso jumped the start at the Chinese Grand Prix, overtaking both the Red Bull drivers from third on the grid, and was given a drive-through penalty.

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79 comments on Vettel almost jumped the start (Video)

  1. David L said on 11th October 2010, 15:42

    Tis all over now, so why all the bickering the sensors reckon the start was ok

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 11th October 2010, 15:44

      It’s not “bickering” and I’m not saying he should have got a penalty. It’s a point of interest. Vettel is a championship contender and yesterday’s race winner and here’s a moment when he came incredibly close to picking up a penalty which would have wrecked his race and championship hopes.

      • David L said on 11th October 2010, 15:46

        But don’t you understand, its the sensors that decide wether it was a false start, not the spectators.

        • dyslexicbunny said on 11th October 2010, 15:50

          Actually David, they called me and asked me what I thought. Even though I watched the race about 10 hours later and they couldn’t go back to fix it. They care that much about what I think!

          Don’t put your trust in gizmos.

          • David L said on 11th October 2010, 16:10

            GIZMO’s why bother to use them then !
            I am not a Sebastien supporter, really dont have a lot of respect for the ‘cocky’ bugger. Yes he is a very fast driver, but this does not mean that is a very good driver. I think that he is prone to making mistakes especially when racing in close proximity to others, he is good when out front.

          • dyslexicbunny said on 11th October 2010, 16:35

            HTML needs a sarcasm tag. I was joking about gizmos. F1 needs them but just not something like the video game wing.

            Oh I don’t like him either. I hate the Vettel finger. He’s cocky and never seems to own up to his mistakes without being coached. He seems to struggle in passing people. It feels like he needs to lose a close WDC a couple of seasons to bring him down a peg or two and see if he can bounce back.

            Just winning because you were in front doesn’t make you a good driver when you have the best equipment. Let’s look to see how he does if Red Bull has an off season or two in the future.

    • DaveW said on 11th October 2010, 18:00

      Well is it another rules versus spirit issue? Of course you don’t jump the start if you are not past your line when the lights go out; but you get a real advantage if your clutch is in, or if you are just rolling, at the moment of the start. I don’t like this apparent new style of the rolling start. Maybe that’s what everyone did before YouTube but its dirty pool.

  2. David L said on 11th October 2010, 16:12

    Dyslexic B….. who are they ?

    • dyslexicbunny said on 11th October 2010, 16:37

      Oh, I was just making things up. I actually really agree with you on it. But I like the spectators deciding idea and ran with it. As I mentioned in other reply, HTML needs sarcasm tags.

      • David L said on 11th October 2010, 16:46

        Fair comment DyslexicB…….makes me happy to see i am not the only one who feels like this about Vettel. And can you guess what i would like to do with that bloody finger !

  3. So, will this video get taken down since it recorded the official FOM images by aiming the camera at the giant screens? As if they need a reason for takedowns…

  4. David L said on 11th October 2010, 16:57

    “He is good when out front” just a tiny pinch of sarcasm !

  5. The Suzuka start-finish straight is a little bit downhill, so the cars will really move without the brakes on.

    • David L said on 11th October 2010, 17:20

      Ok fair comment, but did they all move ?

      • Yeah, got me thinking about it too. This is speculation on my part, but maybe Vettel was experimenting whether the car will stay stationary without the brakes on? I mean, if that was a GT car (Although Super GT has rolling starts in Suzuka and elsewhere), for sure it will move, but the F1 car is much lighter, so maybe he was thinking of releasing the brakes before starting. Must be harder to step on the brakes while preparing for the start?

  6. leanlem said on 11th October 2010, 17:31

    So was it a jump start from Vettel or not?

  7. Kimster said on 11th October 2010, 17:43


    (comment was too short) :D:D

  8. CapeFear said on 11th October 2010, 18:11

    doesn’t look like a jump start, cars generally move a little at the start when they select first gear before lights out.

    • David L said on 11th October 2010, 18:15

      There appears to be so many different opinions. That i am convinced we have to rely on the sensors to give a fair and unbiased reading as to wether there is a jump start or not.

      • I agree that we should just rely on the sensors, based on different opinions. Although Massa’s Belgian GP comes to mind.


  9. CapeFear said on 11th October 2010, 18:24

    The car doesn’t move, apart from the initial select first gear which all drivers go through. The only way to fully prove it is onboard and sensors and then you can see with your own eyes.

    Unlike Alonso which was blatantly obvious he moved 1 tenth of a second before lights out, so if vettel jumped it would have to be much slower because it isn’t obvious.

  10. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 12th October 2010, 2:09

    What is the rule? If you jump start & then gain a advantage by making places then you are penalized but you are ok if you don’t make up places.

    • leanlem said on 12th October 2010, 4:32

      No, because Fisi once made a false start and got a drive-through despite having lost a place instantly (if that’s a criteria for gaining advantage).

    • David L said on 12th October 2010, 5:48

      Obviously no, otherwise the pole sitter could jump every time without gaining a place as he is in front.

  11. David L said on 12th October 2010, 5:40

    Mark ! i think you have the answer. Vettel could have moved, but in that split second of time before the lights went out, was stationary. Not being a Vettel supporter i would have liked it proven otherwise and a drive thro penalty imposed. But we have to be fair and decisive especially at this critical stage of the season.
    Come on Mark Webber !

    • I had a look at the actual rules and there is surprisingly little relevant to ‘jump starts’.

      In 38.9 it says “When the cars come back to the grid at the end of the formation lap, they will stop on their respective grid positions, keeping their engines running. There will be a standing start, the signal being given by means of lights activated by the permanent starter. Once all the cars have come to a halt the five second light will appear followed by the four, three, two and one second lights. At any time after the one second light appears, the race will be started by extinguishing all red lights.”

      There is nothing in there about where they have to be positioned in their grid box, nothing about them not being allowed to move. The only reference is that “there will be a standing start” and so one assumes that only applies to them being stationary at the moment the lights go out and in between they can move forward within their grid box as much as they like.

      Maybe Vettel was trying to twitch Webber into making a jump start a bit like the way 100m runners do ? :)

  12. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 12th October 2010, 12:37

    Just for fun, every driver should jump the start at the same race. The stewards would really have a headache!

    • dyslexicbunny said on 12th October 2010, 13:43

      Hey, don’t you put out any crazy ideas.

      And if you really want the stewards’ heads to ache, every driver should get out as soon as the lights come on and sprint an entire lap before getting back in their cars.

    • David L said on 12th October 2010, 14:06

      Yes then see them all get a drive thro penalty……..wooooooooooo hoooo what fun.

  13. Oukil said on 12th October 2010, 23:55

    No, it was a perfect start just like the way he drove the entire race ;)

    • David L said on 13th October 2010, 3:00

      The only time he is safe is when he is out in front, amongst other cars then lookout, he is bloody dangerous !

  14. Ben C said on 14th October 2010, 10:18

    Senna used to do it all the time. Any karters will tell you that momentum on the wheels makes a huge difference at those low speeds.. Check it out

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