F1 Fanatic round-up: 20/10/2010

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The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is open for Korea so you can’t start getting your predictions in for this weekend’s race. As usual the deadline is the start of practice three on Saturday.

Here’s today’s round-up.


Expats excited about F1 Korean GP (The Korean Times)

“For Liz Poustie, a teacher in Seoul, it will be her first time attending any kind of motorsport event. ‘Motorsport?s not usually my thing but I think it?s going to be a great experience, and actually being there as the cars race by will be pretty exciting. And I?ll get to see Lewis Hamilton, my fellow countryman,’ she said.”

Buemi’s diary – Stimulating simulating (Toro Rosso)

“It looks interesting enough with a very long straight, while the corners cover a really big range of types, from very slow to very fast. You get a sense from the simulator that the track layout is very much in the style of the more recent circuits designed by Hermann Tilke in that he has been able to create a wide track and the overall length is one of the longest on the calendar at around 5.6km.”

Rosberg expected more from 2010 (Autosport)

“It’s a two-faced season. On one side there is the comparison with my team-mate, and under this aspect I am very happy. However, if we look at the absolute results, I must say that I had hoped for something more.”

Comment of the day

Bernie Ecclestone said he doesn’t understand why the Turkish Grand Prix hasn’t been a success. Xtophe offers an explanation:

1) Remote location
2) Low interest of the home crowd
3) cost of a ticket vis-??-vis the average wage of the inhabitants of Turkey

Bernie is all about marketing and thinks in terms of a free market system. He wants to bring his product (F1) to as large a crowd in as many geographically spread locations as possible, to maximize his benefits.

He operates by the general idea (although contested by some, but that?s a technical and semantic discussion that would lead to nowhere) of ??Say?s law??, i.e. every supply generates its own demand. Both China and Turkey have proven this to be a fundamentally flawed logic.

From the forum

Who’s up for The F1 Fanatic Tour 2011?

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On this day in F1

Qualifying for the championship-deciding Portuguese Grand Prix in 1984 saw title-contending McLaren team mates Alain Prost and Niki Lauda qualifying second and 11th respectively on the grid.

Lauda had gone off the track during his first attempt to set a flying lap on the special qualifying tyres, now long gone from Formula 1, which gave prodigious grip but only held up long enough for one flying lap.

His TAG-Porsche turbo engine fell short of power for his second run, condemning him to start from the sixth row. But he knew second place behind Prost in the race would be enough to make him champion by half a point – and that’s exactly what he did the following day.