Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)

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Start, Suzuka, 2010

Which driver did the best job during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend:

Sebastian Vettel, 1st – Second win in two races at Suzuka, dominated the whole weekend.

Fernando Alonso, 3rd – Third was the best on offer and he took it.

Lewis Hamilton, 5th – Impressively quick in qualifying despite few practice laps, showed pace in the race too but had some dreadful luck.

Kamui Kobayashi, 7th – Gutsy overtaking moves on hard and soft tyres.

Robert Kubica, DNF – Showed great pace by out-qualifying Fernando Alonso and launched himself into second in the start. Pity they didn’t bolt his wheels on properly.

Compare all the drivers

You can review what happened to each driver in the race and compare their race data with their team mates using the links below:

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico H???lkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Sakon Yamamoto and Bruno Senna
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Nick Heidfeld
Virgin: Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most in the Japanese Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend?

  • Jenson Button (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (7%)
  • Michael Schumacher (5%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (9%)
  • Mark Webber (1%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (7%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Nico H???lkenberg (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (7%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (1%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Sakon Yamamoto (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (1%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (59%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)

Total Voters: 2,743

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Singapore Grand Prix result

Fernando Alonso was voted the best driver of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. Here are the top three drivers as voted for by you:

1. Fernando Alonso, 43%
2. Robert Kubica, 31%
3. Mark Webber, 10%

2010 Japanese Grand Prix

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108 comments on “Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)”

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  1. Kobayashi. Sure he screwed up his Q2 lap but generally he’s been very strong and put in an extremely good race. I think he and Hamilton are the most entertaining drivers on the grid right now, pulling gutsy moves and doing lots of overtaking.

  2. Let’s face facts. Over the weekend Koby was not the best. But who can maintain that analytical cool head when Koby raced from his heart, not his head, for himself, his Country and for ALL THE FANS. That’s why I and so many others voted for Koby. All these votes should be compulsory reading for the other 23 F1 drivers and the team managers.

  3. Banzai Kobayashi gets my vote for an entertaining race.
    Great overtaking.

    1. Finally, someone who knows how to spell BANZAI correctly!!!!! LOL!

  4. Andy from Beaverton
    12th October 2010, 7:08

    I didn’t see Leeroy Jenkin’s name in the list?

  5. Have to give it to Vettel for best driver of the weekend – Kobayashi was best driver of the race though.

  6. It has to be Kobayashi. Vettel was great but it was Kobayashi who showed us how racing should be.

  7. someone needs to track down kamui’s email address and send this too him

  8. Well, for some reason I can’t vote, but if I could it’d be for Koby. What a drive ! And before anyone says it that its driver of the weekend – all I generally see is qualy & the race. And the race is where it counts.

  9. Straight away I voted for Kobayashi, although thinking about it more logically Alonso and Vettel technically had better weekends.

    Then again, voting with my head never was a strong point of mine…

  10. Just curious, because I cant find it in any articles. Did Kobi use softs on the front wheels and hards on the rears? If yes, is it legal?

    1. I believe that would not be legal. Article 25.2 of F1 Sporting Regulations says: “A set of tyres will be deemed to comprise two front and two rear tyres all of which must be of the same specification.”

    2. I saw that too and did a double-take. When Koby had his touch with Alguersuari’s STR the green stripe got worn off so it looks like he’s got hards on the back.

  11. Kobayashi overtook a lot, but at the end, he only finished in front of Heidfield.

    1. Funny I thought he was 7th

  12. Kamui “World Champions’s Horror” Kobayashi!! The best of the best!

  13. I found it a bit difficult to decide:

    Kubica had a great qualifying and start, but unfortunately couldn’t show anything in the race, so that makes it difficult to judge how he would have done. Probably as good as he usually can in a competitive car, but we just don’t know.

    Kobayashi was absolutely great in the race, making me wonder how far he could have gone had he done the same in quali, but he didn’t (couldn’t with his car?) really deliver there.

    Alonso was in a way a bit anonymous, but undoubtedly got the maximum he could this weekend. But so did Vettel, and he had pole and the win, with a faster car – good work from both, but I can’t really say Alonso did better. And Vettel again only won a race from pole without overtaking.

    Hamilton, well, he drove a great race (pity he couldn’t take Button at the start), and had a superb qualifying. But his earlier mistake cost him, so not the driver of the weekend.

    Schumacher actually did really well, even if he couldn’t get past Rosberg, with a better strategy he could have been 4th, but, well, he didn’t.

    In the end the enjoyment I had from Kobayashi in the race, on his home grand prix, made me choose him as driver of the weekend – he definitely showed that he has a future in formula 1. Even my – not so very into F1 – newspaper had a reasonable size article about him: he made some impact this weekend, again.

  14. Voted Kamui (he was like this hero who save the day in last scene of some action movie), but I would vote for Kubica after what he gain and how he start but you know what happend…

  15. I voted Vettel, of course.
    He dominated the whole weekend (FP1, FP2, Q1, Q2, Q3, race).
    Kobayashi had a great race, Kubica was really fast in qualifying, Shumacher surprised me in the race and Hamilton was impressive in qualifying and in the race, but the accident in FP1 was a mistake that costed him a lot.

  16. My vote goes to Vettel. Kobayashi can do what he wants but Vettel qualified 1st, driven with no mistakes and finished 1st. its impossible to be better :)

    1. wrong – Webber got fastest lap :-)

      1. I think when u r fighting so close to every single point u really dont care about fastest laps. Its just statistics…

        1. Actually, Vettel DOES care about fastest laps, and Mark knows it.

      2. Younger Hamilton
        16th October 2010, 13:16

        Webber had to steal from Jenson at the last lap again Webber screwing up McLaren if he’s paid to do this as well as drive brilliantly for RBR then he’s doing a terrific job.

  17. I voted with the heart again and not with the head…I voted for Fernando because as Keith said 3rd was the best on offer and he took it. However even tho Im an Alonso fan Im kinda regretting it cause I should have voted for Kamui Kobayashi..what an excellent drive in a below par Sauber.
    Kobayashi—excellent drive with plenty of gr8 overtakes
    Alonso—no mistakes from start to finish, gr8 drive
    Kubica—extremely unlucky but looked pacy all weekend
    Hamilton—looked decent and didnt crash for once, but to be fair was unlucky with his new gearbox

  18. It would have been Liuzzi had he had the chence to race; he didn’t and I had to go for Vettel. No errors, a perfect drive, and a deserved win.

  19. There is many MS fan,but was he that good?

    Nico changed his tires @ lap2.
    when MS tires was soft his laptime was almost same as herd tires Nico’s.
    And after Nico out,his time is same.
    @ end of race,Nico’s tires almost finished ,so…

    1. Real mature choice of username…

      But yes, he was faster than Nico Rosberg (for once), and had a good race.

  20. I’ll give it to Kobayashi. To be fair, the Fuji feed focussed primarily on him, so he got the spotlight.

    I also must mention Kovalainen. 12th in the Lotus. I was very unhappy about his form at McLaren, but now, seeing Button’s similar raw pace lag to Hamilton, and Kovalainen’s excellent work in the Lotus, I think Heikki deserves a top tier ride, and this race he can put at the top of his resume.

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