F1 Fanatic round-up: 21/10/2010

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Practice for the Korean Grand Prix starts tomorrow so don’t forget to get your race predictions in as soon as possible.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Ecclestone happy with F1 preparation (The Hindu)

??I will come back if necessary. I don’t think it will be necessary before October. These people are quite capable, and I don’t see any problem.??

Koreans slam F1 preparations ‘shameful’ amidst poor ticket sales (Crash)

“‘The track should have been built months ago,’ added Lee Phil-Soon, who owns a restaurant in nearby city Mokpo. ‘We believe there has been no full government support because the race is being held in this region. If it were held in another region such as Busan, the situation would have been different. Look at the track ?ǣ construction is still underway with only days to go before the race. It’s shameful, as foreigners think we are not prepared well.'”

India?s Armaan Ebrahim hopes to secure GP2 series drive (DNA)

“If I perform well in the series it will be a good opportunity for me to get noticed by the Formula One teams. The goal at the moment is to secure a GP2 drive. Hopefully, my performance in Formula Two will help me to pull in sponsors for my GP2 foray.”

Brawn: Mercedes too conservative (Autosport)

“When the time came to design the 2010 car, our design office wasn’t well organised. What came out of it is a scarcely ambitious car, in fact too conservative. But we couldn’t do otherwise, because resources were not sufficient. For 2011 we have a group of young engineers who want to show their worth, so we are ambitious again.”

Comment of the day

I’m always intrigued when someone unearths an old article and comments on it. Robert offers his view on “Ten worst… F1 circuits” which was published three years ago (which is why Valencia isn’t on there):

Zolder was actually quite a decent track. Back when F1 ran there, several of the corners were banked, and you had three, good, high-speed stretches to work with. It also had that steep hill, which made a few of those turns very daunting.

Aida was short, but it had three good flat-out stretches into reasonable braking zones, a number of quick corners, and plenty of elevation changes. Also, that turn leading onto the back stretch was something quite unique to that track.

From the forum

BasCB asks are HRT the new Minardi?

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On this day in F1

Ayrton Senna won the 1990 world championship 20 years ago today in notorious circumstances. He rammed rival Alain Prost out of the race as they headed into the first corner.

Read more: 20 years since Senna took out Prost at Suzuka: 1990 Japanese Grand Prix flashback