Keep on top of the fight for the title with the F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Still confused by the new points system? You’re not alone.

And with five drivers still in the running for the world championship there are many possible combinations for how the points might add up.

With that in mind F1 Fanatic has a new page where you can instantly see how each driver is doing in the championship. Give it a try now.

The F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator is a simple tool which shows you what each drivers’ championship score will be based on where they finish.

You can find it here: F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator

You can also find it under the ‘F1 information’ menu at the top of the page and of course we’ll have a handy link to it during the live blogs for the Korean Grand Prix weekend.

It’s quite basic at the moment so if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, or would like to make some changes to the code yourself, please post them in the comments.

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