A lick of paint here, a scarecrow there… (Korean Grand Prix pre-race pictures)

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Korean International Circuit, 2010

Construction work continues at the Korean International Circuit less than 24 hours before the first practice session is scheduled to begin.

But the latest pictures from the track show it is taking shape and reveal some of its interesting details, including a decorated bridge which spans the track and pit lane.

Among the more unusual and colourful additions is a large group of traditional Korean scarecrows which have been erected near the track. Expect jokes about them filling the grandstands if the race turns out to be poorly-attended.

Here are some more pictures from today’s activity at the circuit:

2010 Korean Grand Prix

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Images ?? Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo, www.mclaren.com, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Virgin Racing

43 comments on “A lick of paint here, a scarecrow there… (Korean Grand Prix pre-race pictures)”

  1. A scarecrow? That’s awesome. I shall name him Homer and he shall be the circuit mascot.

    Also, did anyone see that picture of Petrov and the Renault crew and instantly think of the cover to The Beatles’ Abbey Road?

    1. No….but,I did look at Bernie’s haircut and think of the Beatles :)

      1. Did he fire his image consultant?

    2. Renault-oir Dogs, much?

      1. I don’t understand the scarecrows… Can somebody please explain the significance of them and why they have erected so many of them? Are they going to fill the empty seats with these to make it look like a big crowd or something? :P

        And yes, PM, I did think of Abbey Road, but only after you mentioned it. I think it is just the way all of their arms are positioned perfectly so as they correspond with their perfectly positioned legs??? Just a flukey photo maybe!

        1. Some sort of korean cultural tradition? Most likley, or just a bit weird. If it was Japan no one would blink.

          On a scale of 1 to land of the rising sun how mad are the Koreans?

        2. Yeah, they’re a traditional thing—I’ve seen them at some of the traditional folk villages for tourists.

          They’re a bit of a cultural motif—for example, there was a recent Korean film called “Land of Scarecrows”…


        3. It’s just a bit of fun isn’t it! I liek them, bizarre as they may be I lover when the culture floods into the track and surroundings, which is more than can be said for Turkey or China.

        4. Can somebody please explain the significance of them and why they have erected so many of them? Are they going to fill the empty seats with these to make it look like a big crowd or something?

          Ha! That was exactly my thought.

        5. My guess is that the scarecrows are there to try and lessen the whole ‘construction site’ vibe that the track gives off :p

  2. Everything looks good, but I wonder if all the construction has hindered transportation to and from the track.

    1. A bridge crossing the track ? The pillars could be dangerous …

  3. I take it back, it’s going to be spectacular!!!

    Can’t wait till the race, unlike other new tracks the drivers genuinely seem excited about the potential of this track, and it has sone interesting features, that wooden bridge in the pitlane being my pick of the bunch ;)

    Happily surprised by the completion of South Koreas new national race circuit!!

    1. I like that bridge across the circuit, too – even if it does look a little out of place. It’s certainly more representative of Korea that the bridge over Shanghai is of China. That just looks like a fish.

      1. I think it is not a wooden bridge. It more like a replica of a traditional Korean architecture wrapping a concrete beam.

        1. What if Webber does a back flip? Would not like to see a car hitting that.

          1. Just imagine him actually bridging the bridge, that would be a stunning sight!

            I think that bridge really ads something, why doesn’t it show up in the game though (or does it)?

        2. wat if the wooden bridge falls? :P

  4. That’s not a scarecrow it’s Bernie!! I can see how you got confused though ;)

  5. Is it me or does Kobayashi look alot more like “monkey” than he usually does in the pictures above?

    1. he is in asia. thats way :)))

      1. Guys like you always sound nasty in terms of talking about other culture. But make sure that you guys love to lower pants and turn around before Asian Monkeys(as you clailm)to beg some cash. Many Peolple in the world think that Jade Goody represents brit women. Then are you guys sons of pigs??

  6. DeadManWoking
    21st October 2010, 14:16

    How big is it Mark? :)

  7. How do I become a kerb painter on an F1 track. That would be awesome.

  8. I like how Kobayashi has found himself a fanbase in Turkey. Japan and Turkey are not a common combination (at least, not outside James Bond films), but maybe if he has a fanbase there, it could prompt more crowds to the circuit in Istanbul.

    So you’ve got a Japanese driver racing with a German team-mate on a circuit in Korea for a Swiss team soon to get a sponsor from Mexico when he has a new-found fanbase from Turkey … did I miss anything?

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      21st October 2010, 17:09

      . . . only the Italian engine! :)

  9. Let’s hope Austin, Texas is watching this last minute set up in Korea and pacing themselves properly.

    1. yeah, btw, its kinda nice way to popularise yourself :)

  10. The force is with you, Kamui…

  11. The pictures of Kamui appear to show him commentating his lap, most probably of Suzuka, which is most probably for the Season Review DVD – am I right?

    Does anyone else get the impression that after so much hype over the circuit not being finished, there seems to be a general feeling amongst the drivers that they are happy to be there with the race confirmed to be happening? The drivers look to be generally a lot happier than usual – and you get the feeling (well, I do) that something historical is going to happen this weekend. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think there is an eery feeling to this weekend – and I am very excited.

    1. I think all new circuits are exciting. More drivers are happy than usual because of the chance for an unpredictable race, big points only become available when the big boys don’t score.

    2. I don’t think the feeling is eery, I’d describe it as a feeling of camaraderie. They’re all kind of hanging out waiting for things to be ready. I got that same impression during the rained out qualifying session at Suzuka, where drivers and teams alike seemed to just be very laid back and enjoying themselves.

      1. Exactly! It’s almost as if the strange events of this month have exposed the side of F1 we never see – and I am really enjoying it.

  12. Stefano Domenicali and Bernie discussing this weeks script – “Very good we win championship in last race”

    Bernie – “Excellent, not such thing as bad publicity”

    The Mclaren drivers sitting at the back behind the Bulls and Alonso where they will remain this session…

    “If only our car was within 0.5 of a second of them and their Bull, we’d be sat on the front row”

    1. eh? Sense, this makes none.

      1. I think it’s his imaginary transcript of Bernie and Stefano choreographing their staged ending to the season.

        1. ‘No, real it is’ Yoda

          Yes, you got it, bored at work. Might of made a bit of sense without the typo and bad grammar, although the imaginary Stefano quote was OK.

          Has anyone ever noticed the number of times the season seems to end up the same as an imaginary script written by Bernie.

          I’ve followed F1 since the 1980s and the number of times the actual events seem less likely than a made up story is… well almost limitless. Well they often say ‘Sport’ you couldn’t write it.

  13. I am happy to see the track organizers putting forth a little culture and pride in the track, whatever state it may be in. I personally like the scarecrows, the painted hills, and the Korean GP signs.

    I was fully expected a barren construction site and a circuit around it like in the pictures from previous weeks. but from the pictures, the koreans are taken pride in the race and putting their best possible foot forward.

    And looking at the race and possibility for rain on Sunday, this weekend is looking very exciting indeed.

    1. It is pretty impressive what they’ve accomplished in the last month.

    2. Chris Yu Rhee
      22nd October 2010, 6:07

      “I am happy to see the track organizers putting forth a little culture and pride in the track, whatever state it may be in. …but from the pictures, the koreans are taken pride in the race and putting their best possible foot forward”

      I think the appropriate comment after these quotes would be, “a nickle short and a day late.”

      I even saw an article in the Wall Street Journal about if they will come to see the race.

      Why is it that everyone around the world sees the problem with the way this whole thing played out, but in Korea, they’re clueless and think everything’s hunky-dory?

      My VCR is primed and ready to record…I’m going camping instead. Have fun if you’re here, and remember-if it’s red, it’s probably very spicy!

  14. While we are at filling the empty stands I wonder will track promoters ever reach out for a solution Italian Serie B club made when faced with low attendance figures – they printed out a virtual audience…


  15. Chris Yu Rhee
    21st October 2010, 23:53

    No surprises here.
    It looks better than I thought it would. Why couldn’t they have done all of this earlier and put out pictures to generate excitement about the race instead of keeping everything secret?
    I guess because that would be common sense, which is conspicuously absent here.

  16. Korea….fail….

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